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  1. Oh bloody hell haha. Ahem... Wasn't*
  2. This event made me finally go back to the Vita. As long as I can earn a trophy in the morning when I wake up/get to work, should be good for awhile. Until I run out of Vita games with easily accessible trophies. UTC Midnight is at 4 PM my time so as long as I earn one after work before I go to bed, should be ok with UTC and local streak. There are a handful of days that will be touchy because there are concerts I wish to go to this year and those will take all priorities on those day (I mean c'mon, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, AND Flogging Molly in one year? yes please!). We shall seeeeeee
  3. 51-100 is in post #2 =p EDIT: I also don't mind extending that past 100 as again, the intention was to discourage folks.
  4. I feel like the small minority who naively believes that this isn't as bad as it sounds. I can't see them making everything exclusive, or even most things. Some things, probably, as expected, but I don't see it going as south as it might look at first glance for Sony. Phil Spencer... who I've just realized has an ironic set of initials... mostly said this was to give the employees a better work environment/better HR system, the titles are just a bonus, but I honestly don't think it was a "let's make everything xbox exclusive foreverrrrrrrrrrrrr" kind of thing.
  5. PM sent, you've been busy sir lol
  6. Got it =] We'll get you added on the list for the next round of awards ^-^
  7. It started about 5 hours ago, but participants will need to coordinate with each other for host/party. Apologies I was not awake to kick it off. It was 4 AM for me and I was up until 3 kicking barrels ><
  8. Oh my heart... I'm terribly sorry for your loss. HG was such a gem, an absolute gem. Would love to get a list of Vita games together for you, especially in his honor. I'm at a loss for words outside of that. Again, I'm truly sorry. ❤️💜❤️
  9. I've never been more happy that we can't change our user titles lol
  10. Yeah, not sure why it didn't autosync. Unless that's another thing they just killed on it. But we good. POWGI is still carrying ya girl to the finish, lol.
  11. This is the most wholesome thing I've seen in awhile. More posts like this. Almost missed yesterday because I was being lazy aka finally watching Squid Game and got distracted. POWGI is really going to be a savior with this event, lol.
  12. I saw I just haven't processed anything lol. As for the DLC every few years, don't get your hopes up is all I'm saying. Imagine how pissed Sellers would be today if Minecraft got new DLC long after it did it's time. If you had no intention on playing those games, then you had no intention on completing the list, but if you want the award, you'll make the exceptions necessary to do so. We would prefer new lists over constant DLCs because it adds variety into the mix outside of favors to those who are so close yet... so far.
  13. I had forgotten how clean the Trophy Tribute awards looked. Love seeing them again.
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