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  1. Need boosting partners for the 3 KOTH trophies. PSN ID: Exalted-Olympus HMU
  2. Gave it a 2/10. It's really not that hard at all. Finishing the story is easy, and the most time-consuming trophies are for getting collectibles, and accumulating enough money to buy all the cars/clothing needed for the respective trophies.
  3. Finished at 24 and a half hours of playtime. Had platted the first so had a general idea what i was doing. If you didn't have previous experience i can definitely see it being a bit longer.
  4. Looking for someone to help with the "One of the Gang" trophy. It is the last trophy i need for the platinum. 1. Exalted-Olympus 2. One of the Gang 3. Located in Melbourne, Australia. Am available for the rest of the night (24/11) to attempt this trophy. Thanks.
  5. I don't understand how i could be doing this trophy incorrectly but i feel like i've tried almost everything and the trophy is not unlocking for me. Has anyone else had a similar experience? If so what was the solution? Thanks in advance.
  6. Looking to do the 3 hours of co-op. Have done everything else in the game, so looking for someone to just sit idle with for the duration of the session. PSN Id: Exalted-Olympus
  7. Took me about 17 hours to platinum the game. Only did one playthrough and followed a guide to get all of the collectibles in one hit. Only had to grind one rune and two weapon mods and then the online and SnapMap trophies were so simple to do. Quite a quick and easy platinum.
  8. Game is pretty damn easy. Because the trophies allow you to play on the easiest difficulty from the get-go there's no real difficulty here. Ultra-Nightmare on the first chapter can be annoying but it's only 10-15 minutes long at best so it shouldn't give you any troubles.
  9. I voted a 2. No hard trophies in the game whatsoever. A bit of grinding required to catch 10 mice and to collect 200 photos but other than that it was simple and straightforward.
  10. I voted a 2 for this one. I was leaning towards a 3 but the only thing that provided any difficulty for myself was the drifting races in the Special Events but once you go through it a few times and develop a sound strategy, or just use the exploit, it really isn't difficult at all. Straightforward and you only have to backtrack for the coins. Too easy.
  11. EDIT: I fucked up and wasn't paying attention. Pls don't worry.
  12. I voted 51-75. I personally had 71 hours of time played, but that wasn't including the grinding of the miscellaneous objectives as that was on another save file but i would still say that it's a 70+ hour platinum. Obviously if you don't make another save file at the right time and aren't aware of missable trophies, or are unable to get a settlement's happiness to 100 this time would grow, but other than that you should be fine.
  13. Yeah i decided to reset the outposts and clear the Very Hard ones to get some decent return on XP. Got collectibles that were near me but didn't go out of my way and managed to get the Platinum.
  14. The last trophy i have to acquire for this game is for learning all the skills in the game and i still have around 25 to earn. A method that seems obviously effective is to complete the 'Help Wenja' etc. missions around the map as they give you 1 skill point as well as a fair helping of XP as a reward, however i was just wondering if anyone has found any other methods that are quick and easy for acquiring XP and/or skill points. Thanks.
  15. I gave this a 4 because I really didn't have too much trouble with this game. Maybe if you were new to the genre understanding some of the mechanics may be difficult but it shouldn't take too long to acclimate. Yes, going for SS ranks might be annoying but using the headshot exploit seems a completely fair way to go about it considering that the scoring system doesn't make a whole lot of sense to begin with.
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