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  1. @AshtimusPrime @Easty @sevenpanda @Slamma @tomstlh Picks for the EPL need to be in by the start of the Watford-Norwich game tomorrow.
  2. Voted 100+ Anything less than that means you are extremely good or have previous Trackmania experience.
  3. 9/10 Up until the black series it is maybe a 6 or 7, but the valley and lagoon tracks are no joke. Oddly, the last 10 are laughably easy in comparison.
  4. Nobody is trying to argue your claim that the pick was a mistake. You implying that Slamma should give you points as if you picked the Bills is way out of line though.
  5. Stupid game. As far as I can tell from Flashscore, St Pauli haven't beaten Dortmund since before the Berlin Wall came down.
  6. Quite possibly. Also, I did really bad on the O/U. Only person to get 6/6 on the games and only lead by a point.
  7. Yeah, I'm fine with multiple picks if there is some kind of uncertainty. Just send me a PM explaining the IF... THEN... scenario before the event. This only applies if everything is resolved at the start time obviously.
  8. Apart from the few tracks we've discussed at length here, I thought it was great. Those few leave a bit of a sour taste though. I'm actually contemplating leaving it installed to see how many more trackmasters I can get. I was getting pretty comfortable on 199 by the time I did that run because I kept crashing into the finish and failing. Same with 198 and 200. They really half assed the 190's - normal tracks with a bunch of posts/holes in the middle of the track and an upside down finish that needed a near perfect approach.
  9. Time to start cheering for anyone playing against Medvedev or Barty!
  10. If it is the de facto PST discord, I'd be interested too
  11. Just so that we know who to cheer for and against... NFL Winner Green Bay - Ash, Barra, Darth_Krid, Easty, JMeeks, Platt, Slamma Kansas City - Hirilorn, iLion, sevenpanda Mens Tennis Medvedev - Barra, Darth_Krid, Hirilorn, iLion, JMeeks, Slamma Zverev - Platt Novax - Easty, sevenpanda Womens Tennis Barty - Barra, Darth_Krid, Hirilorn, iLion, JMeeks, Platt, sevenpanda Sabalenka - Easty Osaka - Slamma All the runner up picks are in the spreadsheet if you want to see them. Also, please check that you are submitting picks to the right form - the link is different to last year, so bookmarks need to be updated if that is how you roll.
  12. We may as well close the fantasy sports forum if you think "why would I pick that, I obviously meant to pick the team that won" is an acceptable argument.
  13. DONE! https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/4441-trackmania-turbo/barra333 +2 for me please @stpatty The upside down finishes were about the hardest part of the last few tracks. I even accidentally got a Trackmaster and 3rd best time in Canada on #199
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