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  1. Voted 3/10 Don't understand how you are supposed to avoid the second boss, can't hide, can't jump over it, got there in the end. Took a few attempts.
  2. Voted 0-5 hours Not very good at this type of game, lots of dying... 1 hour for me
  3. Voted 1/10 & 0-5 Hours Played this straight after the first one, this game is much easier and the levels are way more bland, so 1/10 and just over 30 minutes to complete. The first one is definatly better.
  4. Voted 2/10 & 0-5 Hours Some levels do take a few retires and the randomised maze level is a bit of a challenge. Took just over 1 hour 15 to complete.
  5. Voted 2/10 & 0-5 Hours I played the levels through a few times before resorting to a gudie if i couldn't solve the puzzle. This means it took just over 52 minutes to complete.
  6. Voted 1/10 & 0-5 Hours Used a gudie to help achieve this in just over 20 minutes!
  7. Voted 2/10 While some of the levels can be tricky once you upgrade the gun it gets much easier.
  8. Voted 0-5 Hours Very much reminded me to Awesome Pea, pretty sure some of the assets were reused from that game... Took me 1 hour 40 to complete.
  9. Voted 0-5 hours Actually took me just over 30 minutes following a guide.
  10. Voted 1/10 Used a guide so therefore very simple!
  11. Voted 2/10 & 0-5 Hours Some the levels do take some skill to complete, the most frustrating thing is killing all the enermies before you have picked up the three stars, enjoyable concept just gets pretty old by the end. Took 2 hours 10 minutes to complete the 100%
  12. Voted 2/10 & 0-5 Hours Mainly voted 2 because you might need a guide to complete the game, it would take you some time to work out the combinations needed, i used a guide and achieved 100% in 33 minutes.
  13. Voted 1/10 & 0-5 Hours Easy platforming platinum, just over 38 minutes for the 100%.
  14. Voted 3/10 Much more of a challenge than the first one, i had a real issue with the controls on the analog stick just thinking i was pressing down to duck in midair, ended up using the D pad, that plus the one life and level 12 boss fight make this a 3/10.
  15. Voted 0-5 Hours After finishing the first game in 30 mins i was expecting more of the same from the second game, however the second game was much more of a challenge coins are hidden in strange placed which are not marked, you also only have 1 life rather than the three on the previous game. Took me just short of 1 hour 30 minutes.
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