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  1. Looking to boost TAKE A CAB for PS3 version - I have an alt so I can be 2 players. I have just done this on PS4 and this can be done with 1-2 AI turtles but best with 4 Human players. GMT-6
  2. I am up for boosting SORRY NOT SORRY TAKE A CAB for both PS3 and PS4 versions GMT-6
  3. Sony seems to be gearing untoward releasing some of their games on PC, even starting their own PC label, makes me wonder if that means there will be a another trophy list for those games 🤔 It did create another Xbox Achievemwnt List for some of the Xbox games that went PC
  4. Looking to boost the 2 trophies require 5P - I have an alt so would prefer those who have an alts as well. Need 3 more. PRECISION LEAPER SO CLOSE... I tried 1vs1 enough times for SO CLOSE... does not seem to work with bots even with 1 alt and 3 bots 😕 Timezone GMT-6 Staufway
  5. I am in the middle of working towards WEAPON MANUALS and RANK 20 before attempting the Warlord glitch. Since it is advisable to not fill in every diamond slot, was wondering do you still keep progress in weapons manual if you reset the diamond? For example I complete all weapon manuals in one class and decide to reset the diamonds in that class to keep the diamond slots from being all full, would progress in that class weapon manual stay completed or would I have to do them again? I get the feeling that Weapon Manual trophy will likely pop before rank 20.
  6. So has anyone tried that V-Preca (prepaid Japan VISA) method to buy CERO Z RATED games and does it work? What do you need to know? One of the sites that sell V-Preca have the following disclaimer, need an actual Japanese phone number too? *Note: Valid Japanese Phone Number is needed for SMS authentication / Phone authentication when redeeming the code."
  7. Are the servers down for PS4 version of THE CREW. Getting Error Code: #0_24 meaning either the game's service is unavailable or I lost connection. First time this happened to me and I played a lot, can't find anywhere to check Ubisoft server statuses.
  8. Thank you for input, it is appreciated. Unless I am looking in the wrong place, the PC Game Supply card is very limited on cards...no UK, EU, or HK? They sure have enough AUS and NZ though Will try the other site. Of course, eBay is another alternative too
  9. Just found out (at least for now) SeaGM is no longer taking payment via CC or PAYPAL, what's up with that? Gave me alternatives to pay via SKRILL or NETELLER, selected NETELLER > PAY NOW and it takes me to a SKRILL website, again WTF? Service chat says to pay via NETELLER need to have a SKRILL account as well https://www.seagm.com/ - Anyone know another site that still accepts CC or PAYPAL for game console cards from various regions that are not thieves? There is: https://www.play-asia.com/ But they do cost a bit more
  10. May want to make that headline news on this site as well So I read that right then? Only available online via PSN STORE access. Yep, better get on PSN store for some items especially the JPN PSN store doing it via system, you swear you are on dialup modem 56K
  11. Since this has not been reported on here yet, seems that SONY is taking down all PS3 and VITA games off their website store and I think this applies to all regions. You can still purchase the games digitally but you would have to endure the slow slog and terrible search engine of purchasing them online via the PS STORE through the PS3/VITA systems. That is a gist I get, correct me or add anything more. May only be a matter of time until they are all delisted for good. https://www.ign.com/articles/playstation-store-stops-selling-ps3-psp-vita-ps4-ps5
  12. Yeah I was thinking back to PS3 to PS4 games like Battlefield 4, etc. had to pay another $10 by a certain timeframe to get the PS4 version.
  13. Here we go again! List of known PS4 games of where there will be a PS5 version as well. This may be too early to tell and details may vary, was wondering which games if bought on PS4 you can get a free or reduced cost upgrade of PS5 version as well. Does that apply for digital versions bought online only, etc.? MARVEL'S AVENGERS CONTROL ASSASSIN'S CREED VALHALLA CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS COLD WAR? BATTLEFIELD (NEXT ONE?) CYBERPUNK 2077 DESTINY 2 DOOM ETERNAL ELDER SCROLLS ONLINE FAR CRY 6 GRAND THEFT AUTO V HITMAN 3 RAINBOW SIX QUARANTINE DYING LIGHT 2 WATCHDOGS 3: LEGION PS - Will not surprise me if they cancel DYING LIGHT 2 for PS4; happened to MKombat X for PS3 version
  14. I felt the same way about the PS4 generation, now I am thinking the same about the PS5 generation, but nope I think I will keep going far as I can. Know many 50+ yr old gamers?
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