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  1. This could be one of the reasons why it is not working for some users, I will add this to the first page. Thanks for discovering this
  2. I'm using Chrome and I double-checked the links(the one in my first post and the one in your last post), they both work. http://www.ics.uci.edu/~eppstein/180a/projects/fanorona/ Try copy this to the browser instead of clicking the link. If it's still not okay, I guess you can give firefox a try.
  3. This mission SUCKS big time. If you have upgraded all, then I would say CHAINSHOT is your friend. Ramming is a good and quick choice but I do not recommend 'cause most of the time they get killed by just 1 ram hit......... What chainshot does is it will disable ships' movement which is extremely helpful in such bad environment. After that, you go to the side of the ship, slightly more forward so that you can aim the front part, then stop and use the weakest round shot(?, forgot sorry). The powder stores will expose in about 5 times And try ramming the first ship 'cause the first one is real easy to get a head-on collision and save you some time.
  4. The game requires a basic 10 pounds bet so I think you are alright
  5. For those who could not copy Achilles's move on the program, I may have found the issue. I updated the instruction and make sure to check out the red words.
  6. I just realized there is a long move log option which outlines every single steps and shows exactly what is taken, maybe you could give it a try After some testing, I think I found the problem. I guess what you've encountered is when you click on black pieces, sometimes they cannot be taken. Is this the issue you are talking about? If yes, then this is due to the fact that sometimes multiple white pieces can be use to eat the black piece you choose, so when click on that piece, the program doesn't know which white piece it should move. In order to solve this you will have to click the second piece in the direction you want to take. Well I guess this is the program's flaw.
  7. When you say "the program doesn't take all the bricks it does in AC3" do you mean the program(Black) responds before you(White) can make all the moves?
  8. You can do this by clicking the black piece on D3/G3, it means it moves from F3 to E3 to take D3/G3 I guess you got confused because the program kinda has an indirect movement, I updated some instructions, check it out to see if it helps you
  9. Updated Just wrote a rather lengthy instruction but I guess this should clear things up
  10. Have you installed Java? Or what kind or error did it show? Try using Chrome I'm not so sure about your situation, anymore details? Sometimes you have 2 choices you can choose to take and the movelog doesn't outline that, maybe that's the problem? In that case, don't rely on the movelog, use it as a reference to figure out the moves, it is actually pretty easy Perhaps I will take some time to write more on the instruction of the program Glad it helped. It's a shame it doesn't show the exact moves. And I think not taking all the pieces is actually a strategy (Achilles does that too)
  11. Ooops, my bad AC 3 has WAY too many side missions IMO Oh, btw, could you tell me how did you complete the "listen to washington" goal? I've talked to him for a few times till the "w" sign disappeared but the goal is not yet achieved.
  12. No, they want you to discover every kind of animals in each hunting region. This sucks 'cause finding the last animal is frustrating.
  13. It is a bug, not his fault. I had encountered the same situation, no matter how I move, it just didn't trigger:mad:. I had to quit the game and re-enter, then everything worked.
  14. Maybe I wasn't clear enough. When I said computer vs computer, I meant computer(AC III) vs computer(the program). So to use this program, you(Human) input Achilles's move and it will give you a respond move. That's why you have to let Achilles to play first. Then use the respond in game and repeat. And for the detailed movements, yeah it is too fast but it should be easy to figure out the program's move
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