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  1. Sure, 1... as if. Something between 4 and 5.
  2. To answer my own question: 1) get Violet, Greybeard, Goblin Shaman in one playthrough so you have to play this shit game only once. With all three of them you can later get every summon in chapter 16 (make a backup of your save before, get Red Dragon last and continue). 2) do Violet's missions to get the Dark Elves. I unlocked the archers, their pragmatism bonus (critical up) and multishot command (good against those illusionist copies). Didn't go after melee elves. 3) do a sage mission to get Lightning. Or two if you need the trophy. 4) fully upgrade the Magus upgrade tree (attack power increase +50%, +150%, costs don't increase anymore). Take the first archer upgrade asap so they can move AND attack. 5) I also got the Spider Queen. She lays four eggs, which will turn into Hunter Spider (web on attack) and Poison Spider (spitting poison). 6) make a backup before chapter 24. The battle will be quite long and you have to choose your ending afterwards, chapter 25 will be the finale. Evil Ending / Price of Power. For the Good Ending I went with The Black King. You can quit to the games main menu and continue again to get other missions if you're looking for specific ones. I only went after the books as a filler to progress the story as I never used those spells. I already got the 3 books trophy in an earlier attempt. Get Greybeard and exit in/out until the book mission shows up. I had them all before chapter 7 or 10. Thanks goes out to Banxiee for giving tipps about Dark Elf archers, Red Dragon, and the Magus upgrade tree (+Lightning). There's a "guide" on GameFaqs with all traits, powers, commands, etc. listed. Yes, I wrote the same on psnprofiles.
  3. Please shed some light how this is a 1/10. Maybe I'm playing it wrong, or I'm just dumb, or both - but bcs of the randomness and overpowered enemies for me the game is hard. There are no tips or anything on the internet either.
  4. Played the game on very easy, and it seems that driving aids are connected to difficulty. Game starts easy but get's harder towards the end. I hated face-off and touge the most, AI fly's through corners and when they ram you in touge it's your fault and you get disqualified. The AI also rams and swarms at the start of races until you get some distance. Honestly, the AI wouldn't last 2 minutes in online MP with that behaviour and get's temporarily banned. If you're at least ~average like I am, then time attack and races are no problem. Did the final with the Bugatti and in the end I was ~20 seconds per race ahead. Swarming/ramming, get distance, maybe a single attack from 2nd (like if they are mad at you), then losing interest. Weird game. For drift I used balanced/grip cars too if possible. When they appear for the first time around 20-30k is enough to win. In the last drift events 2nd had around 50-70k. Start drifting before corner, try to be close to the red "sticks" and good luck. I personally stayed on the gas, hit the brake and went through. Be a little aggressive. 1-2 good drifts and you're first. For the drift trophy I used the Skyline (~400k). A few close checkpoint races (~500m, mostly Asia), in Overtake they never got more than 2,000 points. The only time they did was when the AI was in first place (UAE), had 33k and just around 1k more. Pass them early to make this easier. I would say... if this game is a 3/10 (again, I played on very easy and it seems that driving aids stick to difficulty - tho not as bad as in NFS Pro Street - but it can make your car flip / start drifting unnecessarily [try Algarve reversed and go full speed in the stretched left with a grip car, once you go offtrack it flips the car]) than Grid Autosport is a 1/10. Therefore I vote this ... a strong 4 to weak 5, bcs of face-off, touge, and the retarded AI.
  5. No, thanks. They can add them as dlc, like devs did in Horizon Zero Dawn, Strange Brigade or Rage 2. I personally want to enjoy games my way and earn the platinum. People can show off with 100% completion if they want.
  6. Well at least they fixed the EU version, but it still means I wasted 12.56C$ 😤 EU got 1.05 six months ago, guess I'll just blacklist Microids/Pendulo Studios for the future.
  7. Bcs we're only allowed to give positive feedback? The only thing what I'm missing in that users post, is what it actually is that sucks. The forum looks like the one from psnprofiles now, which I personally never liked. I tried to switch to desktop view (on phone) but it doesn't work, there probably isn't one. Plus points for that I can "disagree" with a single tap now to this privacy-cookie nuisance. The old website needed two taps, like it was trying to convince me to just "agree". When viewing the search results everything is overlapping. Title with trophies, region with forum button. When turning into landscape mode it looks ok, tho the view is limited in this way (4 results). Same when looking at the trophy list as the pictures are too big for my taste. All in all it's bloated and needs to much scrolling. Thread subscriptions were also easier to manage. Not sure if it would have been possible to make some testing with a small part of the database first (subdomain, hidden area), instead of doing a complete upgrade with no turning back. As far as I can tell guide parts with spoiler tags are gone, and the formatting for like trophy icons is broken.
  8. Just a heads up, I wrote Microids an email one month ago, and asked nicely when the NA version will receive the 1.05 update bcs trophies are still glitched. No reply...
  9. Any retail? Psnprofiles lists it as JP. On Amazon I saw a compilation with 3 BC games, and a standalone of BCP.
  10. According to their card guide the locations are random. For the gym it's 24 cards in 37 possible locations. — Annoying, 2nd Nov. and still no 1.05 update for the NA version...
  11. Not when it comes to buying something. Bcs we all experience games differently.
  12. What you're actually saying is that you play games based on other peoples opinion?
  13. Maybe "a little" late but if your account isn't set to primary you won't be able to use them. Used the credits multiplier and had two PS4's back then. Figured it out after playing on the other console.
  14. 6 hours with the text guide here - highly focused and no disturbance. There're some people with couple minutes on psnprofile, and one close to 3 hours, but that all bs.
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