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  1. Looking for partner for boosting the -Anarchy Master -Team Player Trophies for the PS4 version. psn: statemate666 UTC -7
  2. It was at about 1.1 million for me so not too bad, just had to farm a bit.
  3. Need the Anything you can do trophy psn: stalemate666
  4. Need the club trophies Squad Goals and People Person I'll help you out with whatever you need if you help me. PSN: Stalemate666 GMT -7
  5. I just got the plat and it's an 8 out of 10, the hardest trophy by far is the Ultimate Master that fog speed screws you up every single time even on my winning won it ruined my perfectly set wide tower but I managed to get the cement on a big block and then I thought I was okay then I still choked and it was only sheer luck and a panic ivy speed that held everything together just long enough. In the space from the fog speed spell to the end I went from having like a 20 block wide perfect tower to an incredibly unstable clusterfuck where I had to balance the last big block on top of a single square from one of the T shaped ones. It takes large amount of skill and a decent chunk of dumb luck to platinum this but it really is fun
  6. Vita into standby atleast pauses it so you can take breaks but you'll still have to do it for 8 hours just not straight, not sure about ps4 standby but it is essentially the same feature so it'll probably work.
  7. Probably not, I am one but it's one of the few games I'm not playing with completing it in mind (though I hope I can get lucky and actually do it) but that infallible trophy is just driving me insane just being there, it's so annoying. I've only played for about 2 hours, I won once but there is no guarentees for anything and I even disconnected once.
  8. I agree that's a big part of the fun of the game but I think the infallible trophy goes hard against this philosophy that trophy should not exist the way the game is right now.
  9. Did you accidentally unequip one of your artifacts that reduce damage? I also found that fortification shards are the best to use on highest difficulty as they like triple the damage you can take before you die, bosses I struggled on were cakewalks with it.
  10. So I beat the crucible then go on to fight Wicked K thinking he'd be atleast as hard as the last boss in the crucible. I do a few attacks none seem to be doing any damage to his health bar but I'm healing so whatever, I get one good axe combo off (Focus, down on analogue triangle, timed hit, timed hit) still no notice damage to his bar but then a cutscene triggers and I'm thinking okay he's about to get serious and then he flys off and I win and I'm just thinking uh what?
  11. 56 hours 32 hours for first playthrough on definitive playing normally going in blind 24 hours on ng+ following a guide to get all the collectibles I stayed on definitive because I didn't see a reason to go down I also did all the dlc right after I started ng+ even though it's not needed for plat
  12. I speced into the wrath slash for the iframes (and it does pretty good damage) and unstoppable for a power up and beyond that just using a lifesteal weapon and trying to get as much crit chance as I can
  13. So I have like 5 quests with collectibles and 3 of them I haven't been able to find a single one on my own and the other 2 I just have a few here and there and I'm wondering is there any in game way to find these collectibles or is a guide pretty much required?
  14. So much more about the first encounter makes sense after you realize Baldur thought Kratos was the last giant. I mean Kratos did tower over the dude and he had the axe. If Kratos was the last giant he would've known exactly what he wanted. The only person to figure out Kratos was the Ghost of Sparta was the Mimir I don't even think Faye figured it out in the end (though she probably will before too long). Also the ominous future with Kratos (dying?) doesn't hold much weight given how often Kratos has fucked over predictions, including his son's name lol.
  15. I don't think it's a glitch I think they just give it to you one early. I didn't find any extra ravens in any areas however I did get the trophy (as well as the labor) 1 raven early. I also got 100% complete pop up on the screen after getting everything, I don't think you'll get that if you leave the last 1 alive.
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