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  1. Edit: Unfortunately, I will have to withdraw from this event. I have family coming into town and won't have the time to commit.
  2. Damn. I wouldn't say I was friends with kfree per say, but I had several private conversations with him as we had one thing common: age. It was nice conversing with an older gamer in here and that will be missed. Throughout my time here kfree emphasized the importance of always being kind...almost to a fault. I believe he alluded several times to the thoughts of "life is short" or "tomorrow isn't promised". I can be very cold and curt with my messaging here and in conversations IRL, as that is just my personality and it most certainly conflicts with kfree's personality. I questioned his relentless charity. It just didn't make sense to me...but perhaps now is time for some real self-reflection.
  3. Enjoyed this one...great theater experience. I give it an Entertaining AF out of 10.
  4. That's good to hear! Will try to check it out in a few days. Heist (2001): 4/10 Das Boot (1981): 9/10. Finally got around to checking this off my IMDb Watchlist. Watched the Director's Cut...3 hours long 😫, but worth. Epic movie.
  5. To be fair, it's hard to say that it's the worst CGI in the industry as what are we comparing it to? They have had movies where it's the best I have seen, then there's this trailer like this where many parts look like a cutscene in a PS2 game. If anything, I would say it is inconsistent. I just assume that is due to some form of cost analysis involved in which there movies/shows they want to invest good CGI in, and others not so much. What baffles me, is why they just didn't do a body double? Gwendoline Christie for example is 6' 3"...not exactly She-Hulk's listed height but close enough to display that she's tall. I'm not going to watch it anyways as I finished my free Disney + trial, so I guess it doesn't make a difference anyways.
  6. Thief (1981) 7/10. Not as good as I expected...even being a Michael Mann nut. A League of Their Own (1992) 8/10. Better than expected. Taxi Driver (1976) 10/10. Just as expected. Can't believe it's taken me this long to see it. Still sinking in, but a legendary film for sure.
  7. Call me crazy, but I feel like that's the goal that Sony wants to employ on PS3 and Vita users. I loaded a few new PS3 games a few days ago and couldn't believe how barren and off-putting the PSN store was. I knew about the new feature, or lack thereof, of having to load funds into the wallet but there's no discounted games anymore. There's games and DLC nearly 10 years old with inflated prices like they are trying to get people not to buy games. As if they want to prove that nobody is buying games to justify closing the store. They give you two options, but only the QR code method worked for me. There also seemed to be glitch on PSNProfiles and PSNTrophyLeaders not showing my trophies I earned today...not sure if it's related.
  8. I give Dr. Strange in the McGuffins of Madness a generous 5 out of 10. I was really looking forward to this one, avoided the trailers, and was let down. This was WB level of writing and the pacing was god awful. This is the last MCU movie I'm wasting my money on. I think I'll watch Winter Soldier for the umpteen time if I'm in the mood to watch another Marvel movie. You dodged a bullet. That scene was the apex of how contrived the writing was in this film.
  9. Giving BioShock a try. Seeing how good this apparent "classic" is 😋 - enjoying it at the moment.
  10. I have Yellowstone and Succession over BCS, but have no issue with this statement. In fact, probably an even more contraversial take I have: I think it's a better show than Breaking Bad. Despite being a masterpiece, I have never gone back to that show as it was too bleak and depressing where as BCS has a greater balance of entertaining and tension. As well, the character development of Jimmy and Mike have been amazing.
  11. It's been awhile, either due to fact I don't play too many new games anymore or the lack of ones I consider worthy of my time. Although there's been a few awe moments in Elden Ring, like making it through Stormveil Castle the first time...I would say my first playthtough of God of War (2016) with no spoilers. In particular, the scenes when Kratos was haunted by Athena or Freya disappearing when entering Alfheim.
  12. Glad you're enjoying it...wish more people here would play it, but perhaps it's too niche for many. I'm closing in around 530 hours or so. Mostly due to work, school and house chores my gaming time is limited so StS is excellent to play when you only have a couple of hours to spare. Congrats on the two Heart wins. I'm still working on trying to do it each with character at A20...only Defect and Watcher to go.
  13. Probably the only games that I can think of, are the indie games (e.g., Enter the Breach, FTL) or early access games that the PC has.
  14. Wow, you never played Max Payne 3? It's a gamer's game IMO...definitely should check it out, especially since you are not going for platinum.
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