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  1. Voted 3/10 This game is a little bit of a challenge as all the room are randomly generated!
  2. Voted 0-5 hours Actually took me around 1h 10 minutes to complete, the 5 unscathed rounds took me a while!
  3. Voted 2/10 & 0-5 Hours Fun little game, just shoot the things that come at you and level up until your basically unstoppable! Took me around 1h 10 mins to complete!
  4. Voted 0-5 Hours Actually more like 1 hour to complete!
  5. Voted 3/10 Some levels are tricky to work out and do take a few attempts, good little game! (by Ratalaika standards)
  6. Voted 1/10 & 0-5 Hours Actually more like 35 minutes to complete, just press X a bunch of times!
  7. Voted 1/10 & 0-5 Hours Much easier than the first one, 14 minutes to complete, removing the minigames from the trophies saves quite a bit of time!
  8. Voted 2/10 & 0-5 Hours Even using a guide i managed to mess up, took me around 45 minutes after a couple of attempts at the mini games.
  9. Voted 1/10 & 0-5 Hours Very simple if you use one of the many guides out there! 16 minutes to platinum!
  10. Voted 3/10 This one took a while to complete, it does take some skill and a little luck to get through the randomly generated levels. I would advise having a shotgun and a plasma weapon until 5-3 then drop the plasma before 6-1 as the boss is resistant to attacks from plasma.
  11. Voted 0-5 Hours Took me just short of 3 hours to complete this. Tip for the last boss is don't use plasma he is resistant to it. So on level 5-3 make sure to grab something different it a plasma weapon is in your loadout.
  12. Voted 0-5 Hours Just short of 1 hour not following a guide!
  13. Voted 2/10 Played mostly without a guide, made sure to follow the trophies as so many were missable.
  14. Voted 0-5 hours Actually took me just over 1 hour, i got lost a lot!
  15. Voted 2/10 Combat is a little annoying leading to death more times than you'd like, pretty easy to get lost on the map
  16. Voted 0-5 hours Took me an hour and 20 minutes but the game crashed twice and took some time to become unfrozen on the first instance. Should be sub 1 hour without an issues.
  17. Voted 2/10 Nothing massively hard but there is some chance you could run out of time or die during a playthrough!
  18. Voted 0-5 Hours Took me just short of 45 minutes to complete this one! One of the more enjoyable "cheap" games.
  19. Voted 1/10 If you die you respawn in the same room, really fun little game!
  20. Voted 1/10 & 0-5 Hours 32 minutes, didn't try and speed through, decent story i'm sure some people could relate to it! Just press X and read
  21. Voted 1/10 The DLC is harder than the base game...
  22. Voted 0-5 hours The main game took around 10 minutes, then i noticed they ADDED DLC which took around another 20 minutes mainly waiting for a person to join. So 30 minutes all told over 2 sessions
  23. Voted 1/10 & 0-29 Minutes Super easy, around 5 minutes!
  24. Voted 3/10 & 0-5 Hours Really struggled with the controls, the rift element led me to dying more than actually progressing through the level. Took me just over 50 minutes and hated it!
  25. Voted 1/10 Swing your sword try and stand far enough away to not get hit = Win
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