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  1. I also didn't complete my wager. I work two full time jobs now so I don't play many games anymore. I tried to complete my wager so I wasn't holding back the community but I just couldn't find the time to get the wager done.
  2. Yes, I would like to sign up for this.
  3. I never submitted a free space trophy yet it is checked off? I didn't submit one on purpose due to the person tagging me in a post complaining about it. Most my trophies have all been used in unobtainable games so I don't know which one the person who submitted it used.
  4. I could do MGS5 but I have already done everything else on that custom list. I used up the few games I own on Tuff's list during the last site event that involved custom lists.
  5. I already signed up for the site event but I'll through my name in here too.
  6. until

    PSN: Dark_Adonis
  7. I agree with you it is strange to have the face changed in a remaster. I don't care for the new look but I'll get use to it. I wasn't planning on replay the remaster but it will be jarring playing the next game after becoming accustomed to the old look.
  8. Overall, how was the event from your standpoint? I really liked the event. I felt like there was something in it for everyone. Were 4 teams enough? Too little? Too many? I think it was the right amount at four teams there are enough members to spread out participants to different events. Was one month long enough? Too short? Just right? I think it was just right at a month. I didn't fell the burn out you get when events go on too long. We went heavy on incorporating Discord for this event so you guys could better plan and discuss everything needed. Do you feel that worked out well or not? I really like the incorporation of Discord in the event. I think it was the easiest and best way to keep everyone up to date on the events and communicate. What was your favorite event and why? Synchronized Staffing or Diving were my favorites. My time gaming is sporadic and I liked these events since I could help my team without needing to coordinate specific times. What was your least favorite event and why? I guess the 120 Minute Dash event since it called for trophies that can be completed quickly and seemed more like a THL event. Do you think the medal point spread was fair or would you have liked to see points distributed differently (for those who didn't see, was worth 1 point, was worth 3 points, was worth 5 points, and was worth 7 points)? I think the point system was fine. Are you happy we didn't have a spelling event this time? Did all your dreams come true? While they aren't my favorites I don't think I would have minded one. We did our best to combat EZPZ this event by basically using Rarity as a combatant against it. How did you feel about this? Would you have liked to see more spam-heavy events? I like the planing more than spam heavy events so I'm ok with the way things went. Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with Mesothelioma? If so, you may be entitled to compensation! Additional stuff we didn't think of questions for? Nothing to add but thanks to the ED's for having the event I really enjoyed it.
  9. PSN: Dark_Adonis Platforms: PS4/PS3/PS Vita
  10. PSN: Dark_Adonis Trophy Log Link Game: God of War: Ascension Release Year: 2013
  11. PSN: Dark_Adonis Game: Assassin's Creed Odyssey
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