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  1. Thanatos, did you still give up? Don't give up man. I know first hand how frustrating this game is. Trust me, do the all characters run first (not low%). The game itself has a ton to offer and is so much fun that way. You'll get essential practice for each character and learn a good deal about how the game plays. I had a setback with low%ing for about a week. Felt like I got so much worse for no reason. Back at it again this week and man I'm getting fucking nervous since I am getting so close. A handful of recent Bolt clears. Finally, a few more Monk low% clears. I cleared Aria low% 3x in a row. Killed Return of the Necrodancer 16x in a row in practice and recently the clears have been consistent. One of my biggest obstacles was Eli. No matter what, I'd almost always die on King Konga (2 or 3), always fine for Konga 1 or 4. Thank god for Spooty's videos. His Eli Konga strat made the fight orders of magnitude easier for me and I then got another Eli clear right after. The only problem with are the somewhat uncommon "death seeds". If you get a death seed, you most likely have to restart. It's when an almost impossible assortment of enemies spawns (particularly zone 3). Had an Eli run earlier with a death seed. Zone 3-3, 4 horses (3 black and 1 yellow) only mere spaces away with a Minotaur directly below. Nothing could be done. Ugh, and if that happens on the 7th character in? That's so rough. Ugh, I'm getting so nervous man. It's almost time. Who knows how much longer this will take me, but I'm "ready" for the run. I do need more practice with Bolt and Monk, but it's close, real close. Just need to get lucky and get a good set of seeds together.
  2. Yeah, I know. This game is really that brutal. There is nothing special about being Asian though. The only difference between them and western players is the mentality. Asian players are diligent, accept that it will take awhile, and don't give up. 50 hours isn't enough practice, IMO. You're doing the hardest part of the game right off the bat (low%). It's going to be hard, real hard and with such a small margin of error it will look like you're not making any progress. If I were you, I would consider doing the all chars run first. It is wayyyy more fun and will help you learn the game without it being ridiculously stressful. I did the all chars run first, as did many other players. You can heal yourself, use shrines, use different weapons, etc. It's really fun and helps you learn all the enemies and bosses. I played Dove low% for like a week and died all the time. Slowly but surely, I passed it maybe 2x in a day. Then it was 5x, and now I can do it 5+ times if I play it for a day. Dude, I haven't even beaten Monk low% yet, lmao. I have been tired the past week due to lack of sleep, which really does affect things quite a bit. Zone 4 is where I die 90% of the time. It gets so cramped and congested. But you learn to 1) Always check the walls you dig. Oops, surprise gold. 2) Avoid stepping on coins. I haven't died in a long time due to that. You get better. But anyway, the low% run is unfair. I died on Aria (3rd character in) due to two unavoidable RNG gifts. There was a hidden goblin bomber on zone 3. Could not see it whatsoever (no torch, after all). All I did was jump into its space and boom. Wtf could I have done? Then zone 2-3 an orange armadillo comes out of nowhere, completely hidden behind all the other enemies until it hit me. Absolutely nothing I could have done. But everything starts to come together eventually and you have to count the small victories. Making it to zone 4 pretty consistently with Monk low%, awesome, small victory. Starting to get really good and comfortable with Eli, perfect. Can almost win every time with Bolt? Fuck yeah. And trust me, if you can do Monk low%, you will be able to do Cadence, Bard, and Aria. You knock out so many birds with 1 stone and then, sure, you have to deal with RNG, but for the most part you will be able to do them all. Only reason I suggested low% first is that it seems to make Coda easier due to all the practice you have to do with Bolt. Otherwise, it doesn't really matter what route you take. Again, do the all characters run first. You'll enjoy yourself way more and it will get you ready with the game. An alternative approach is that you unlock Coda first and practice Bolt low% and Coda together. I didn't practice Bolt at all when I unlocked Coda, and it was really a big mistake and made it take longer to do. Scratch that, just passed Monk low% for the first time, fucking finally. Then passed Eli, but died on Melody RIP. Made one wrong step on zone 4-3, unfortunate. Small victories. Hmm, that means I will probably end up putting Monk 2nd after Dove since I'm getting pretty comfortable with Bolt. Once those 4 hard characters are done...Oh man that pressure. It's doable. I can feel it, man. Once I get more clears with Monk and maybe a few extra practice with Aria, it's time to go for the full run.
  3. Death Metal is the least technical, I think. Always go for quick bomb kill as Bolt if Death Metal is zone 1 or zone 2. Makes the fight easier. Monk, enter door on left side and move up. Kill stuff from that column, left to right and work your way to the bottom right, one square above the bottom right corner. Just your shovel/miss beats to tap the wall on the right while you wait for the pawns to get promoted and then just kill them in a line. That leaves the bottom row with no gold and kill the king. This strategy pretty much works for all zone variants. Practice killing the tentacles with Bolt, that's the hardest part. Once you've done that, hit the rest of the tentacles in the way and stop moving. Wait for coral to be 2 squares away (javelin reach) and hit him in that direction. Hit the remaining tentacles. Then stop and wait for coral again, hit, stand there waiting for coral to arrive, hit, etc. Makes it way easier. King Konga is the most challenging. For zone 2, if the yellow armadillo is coming at you, you can sometimes hit it out of the way and then attack the conga line as in zone 1 (left right, left right, left right, etc). If you can't attack the conga line, move up toward the throne and take out the wizard guys (and parts of the conga line when applicable). On your last conga member from each line, it will turn red and be +1 step away from you. You can either lose the beat, hit, and then hit conga which works if it's the last conga there is, so you damage conga anyway. Or you can throw your dagger, which brings the red conga member right behind you and throw in his direction toward a wall. Pick up dagger and attack King Konga. Zone 3, I usually always go for the fire and ice things in the middle first, move up toward throne, and kill fire dog on the left. Attack parts of the conga line and try to kill the Yeti. Then same as zone 2. This is with Monk. With Bolt do the same, but attack the Konga line and forget about the Yeti. It brings you into the upper left corner and attack both lines as needed. Zone 4 is actually much easier. Kill the goblin bombers first. Start in the middle, wait for confusion to go away if the bombers are confused by jumping back and forth at the door (opened door, but do not enter). Kill the goblin on the left, then the one on the right. Sometimes you can hit them both fast, sometimes you have to kill the one on the right by taking a step to the left, then to the right after killing the first bomber. Then you can usually get hit the conga line, kill them all, then conga. In Konga 2 and 4 the enemies on the left and right will sometimes make it to you. Especially think about the wizards with monk, since they can spell you right into a gold pile. If they are getting too close, move up and away then kill them, then the remaining conga. Do the same in zone 4.
  4. You're not destined to fail. You will probably die about a hundred thousand times, though. That's all these games are. It's hard, but it gets easier. Not sure about headphones. I'm sure anything is ok. I did try the Playstation Gold Wireless Headset at one point. Seemed to work well, but I was already used to playing without them, so it only made things worse when I was playing Coda. I would recommend the keyboard. It really does make it insanely easier. I just tried Bolt on zone 4 and aside from my hand getting massively cramped, it was extremely difficult to keep the beat and move around. Don't do this to yourself. The difference in getting used to the controller might be a month or two and it might make something like Coda unnecessarily longer to complete. Then you have to do Bolt Low%, which is hard too and it takes a lot of practice just using the keyboard. Not much for beginner tips. Just play the game and get used to it first. There are more advanced strategies for bosses, but they're "advanced" because you should try it out on your own for awhile for the strategy to make sense. As for your zone stairs question on the community board: Zone 1 stairs = always directly below-ish you or to the right or upper right corner. Zone 2 stairs = you can usually dig from your starting point to the right or above you if you're in a corner. If not in a corner, dig left or right. Then move up or down once you have dug into another area. You usually find the stairs rapidly that way. Zone 3 stairs = It's really hit or miss here. I still don't have a good strategy for finding them quickly. There's no immediate intuition here as far as I can tell. The only thing is if you get swarmed by 3+ enemies it usually means that the floor is small and the stairs are very close to you. Zone 4 stairs = always diagonal from your starting position. I have more tips for you when you are ready, young padawon (all chars run, low%, coda, etc). Best beginner tip though is to practice the bosses. Really make sure you know how to kill them. For all characters with a dagger, the strategy will be pretty much the same. Melody, it's basically the same too. Eli is very different, though.
  5. Well if you're interested, I could sell you my mechanical keyboard and Xim4 together for like $100 ($210 total, new). Probably would be less for you if you're on the Euro. I don't think I would need it after completing this game. I'm hoping that I can finish Lowest of the Low by the end of the month, but who knows how that will go. I've been making decent progress lately, but still have a ways to go with some characters. It's probably possible to do it with a controller, but just to give you an idea of the difference, I struggled with Bolt on the controller for some time missing beats everywhere. The day I got a keyboard, I barely missed a beat. I imagine it is a rather large quality of life improvement. Thanks! I feel like Coda was easier on PC. You can adjust the screen resolution. On the PS4, everything is zoomed in and sometimes you can't see enemies coming around the corner. Died a handful of times due to that. Coda is probably the least fun part of this game, at least for me. With Lowest of the Low, although challenging, most of it is 1x speed and for some characters you can just take your time and enjoy the game.
  6. Myself and several others strongly recommend using a keyboard. The problem with the controller is that you have to hit double beats for Bolt and Coda, which is awkward with the directional pad and probably very unbalanced if you try to switch the controls to the right side of the controller. Remember that you can't miss a beat or pick up gold with Coda, which means you will be moving around a lot to avoid stuff. The amplified DLC is still in Beta on PC. No word on whether it will come to the PS4. Beating Coda is more difficult on amplified because they took the ring of phasing out (allows you to move through walls) and it has an extra zone. Good luck, it's a long journey to this platinum.
  7. Necrodancer is the hardest plat, coming from someone who obtained the plat for Super Meat Boy. Impossible Boy took about a weekend to achieve. Completing my first Coda run took months of practice. Unfortunately, I did the Coda run on Steam, since I have to buy another keyboard for the PS4. But hey, I did it (see video link of my run below). Necrodancer is not, "oh, only a few people picked it up and they just decided to drop it after trying it for a few hours." The game is objectively very difficult. Just to unlock Coda, you need to complete the all characters run, which requires you to complete 9 different characters back to back. If you die on one of those runs, you have to start over again. And trust me, you have to master most of the characters to complete a successful run. Aria, for example, dies if you miss a beat. While Aria is not as difficult as Coda at all, it still is challenging enough that you would want to start the run off with her, for RNG considerations (something random could easily make you miss a beat, even for seasoned players). I cannot emphasis enough how hard completing Coda was. It wasn't something I could appreciate until I got into it. It is bash your head against the wall difficult. It's not even a "time consuming" trophy to earn. The run can be completed in 10-15 minutes. Wow, a 10 minute trophy! But my God, the effort required to make it through that 10 minutes flawlessly is something I'll never forget. And I have to do it again for the PS4 trophy! Fortunately, it's not so bad playing as Coda once you've done it once. Once I hit zone 4 a few times, it was about a week to finish the run completely. Coda run. Sorry, no sound. Broadcasting/simultaneous sound grabbing isn't well supported with Mac without it being a huge pain in the ass.
  8. It's still an awesome game. If you're not concerned about your completion rate, I'd pick it up. Great gameplay and music. Most of the trophies are a fun and reasonable challenge. I think Aria is just the right amount of difficulty. Aria low% and beyond is where it gets very difficult. The final two trophies are much harder than anything Super Meat Boy will throw at you. I've made it to Zone 2-3 with Coda, and you improve every day. It took the first guy who completed Coda, Spooty, 2 months of practice everyday to finish a run. 12 people in the world have completed Coda, even less have completed the low% all chars run, which is for some took 2x as long as beating Coda.
  9. I think some people are being a bit dramatic about the difficulty of the game. This game is really grindy, but not challenging. I've been playing for maybe 15 hours the past weekend and I already have most of the trophies. Getting 100 kills for each ship is very easy in 10v10. You rack up tons of kills. I got 10 decisive wins within that time frame too. But yeah, you're definitely at the mercy of who is on your team which has been a frustrating experience for me. I've had 3 contract ships spawn and they've all been fully teamed and overpowered so we got completely destroyed all three times. Can people join your contract game? I sat in the lobby for awhile and no one joined. That would be frustrating if I had to find people to join and then return the favor by doing their contracts too. I didn't notice an option to join someone else's contract, so I guess it's not joinable aside from invite only. Fucking dumb bullshit.
  10. This game is actually way easier than I previously thought. Someone found an exploit with the Bullet character. You can basically slice through everything very fast (hit both reload buttons somewhat simultaneously), clearing rooms in a matter of seconds. No contact damage, and the sword swipes through all bullets. This game is a 6/10.
  11. Game is a hard 7, soft 8. I vote 7 because the Clone item makes it way too easy to get Lead God. Clone item can also be used to rack up tons of health (from getting lead god) and more weapons, making the 6th dungeon a cake walk.
  12. Just have Coda and Lowest of the Low left. This game is 100+ hour investment and how much longer it takes will depend highly on skill. I don't think it's possible to do in less than 100 hours because of the large commitment it takes to learn all the characters and then complete a run with Coda. There's a website that logs some steam achievements, but you have to sign up for it to count. For the players that earned 100% on this game, the average time to 100% was 750 hours. The trophies in this game are extremely difficult.
  13. Yeah, you can't do that. What I found was that the moment you see your character splat is when the game registers that you died. You can pause and go back to the level selection part though if you're about to die. As long as you've paused the game and even if it looks like an insane close call, you're not dead as long as you see your character.
  14. Thought I should update that using three unique green bat seeds does not work. What a shame. I ended up finding another green bat, though, so I'm at 2. Some players have gotten all three super early, so it seems like it will just happen eventually. Yeah...after playing with Bolt for awhile, this game is clearly meant to be played on a keyboard. Not that it's hard to do on a controller, but man, I'm not attempting a Coda run on a Dual shock. I can do Aria runs semi-consistently now, so hopefully I can get that all characters run out of the way soon to start the real meat of this game. I ended up buying a mechanical keyboard and a XIM4 just for completing this game, lol. Using the keyboard is insanely easier with Bolt but requires some new muscle memory.
  15. Not sure why I can't vote, but as far as games go this is a 10/10. I've done most of the trophies and now moving on to Aria, low% runs, all char runs, and Coda. Those trophies are what makes this game punishingly difficult. Coda itself is going to take a lot of practice since you can't miss a single beat with double beat and monk mode (can't pick up gold). The low% runs are also challenging because you can't pick up items and have to do 9 runs in total, one after another. Fortunately you can pick the order for which characters go first, and Aria and Monk are probably the hardest characters to complete the game with in that way. But one wrong move on a low% run and you're toast.
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