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  1. Greetings, I have been having problems with Vampyr, This game occasionally freezes for half a minute, sometimes it crashes for good and the game must be relaunched. I tried reinstalling, and the issue has not been fixed, though it seems to have improved a bit. Loading times are long, and frequently it stops you in the middle of the road to load the area. This game is far from optimized, and I am saddened by it. Has anyone had no issues with this title? I am playing it on an original PS4, for comparison's sake. Regards, Pike_27
  2. I have never disagreed so much with someone on the internet over a game. The game has always been like this, and you play it for the gameplay. It is so damn well crafted, every single weapon is unique and hard to master. Surely it is not everyone's cup of tea, and the trophies are a pain, but it is the gameplay loop that makes people coming back to it.
  3. This update actually looks good, which is impressive for me. In general, I am the one that always complains about design changes. Since I am only finding stuff mildly annoying so far, I believe you have done a great job. I love the banners at the front page, and the black arrow on the image to display the name and the short description. My only concern is that things are too spaced out, leading to less information per area, just like the new playstation store. For example, on a guide page, the "Guide Navigation" panel is too empty, the lines are separated too much. Every two lines, another one could easily be fit, and it would work even better. The comment section in an article is also too spaced for my taste, it is possible to see only three comments at a time, despite each one being a single line. The same can be said for the topics on a forum. The list probably goes on, but these are the ones that I immediately found irritating.
  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. I remember game-breaking bugs being in the game when I was going to platinum, though I managed to get around them somehow. Still, this is a re-release after almost a decade. I'm sure they'll get rid of problems like these.
  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. It was great to read another monthly newsletter. I remember when they were first introduced, god, it has been a while. I miss this community
  8. Spyro was one of the best games on PS1, I did play it for so long. Damn, a new game for that series would be awesome, a great entry to the PS4. Still, it is only a dream. Perhaps one day we'll see it actually being a reality.
  9. I have been thinking about purchasing LiaDST for a while, and now it's free
  10. It really depends on the genre of the game. I voted for "one", as that is what happens with most games I play. I enjoy experiencing it and then moving on. I would really hate to repeat a 100h RPG or a 40h sandbox full of similar missions. Still, there are games I can (in fact I do) play more than once, those being indie masterpieces - Bastion, Transistor, Furi, Salt and Sanctuary, etc., which gameplay is simply amazing. Those games, in fact, have a much shorter gameplay span, which makes it possible to repeat it over and over again.
  11. I do prefer physical, though that is not a viable option around here. For example, a physical copy of GTA V still have not been discounted, still costing the entire release price tag, whereas we can find it so damn cheaper on the PSN store. I miss the days where I would have a big collection of physical games. All those pretty boxes, aligned perfectly...
  12. I usually go for a Normal run when there are no trophies related to the difficulty, and this game was not different.
  13. Welcome to playstation, where 90% of the PS+ users complain about every game they give us. Please be with the 10% I'm eager to know about the free games for april. I do enjoy at least one game in most of the months. Perhaps Drawn to Death will be a nice game.
  14. As others have said, Bloodborne was harder during its launch period. Damn that chalice dungeon dog boss, it took me 3 days! Also, the DLC is a bit harder than the game itself, though it will help you with some fine loot plus exp if you play it during the story. PS. Lady Maria <3
  15. Stories: The Path of Destinies - 8/10 I did enjoy that game. The gameplay felt fluid, though a bit repetitive when going to the platinum. Storywise, it was great to experience all different endings, which really makes this game unique. Also, there were quite a few glitches that were annoying, which lessened my experience with the game. I would play it again, though I would not get the platinum a second time. I'd glady play a sequel to that.
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