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  1. I think you’ll find that it is. Showing 7/9 but I’ve collected all 9 survival caches http://https//www.instagram.com/p/BzKonqpJ7LqCEw_8MU-QE4oe5Z4V7DQnzyaO7M0/?igshid=ecmp1w3d524h
  2. Hey guys. Question as the title. Started this game 3 days ago, did update etc and cracked on. Only gotten to the first village so decided to backtrack and collect what I had missed along the way. I’ve completely greyed out all survival caches but the stats box in the top left corner is still saying I need 2. Similar story in the village. Only seems to be survival caches. Any updates from recent players be good as the board is a little quiet since last year on the issue
  3. Still looking for help if anyone is too. Few requests from here but never seem to be available. Thanks guys
  4. Just a heads up, 6 people are not needed. This is boostable with 2 people
  5. Ill send everybody that’s posted today a fr req when I get home and we see if we can get a boost party together tonight
  6. Hi all. Needing a boost partner for the friendly season and pro club trophies. Don’t mind helping out with any other trophies you might need help with. PSN : Damo3009 GMT : 0:00
  7. Hey looking to boost the same trophies. I’ll send you a Fr Req when I get home later. Think we might need 6 for Arcade competitor. I’ll be online later on PSN : Damo3009 GMT : 0:00
  8. The post above you just said he got the trophy to pop when he bought a plane
  9. The best way I can describe it is a bit more advanced slightly more polished than FC4 and Primal. What I’ve noticed is the way playability and structure wise, FC4 and Primal were the same. I’ve seen the advancement of the same structure in Wildlands and AC Origins and now it’s FC5 turn for the same treatment. Very similar playing to Wildlands and AC Origins
  10. I’ve had it pop no problem. There is a location that’s pretty good for it plus getting the 5 of them for the perk medals. There’s an outpost that is a food market and across the road is wide open fields with a silo in one and a secret stash close by too. Easily able to get them here as there’s one guy on a roof and dosnt move plus they respawn and as it’s dead flat, there’s no trees or hills in the way. I’ll put up the location tomorrow if anyone wants it or can’t find where I’ve described
  11. Hey guys. I know there’s problems with trophies popping but this one has me stumped. I have all the other trophies for the kingslayer files,medals,weapons etc and have cycled through the tree. It’s showing I’ve collected them all and I’ve gone through all the drop downs hoping it might “refresh” while highlighting them but no use. Do I need to start a new game and just collect the legends only again??? Thanks guys
  12. Yup. Can confirm all’s working well. Got the kill trophies before unlocking the Vito and Burke storylines. One thing I did notice that was different than the guide, related to the “wrecked” trophy. The guide says you had to flip the car and make it burst into flames..... I didn’t get one to flip and burn but got the trophy simply by just shooting the tyre out on 10 different police cars giving chase. Oh I’m using disc version and update .11 if that’s a difference
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