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  1. Looking for both friendly trophies. Online for next 12 hrs. Psn: jedijon77
  2. Looking for a pro club for clubbin, as well as friends to the end and still bros. Psn: jedi_jon77 Time zone: gmt
  3. Jedi_jon77 Looking for a pro club to get "clubbin"; also need friends to the end and double trouble. Weekends and evenings, gmt. Add me with FIFA 15 in message. Cheers
  4. @suporex that sounds about right for a base score; make sure you also complete all of the wolf pack challengesv(complete each map, complete with characters) and also use the different abilities and ranged weapons. This can provide some nice bonuses.
  5. First completion of each mission gets the unlock (be it treasure map, collectible, new location). You can continue to replay for extra money.
  6. First, you need to be connected to uni soft server. Then you need to find a chest, a royal convoy and a whale - it will pop up in the bottom right hand corner if you do; they will also be highlighted in blue on the map instead of white to show they are the social ones. If you pause, on the right hand side you also have a Liston activities and they will be here. I general just sailing around and exploring islands should trigger all of these.
  7. All but one of the diving locations has a chest which contains an upgrade plan for the jackdaw. So all you have to do is loot the chest and you will have the plans for the upgrade.
  8. I also had this message a couple of times; but it seemed to happen in games where I had to walk away for a minute and so my character was idle, so I put in down to this.
  9. Unless its a crate dropped from a ship you've sunk it's always going to be 5 or less of an item.
  10. I possibly phrased that poorly; maybe perk or ability would have been a better way of phrasing it. I actually like that you get it after in terms of the game; however, it would have been very useful before.... For me, I upgraded ship, defeated legendary then used the ram to farm the rest of the money I needed to finish the hideout upgrades and the final silly upgrades on ship so i at least got a chance to use it.
  11. Actually I think This is the upgrade you get four defeating the legendary ships. It's basically the ramming ability the ship in the NW has. It makes mincemeat out of ships.
  12. The most I found in a ship was 180 in frigates. Once you're more upgraded you'll destroy ships faster, and it won't be as daunting as it seems.
  13. IM not sure which mission it is; I just went through them all systematically and eventually it unlocked; it was on the third or 4th trading route I think. The fastest way to unlock this is to board lots of ships and send them all all to ken ways fleet. Keep the best ships, scuttle the rest for 'dipamonds' which you can then use to increase the number of ships you canapé in the fleet. With a couple of man O wars and the rest frigates you will breeze through all the fights and then just send one ship to every mission. If you do it like I suggest the actual time spent doing th emini game will not be much but you have the time to capture the ships which obviously depends on the strength of the jackdaw. Use the fire barrels sparingly; they are dropped as loot from some fights; possibly involving the gunboat, but you need to be patient and not blow through them as they are not as plentiful as you would like. Hope this helps.
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