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  1. I need Barras Bravas and the Club DLC trophies as well! I'm available most evenings. PSN: iamtoughtobeat GMT -5 Thanks!
  2. 1. iamtoughtobeat 2. Trophy Invite Only (Finish a Round in a Private Match) 3. GMT -5 (EST) Just looking to quickly boost this trophy. Send friend request with PGA in title if interested! Thanks.
  3. Edit: I no longer need this trophy. Thank You. Hi, looking to boost ALL'S FAIR trophy (stop a rivals free roam mission) PSN: iamtoughtobeat Time: EST Canada/US Available anytime after 9pm EST Thank you!
  4. So I finished the game completely on PS3. Platinum and all DLC. I attempted to follow the steps to auto-pop, but it only popped 6 trophies. 1 main game, and 5 of the DLC trophies. Nothing else is popping, regardless of what I try. Any ideas?
  5. I know this might be a lost cause since the board is so dead. But no matter what I try, Event 15 will not happen for me. Is there is anyone that has successfully finished this game, that can mention if they had to do anything special for that event? I have tried everything I can think of, but to no avail. Thanks!
  6. Hey all, Just looking to boost the online trophies for this game. PSN: iamtoughtobeat Timezone: -5 GMT (Eastern) Late at night is best, but I should be able to make anytime of day work if necessary. Thanks!
  7. Hey everyone, Just looking to boost the Changing Lanes and Brothers in Arms trophies on PS3. I'm available most evenings and am GMT -5. Thanks
  8. Edit: I am finished boosting this game. Thanks for the help! Hey all, Just looking to boost the multiplayer trophies for this game. PSN: iamtoughtobeat Timezone: GMT -5 I'm available most evenings for 3 or 4 hours. Thanks!
  9. Hey Weasle or anyone else I need help with the latest expansion on PS3 PSN: iamtoughtobeat Timezone: GMT -5 Thanks
  10. Hey, saw your message on the GTA 4 forums about boosting online. I am in the same situation, as I haven't touched this game in a long time, and want to get back to to try and platinum it. I only need Wanted and Teamplayer, and willing to help out with any others. I am also on EST timezone and can be flexible with my schedule for the late evenings. Let me know if you are still interested on working on this, My PSN id: tsgwes

  11. Hey everyone, I have not touched this game in about 3 years, but would like to finally try going back to earn the Wanted trophy. I believe I am rank 4 or 5, so still have a ways to go. I am looking for someone that is not necessarily in a rush to finish, as due to my schedule, it will probably take a few weeks of playing to finish. If there is someone is in a similar situation, it would probably work out better for us both. I don't necessarily care which of the 3 main boosting methods we use, but BDB2 probably makes the most sense. However, since I have not played in 3 years, I will probably need some time to perfect this method once again. So somebody with patience for this would be appreciated. I think in the long run it will be worth it using this method though. My timezone is GMT -5 (Eastern). I will be available most nights between around 8 - 11pm my time (give or take 30 minutes), with the exception of Tuesdays. If that timeframe works for anyone that is willing to work on this, and have it possibly take a few weeks, please let me know. PSN: iamtoughtobeat
  12. Hey all, Looking to boost Traced, and Hackification if possible. I would be willing to help with those in return, and also the DLC coop, if anyone needs help with that. PSN: iamtoughtobeat Timezone: GMT -5 I'm on PS3
  13. Looking to boost the co-op trophy on PS3, and preferably just idle for the 3 hours. PSN: iamtoughtobeat Timezone: GMT -5 (EST)
  14. Hey everyone, Looking for some help with getting Gold on the co-op challenges. I only need about 7 more actually, but would be happy to help with the rest if they are still eluding anyone.... Additionally, I also need to kill the 5 psychopaths in co-op as well... PSN: iamtoughtobeat Timezone: GMT - 5 Thanks!
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