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  1. Voted a 3 just because of all the issues listed in previous post and the fact the online connectivity sucks took me 4 boosting partners before it actually worked. A total boring platinum and honestly not much fun to play.
  2. I agree with him on time the 100 day one I did on second island so overall pretty easy with way to many archers. Just keep recruiting more. Be very cautious on the reign of all islands in one cuz I got to last island 3 times and had to start over cuz of boneheaded moves. Play this game it’s a lot of fun.
  3. Not hard once u grasp all the little things that make this game fun. I had a blast with it although I kept screwing up the all 5 island reign. Voted a 4 nothing too hard and a pretty straightforward platinum.
  4. Anybody thinking bout this game give it array it’s worth it. Not to mention it’s time consuming but a pretty easy platinum trophy.
  5. Level 12 now and a long boring grind to 30. I’m at 10 hrs now so with the piss amount of xp you get by just insta dying on hard I’d guess about 20 hours. It’s definitely a 1 for difficulty but holy boring ass.
  6. Anyone interested please send me message. PS4 version I am on all the time so time zone don’t matter. Psn-primebeaver
  7. Send me a message if u wanna get the online done. PSN primebeaver. I got platinum thanks to all who helped
  8. Looking for help with online trials anyone interested my psn is primebeaver thanx
  9. If anyone interested in boosting this weekend give me a shout. I tried the online tonight and its no fun
  10. Just need to get Anarchy master and Team player if anyone out there can help would be awesome. psn-primebeaver Thanx to all
  11. Coop and TIR trophies online is so dead. psn -primebeaver
  12. Nothing too difficult just time consuming. A few of the challenges will test ur patience but u will beat em eventually. All in all a pretty fun platinum with just a few difficult spots.
  13. One of the most boring long platinums i have earned. Several times i fell asleep playing at night..voted a long 4 for difficulty, as there is nothing hard here just very time consuming and very repetitive.
  14. Some crap like this happened to me too. i remember a couple times in some scrap locations they would pop 100% and i couldnt remember picking anything up..oh well got my platinum some how.
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