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  1. happy holidays Gage, cheers

  2. No love for bread anymore? 😱

    1. Pokkit_


      My love moved on from bread to pockets now 🤣.


      Hope you're doing well and all!

  3. Unfollowing your favoritist Super Mod smh.
  4. Hey ugly

    1. Pokkit_


      Hello, my most favorite Texan

  5. Yeah man. Hopefully things change for the better soon lol. Not as much time to game as before, but I would say so!

  6. What are great # message. We can do it Bread. You joined the same year that I did. Amazing run we have had. Are you still gaming strong?

  7. How's you?!?!

  8. Breadcrumbbb

  9. Have a nice summer breadskin

  10. Thank you! I was keeping an eye out for pm's but didn't realize you send me a vm.:whistle:

  11. Hi there, I just sent you a pm but I see nothing in my sent messages box. Could you sent me a vm back if you didn't receive anything?

    Thank you.

  12. Cheers T! Happy New Year!

  13. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :). Also, a happy belated birthday :o.

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