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  1. Looking to boost the be my guest 🏆 hit me up doctorlollypop ps5 na eastern -500
  2. Looking to boost fifa pro club trophies (cup and season wins) for ps5 Psn doctorlollypop eastern timeZone gmt -5
  3. I’m looking to get the club season trophy done add me DoctorLollypop
  4. Looking to do Rookie Complete and win your first Pro Club Seasons league match hit me up PSN DoctorLollypop
  5. Hi guys i'm looking for both the friend/foe rings and pure bladestone so i can plat this game. if anyone can help me out with those i'd really appreciate it. i have pretty much everything else so if you need something i'd be happy to give it you as well. Send me a f/r or message on PSN: Doctorlollypop Im on the US/NA Server and am at SL 128.
  6. i played dark souls on 360 and i really liked it. How does Demon Souls stack up game play wise with dark souls, and is it easier/harder or about the same as dark souls
  7. How did you Play Old School Before Hard? You have to beat the game on Hard to unlock Old school and Hardcore
  8. i've been pretty busy the past couple of months and i was just wondering if the DLC has ever been on sale? or would i just be worth it to wait until i can pick up GOTY edition for 15 bucks
  9. Ive Just been playing with the planet cracker plasma cutter, but idk it feels dumbed down compared to what the plasma cutter used to be in DS1/DS2. i haven't even bothered making a 2nd gun yet because this new weapon crafting thing is stupid and i dont want to end up wasting resources for a p.o.s gun. So can anyone tell me whats the two best guns to build/have while playing?
  10. Thank you i know these are important tips because your yelling them to us!!!!!!
  11. title update = game patch (or in this case the free on disc dlc) basically when you put the game in (i'm guessing this tuesday?) it'll force you to update the game if you want to play it online. and this update should add the new "no hope left" difficulty and co-op for ada's campaign. as for the other DLC with the new game modes its gonna be awhile because Xbox360 gets it first exclusively and then probably a few weeks later it'll pop up on psn
  12. yea i had the same problem then someone in a text chat suggested that i should turn it off and boom i got all these games
  13. if your looking for eliminations/objectives/plunders legit just make sure your DLC is off especially saturday mornings u find games within 5 minutes
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