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    Often get 10/10 fame and people say nice things about me in Forum Games
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    Going to the Cafe, games, movies...
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    Private investigator, Donald Duck illustrator, Inventor, have my own subtitle video company

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    "Brotherhood of Steel"
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    Be a professional member around Off Topic forum.org and post her and there

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    No thanks I don't like surveillance
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    I wish

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  1. Yo dude, been a while. You good man yeh?

  2. I remember when you wished ppl a happy bday

  3. Do you plan on doing playthroughts with commentary

    1. Velvet


      Already do for some of the games but am planning on doing more ^^

  4. Hope you're having a 

    1. Slamma


      I am indeed having a, I hope you are as well

  5. Slimy Joe Biden dragging his tentacles through this profile rn. Buuuhh gggrlhlhl can you "hear" him slithering in the shadows? *Buuuhhhuhuhu lllllrrrhhhhh ...!!! Uuuuuhhhh commmme on maaaan hhhhlllllrrrr...*

  6. Time to join that new site Mjc and Krid was talking about all those years ago
  7. Good                  .

  8. Nightbear Abel, the king of Ps3t.org!! Wow!! How are YOU?

    1. NightmareAbel210


      Hey, I'm doing okay, but still exhausted after work.

  9. Absolutely epic marriage Free, congrats my man, I'm having pancakes in your honor
  10. Not happy with "The big guy" in the Olav office so far tbh. Doesn't seem to know what he is doing. Bet he has ripped a few fluffer-doodles too while in the White hous, that hazy old fool, laughitnting her

    1. rotoninja


      I forgot there was someone even in the oval office. 🤨

  11. Whose "genius" idea was it to put a maze right outside the front door of Vercetti estate. I found a pic of the maze on the Interenet but it was very disorienting and I still can't get out. Really "bravo" to the developers for putting this Labyrinth confuser in the game, really smart guys (sarcasm alert in her). I've tried the "age old" trick of walking the maze backwards but that doesn't work either ...
  12. I see you had a heart attack Sum1, hope you're doing good my man, my "mom" had one a few years ago, she's good now

    1. sum1_worsethan_u


      Yeah, doing well. Taking my meds...eating right and trying to exercise. I quit smoking...which bites but oh well...probably should've quit long ago. Thanks for checking in...appreciate it.

  13. Shout out to Kfree7 for helping me boost Call of duty yesterday.
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