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  • Birthday 02/06/1996

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    Hello my name is Austin. Good day mate.
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    The Great White North
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    Gaming,golf, pool...etc
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    No Job Yet

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    have 52 platinums by end of year

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    Austin James Rickwood

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  1. Psn : xxausti2games Trophies: On the rail, the end? The end.
  2. Just stopped by to wish you a Happy Birthday!

  3. Urh! I wish i never bought this game, it reminds me of Shift 2's trophies -_- add me for whatever online trophies my psn is xxausti2games
  4. What are achievements again? You mean trophies?
  5. I don't understand the description of the hawker mech trophy, there is no video guide on it. What do i have to do to get it?
  6. Looking to jump into an enemy's vehicle from a passenger's seat Psn is xxausti2games
  7. Add me for any online trophies, just bought this as it was on sale, and i like golf. Psn: xxausti2games
  8. Looking for people interested in doing a Car show and drag on PS4 this Friday 10.30pm Pst / Saturday 1:30am Est or whatever your time is converted to, we will be doing this car show and drag in a invite only so if you are interested in doing a car show this Friday December 19th please add me on PS4: xxausti2games or SLIK_mexxican_14 ...Also if you have friends that you think would be interested feel free to tell them, and if you purposely kill someone you'll be kicked. See you this friday.
  9. Haha too good, "back to fuck that land we go"
  10. This game is addicting, for once in a long time i've enjoyed a game without giving a fk about trophies
  11. This trophy is lies LIES i tell you
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