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  1. Happy Birthday Shad. ;)

  2. There will be a demo next week. World of Final Fantasy Demo Coming Next Week - IGN I have the CE preordered. This will determine if I can it.
  3. The last episode of the first season launches on Halloween and will be in Hokkaido, Japan. Hitman Season Finale Release Date Announced - IGN
  4. Battlefield games aren't exactly known for their long, compelling single player mode. That being said, surprised how straightforward the MP trophies will be...but DLC will probably be a lot worse.
  5. I usually don't use third party sellers on Amazon. If I do, I usually do those that are fulfilled by Amazon. That way, I'm protected easier if something goes wrong. That being said, when I haven't, things went fine for the most part.
  6. It was still at GameStop last I checked.
  7. Well, I felt bad for the poor guy when he played the Chiefs. Really, the coach should've pulled him after three or four instead of humiliating him more. And the Chiefs didn't make the most of it. Mostly what they did was keep the Jets from scoring.

  8. You have a QB that doesn't stink!



  9. Our QB didn't throw nine interceptions in two weeks! :francis:

  10. Dartrix looks like a douchebag, Brionne doesn't do its initial form much favors. Loving Torracat. Hopefully, as stated, its final form is a quadruped. I know the rumors show otherwise.
  11. Today, Sony announced that Gravity Rush 2 will be delayed to January 18 in Europe and January 20 in North America. To make up for it, they will be releasing the story DLC for free. Gravity Rush 2 Update – PlayStation.Blog
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