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  1. I voted 5. This game is not hard at all. Only problem like everyone said grinding. But luckily there is many people still boosting.
  2. thanks to SOMEBIRD help me to get fly the coop trophy
  3. i voted 7. i like to game mainly easy but two cars gave me problem buggy and supercar. without them probably my vote is 5.
  4. i need help for wall brawl trophie thanks. I got it thanks to nota1709
  5. I gave 8. Normally game was not so much hard but double down trophy is a really pain in the a...
  6. This is a most stupid trophy i ever seen. There is nothing about skill only about luck and this game Ai playing with me. I'm trying at least 5 hours and 3 times i got 3 double kill and i never get 4th opportunity because enemy's never get close to each other anymore. when i have 1 or 2 double kills they lined up again. i'm gonna keep try it but i have no hope. this is second failure for me on vita after little deviance challenge trophy. Yes finally i got it. after 8 hours suffering i just got it when i were waiting on the line at train station.
  7. its glitched. Ok its not glitched. I just got it.
  8. Thanks Dangles i just got the trophies please remove me from the list. Thanks everyone but specially Ogihci1. Sorry KenjiNSK i didnt ignore anyone i just didnt realize your mail. Im going to download following people on the list, you dont need to download my stuff wanderingwaste olsen77 Crazymanwalking1 Duke_of_Plaid RPGHope18 dominiumundi williebrillie666
  9. i rated 3. only tree ninja give me pain to find correct place grinding.
  10. I gave it 4. Because needle point gave me hard time to complete. It was fun game anyway
  11. Thanks StGermain and everyone i got trophy
  12. Please add me Psn Id: buldo76 My level is:h4h By buldo76 - LBP.me /h4h
  13. i gave 4 with guide. without guide maybe 7.
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