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    Wonderbook: Walking with Dinosaurs
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  1. YellowMage GMT "Hitting It Off" Available right now, and everyday 19:00-03:00
  2. YellowMage Renaissance Man BST Thanks in advance!
  3. YellowMage Brother in Arms, Changing Lanes GMT Thanks in advance!
  4. YellowMage It's the Final Showd0wn GMT Got the platinum last night, just need this for 100%! EDIT: Got it!!
  5. Okay, I just need Friendly Competition on the PS3 version, then I'm done! Anyone? GMT, but any timezone may apply.
  6. Okay, got the game digitally, so now I can help with both versions. Hit me up!
  7. Anyone think Sony might give this a price cut between now and when they turn off the online servers, to incentivise further sales from those who want one or two more relatively easy Platinums?
  8. YellowMage All online multiplayer trophies (PS3) GMT EDIT: Gonna have to wait a week, but I'll then be able to help with both versions!
  9. Picking up the Bad Blood DLC tomorrow, gonna need a partner for the co-op trophy. YellowMage T-Bone: Tag Team GMT EDIT: All obtained! Thanks to those who helped; no further requests will be accepted.
  10. Any chance you could elaborate? I've been trying to do the one where you have to survive long enough to summon Ramuh, and I eventually just get overwhelmed. Either that or one of those damn wasp stingers hits from off-screen
  11. Stumbled upon this on my last playthrough and figured out might help a few people. You know how when you encounter something in the game for the first time, a little prompt for its Guide entry appears, in the same way as pocket secretaries and story items? The alarm system is one of them; the prompt only appears if you trigger an alarm. I don't recall seeing the prompt on my first playthrough, in which I didn't get FotH, but I saw it in the Guide list (though the significance was a fridge moment) TL;DR - Check the guide section in the menu; if "Alarm System" is in the list, you've failed Foxiest.
  12. I actually meant breaking the game's challenge, assuming you're not doing a pacifist run. Largest number of standard upgrades and dirt-cheap ammo, not to mention laser-sight, armour-piercing, and silencer mods. Can it still do all that?
  13. Anyone know if the Zenith 10mm is as potentially game-breaking as it was in Human Revolution?
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