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  1. I have 3 looking for a 4th to tackle the Sub-Level 13 mission and get the Who You Gonna Call? trophy. Any takers?
  2. I have 3, just need a 4th for Who Ya Gonna Call. Any takers? PSN: Ib1uemyse1f83
  3. I have been seeing reports of people getting frustrated at being unable to maintain FEVER! mode due to being slightly offbeat. I have a pro and was having issues as well, then I had a flash of scientific revelation: Light travels faster than sound! Think of seeing a concert from the cheap seats. You see the drummer smash that cymbal before you hear it. On the PSP, your audio and video were 3-4ft from your face. Not enough distance for the soundwaves to lag behind the lightwaves. However, being a console release, we are now quite a bit further from the audio/video source. And that audio, a lot of times, is a rear facing speaker, bringing with it the need for the sound waves to bounce off the wall before they ever head our way. This isn't really noticable at the human level as our brains compensate for the difference. But when you are appeasing precision frame response, this lag is juuuust enough to be infuriating! The solution for me was to throw on some headphones. I went from 2 nights of frustration at not being able to maintain fever mode at all, to running fever mode, start to finish through most stages. Hope this helps you, fellow Patapons! TLDR: Science is to blame, not a bad port. Use headphones!
  4. I was having an issue getting World 5 Locolist (Get 20 LocoRoco in each stage of World 5.) and Full Belly (Complete all stages with 20 LocoRoco.) to unlock. My game data showed 20/20 on every stage, but no trophies. I had no trouble with Worlds 1-4. I found a comment over on PSNPROFILES courtesy of ROFL-WAFFLES with a strategy that works! Load up the MuiMui Crane game and grab a locoroco. When it drops into the prize slot, DO NOT skip the prompts at the bottom that show your rewarded loco's (or pickories, as in my case). Once the final prompt showed up and disappeared, the trophies popped! Fast forward to Let's Explore the World! (Earn the "Perfect!" rank for LocoRoco, Pickories and hidden MuiMui on every stage.) and I was having the same issue. I completed perfection on my 1 remaining stage and no trophy. Tried the solution above and it worked again! Platinum unlocked.
  5. Alright, here's what I pieced together eventually. If you have a unique save file on your system form your own single player game. You will retain progress toward costume unlocks even if you are the co-op partner and not the host. When you finish the game as a group, everyone receives the option to make a save file at that point and this file is a clone of the hosts, save file (sans costume/kill progression) This save will have level select, and sim disc progress that matches the host of that session. This saved my group a ton of time as my trophy sickness saw me running sim challenges on our off days and when we finished the story on Normal, all my buddies ended up having my sim progress (gold clears) unlocked! I am not sure how to summarize this terrible online multiplayer configuration other than this: There appear to be 2 save files in action here. - 1 is the game data file: It tracks kills, combos, coop completions, etc. - 1 is the game progress file. It houses your level completion and costume unlocks. IF you play without FIRST having a game progress file, you will not maintain costume unlock progress between multiplayer sessions. So be SURE to play a solo game up to the first SHIELD save point and make that manual save file. It will save you some tears down the road.
  6. Excellent! I was curious about what the extraneous/missables were going to be. Nothing too far out of the way. I can't wait to revisit this. Thank you!
  7. Correct. We are sort of stuck running this together as a pack, as the only person that can hop on and resume the game is the host. I haven't dared to get on and play without them for fear of mucking them over. We have all been unlocking trophies for level completion, co-op play, combo kills, etc. Currently 2 of us are running DLC characters to see what happens when the costumes are fully unlocked. (The DLC characters have a trophy each for unlocking all costumes on that character) We are only able to get together once a week, so it's been a bit of a slow-going discovery process. Once we hit an area with an infinite enemy spawn we plan to grind out at least a character a piece and see what happens.
  8. I thought I would post some important information for people looking to play this online. It is a bit weird how it tracks things and saves progress, so maybe this will help someone. DISCLAIMER: This is based on my observations, testing and needs some confirmation before being taken as the absolute truth! First, the freakout and testing: On the first night, I hosted a game and 2 friends joined me. We smashed away at bad guys, all unlocked some costumes, amassed some currency and went to bed. So the roster was: Me - Host (Deadpool) Joe - Player 2 (Wolverine) Bob - Player 3 (Human Torch) Second night, my internet connection was a bit laggy, so one of my buddies tries to host and he had... NO SAVE DATA! What? So I hosted again. My costumes were still in-tact, but my buddies were not. It was a bit disheartening. Were we meant to play this game solo to obtain trophies? Seems weird, right? At this point, our roster was: Me - Host (Deadpool) Bob - Player 2 (Human Torch) Joe - Player 3 (Wolverine) After some back and forth and about a thousand 'what if' scenarios, we noticed the currency we collected previously was locked to the Player Position. (P2 still had the SAME amount of money from Night 1. It hadn't moved to follow Joe) We closed the game, and I hosted again. This time we made sure to occupy the same PLAYER slots we had the 1st night. We went back to the original roster: Me - Host (Deadpool) Joe - Player 2 (Wolverine) Bob - Player 3 (Human Torch) Problem solved! The costumes were back to unlocked! The currency was assigned to the correct player from night 1. Bullet-Points 1. The ONLY person who will have a save file is the game HOST. 2. Stats, Currency, Costume unlocks are locked to this single save file and associated with the Player Slot NOT the online ID of your co-op partner. So always load into the game with the same host and same player positions. So, at this point (2017/04/11), this seems to be the most logical translation of what the game is trying to do with regards to save-files and unlocks. I will report back my findings when I get some 1st hand confirmation.
  9. This is a public service announcement: The weekly challenge this week (6/7 - 6/13) is capture 50 uplinks. Totally solo player, private match doable. I just played a match set to 10 captures and instant capture time. Took about 7 minutes. Progress bar was at 10/50 at the SMI screen. So if have been waiting to claim your platinum, or (like me) have been holding off starting your platinum run until you got the online trophies knocked out. This is your time!
  10. Your Poltergeist: A Pixelated Horror - Level Solutions guide is drawing complaints about its accuracy but solutions to these problems can be found in Posts 9 + 15 :).

  11. A bit of advice I hope will serve some fellow PvE farmers. I tested this theory across three my farming of 3 different Covenant items (Wolfblade Grass, Human Dregs and now Proof of Concord Kept) and found it to be pretty accurate as has a friend of mine I shared it with. - Grind until you get your first item drop. - Once you get that first item, finish that run, warp to the Firelink Bonfire. - From there, Quit to the Main Menu and log back in. - Now return to your selected farming area and start again. With this method I was getting my covenant item drops within my first 3-5 runs. I know it isn't very scientific, or full of statistical reasoning. Anecdotal, maybe. But it's worth a try if you are having the 'eternity between drops' I was having. I just got the process started again in Anor Londo and have managed 3 in about 10 runs. Definitely worth the 2 minutes it takes to Firelink, Quit, Load, Return. BTW: I'm not running high Luck. My Item Discovery is only at 312 with the Rusted Coin active and the Symbol of Avarice and Gold Serpent Rings equipped. I can confirm you get nothing unless 'Summoned to Answer..." Tried multiple configurations last night of covenants and summoning, no dice. Have to be randomly summoned in or you get nada. And even that is touchy. I have been summoned, loaded in, moved forward and the invader dies (before I see anyone) and got nothing but a Duty Fulfilled message. No item. Lame.
  12. Indeed, there are 10 on the Vita. (A-J) I can confirm both of those cases. I used the sign with the bulletin board, and (even though Red interrupts and takes it) it did not count. Loaded my save and used it on Red, popped right away. GREAT guide, BTW. I can't believe how much of this game I remember from my youth! I never completed Maniac Mansion, so this was helpful for getting to the Hamster!
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