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  1. The to Platinum for me was 339 hours. [9 days+ in Single Player, and 4 days+ Online [beta]]. With the RDR2 Online what it is now, I reckon you can now half the time to Rank 50. I think I spent a 3rd of the time just hunting!
  2. I remember this thread from its inception, and oh my, reading back at this thread, the trials and tribulations, the anger and frustration, the joys and successes, make the RDR2 platinum trophy one of the most rewarding Platinum trophies ever. Bookmarking this thread for the memories.
  3. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to report that I have finally achieved the legendary RDR2 Platinum trophy. Total game hours at 339 hours [inc Online], excluding time spent reading forums, watching video guides, the total time for the Platinum was 1 year and 4 months [with a 6 and 2 month break]. Total cost, under £200 [Day 1 Ultimate Edition release, with the hardback official game guide by Rockstar, limited edition Vinyl [Red colour], plus Gold currency purchases]. Why? I love video games, I love Westerns, and my verdict is simple – one of the best games I have every played, worth every penny. A technical masterpiece. If I started the RDR2 platinum today, I doubt it would take me over 300 hours. The wealth of experience, knowledge, fixes, updates, and tips from players over 18 months would mean a far more streamlined trophy guide today. Missable trophies. A game this long has missable trophies? 6 of them! It meant that in order to play all the available missions, and keep your honour level to the max, I had to play the game in a semi-free way. Once the missable trophies were obtained, I could play more freely. Online trophies. The beta on-line was not without problems, but the main one being was that XP was tough to earn and boring. I had to use an exploit at St Denis, crafted bullets, picked herbs, shooting endless cops. I got so good at it I was earning 25 to 35XP per kill. Then there were the grievers! Once I hit rank 50, I didn’t play online. However, after my 6 month break, the online was far more improved and fun with new modes etc, that leveling up to 50 should be no problem at all. Gold Rush was the most difficult trophy of them all [70 Gold missions]. Replaying using stock gear and player made some of the mission near impossible, and of course frustrating. I achieved 48 Gold missions using stock Arthur, Weapons, and the Horse, and was dreading the final 22 missions. I went on my 2 month break only to return to realise I could now use my earned weapons, horses, maxed out Arthur - making the accuracy and number of headshot challenges a breeze! The Enter, Pursued by a Memory gold was a piece of cake with upgraded weapons and dead eye! Then there is the Best in the West trophy. This is where the real grind is with all the collections and challenges. Again, with hindsight, some of the trickier challenges could be obtained within the story missions. The previous game I spent most time was Assassin’s Creed 3 where I spent 110 hrs in total, most of the time spent in wilderness working towards the Completionist trophy; but Best in the West takes the cake when it comes to 100% completion trophies, in terms of time, effort, and endurance. Of course there is Skin Deep and Zoologist trophies. This is where I defy players who claim RDR2 isn’t hard. Well, the hunting element of the game is without doubt the hardest of them all across all player skill levels. The frustration aside, the sheer patience required to find some of the animals, some of the ultra rare like the Western Bull Moose which took me 4 weeks to find! Or animals that only appear at night. I lost count of the number of videos I watched to find locations of where animals spawned. Not forgetting those pesky 3 star kills! Staying on hunting, if there was one trophy that had me in tears, literally, then it was the It’s Art trophy. Oh. My. God. Some of the hunting requirements were just insane, and the hunt for the perfect Robin carcass made the Western Bull Moose experience like a love story. I spent 2 weeks purely hunting for this Robin, a tiny bird in such a vast world, with a bow and arrow. It got to the point I was Googling the natural habitat of a Robin and the sounds they make. All the other trophies are standard trophies you would expect in AAA, but the ones above are the trophies which make RDR2 one of the most challenging platinums ever. If it wasn’t for the Dec 2019 update which allows players to use their upgraded Gear, Horse, Player abilities etc in Mission Replays, then I would rate this Platinum a 10/10; but even with the update, this Platinum requires more than just skill, it requires patience, perseverance, dedication, endurance, and a mindset to go with it - which is why this is in my opinion RDR2 is one of the most difficult platinums of all time. Difficulty rating 9/10 PS: Now I have the platinum, I am enjoying the online mode even more!
  4. Well I sat at the table a Van Horn, and spent about 90 mins and completed Gambler Challenge 8. I just say at the table for 90 mins straight. Maybe I was lucky!
  5. Hey peeps! Long story short, I took a break from RDR2, about 8 months, and wondered if there are any *tips* for Gambler Challenge 8? Yup, the dreaded challenge! I understand it is luck based, just wondered if there was a particular place/time I should play to improve my chances? Or does this challenge remain pure luck? (I just have Gambler Challenges 8, 8, and 10 left to do!) Thank you!
  6. Well, I hit level 50 today. End of a grind! I didn't use the disconnect/reconnect method but rinsed the ladder exploit in Saint Denis area (opposite the mail station). I rinsed the following awards : Total Kills Repeater Kills Repeater Headshot Kills Pistol Kills Pistol Headshot Kills Shotgun Kills Shotgun Headshot Kills Dead Eye Kills Hip Kills Time spent as Wanted For each kill, I was aiming for: Kill XP - 5 Headshot XP - 5 Special Ammo XP - 5 Dead Eye - 5 Eyes Wide Shut XP - 10 I was getting between 20 and 30 XP per kill, sometimes including Last Chance XP - 5 Side Awards I rinsed were selling herbs to the doctor, animal kills, killing flying birds, money spent, animal parts, and Crafting (Ammo at 50 to 100 times a go). Other XP boosts include, clearing out Hideouts, and of course events, (in particular Chapter 8 story mode) - but these were at minimum. All in all I was bored towards the end, from Level 23 to Level 50 I spent 90% of my time in Saint Denis and that forgettable ladder location. One thing to point out, an award can no longer be reset once you've completed it 10 times! I just hope R* do not add a Rank 100 trophy in upcoming DLC!
  7. I feel the pain! Fishing - Killed Roaming - Killed Step outside the Medical Store - Killed Step out side the weapons Store - Killed Picking Herbs - Killed And so it goes on. My gut feeling is the players who kill for no reason lead a sad and pathetic life. Saying this, I credit one player, who killed me 3 times, then invited me to his Posse, messaged me saying he was sorry etc, which kind of calmed me down. We had fun times - because said player was a pro!
  8. Hey gamers, not sure if you have noticed, but you can now reset some of the awards to zero, and regain the XP! I have been rinsing the Sale Herbs to Doctor (100 herbs give me a Gold Buckle) and the number of enemies killed, and repeated weapon kills awards. Not all awards can be reset once you get the Gold Buckle though, but rest assured, a faster way to re-earn XP for the easier tasks!
  9. Got the trophy. I was making the mistake of reloading without saving!
  10. Come to think of it I killed the bear then reloaded. I will reload my save, kill the bear, then manual save and reload to see if it makes a difference. Thanks for the heads up! I gathered I may have been doing something wrong! Will let you know how it goes!
  11. 100%. I had my back towards the bear, bear attacked me, spammed O, and the R2 twice with a shotgun and bear dead.
  12. OK, So I applied the method in the OP, and I can confirm that the Bear spawns upon each reload. HOWEVER, when I killed the bear the first time using this method, my percentage on "Close to completion on R* social club" for this trophy moved up to 22%. I must have killed another 10 bears using the method but the completion remains 22%. Any ideas?
  13. Which chapter/mission is this?
  14. Quick question, do Legendary hunts count towards Zoologist and Skin Deep? I ask because the counter goes up once I complete a legendary hunt. (Just got the Legendary Moose!)
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