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    Nothing much about me. But I do get stressed and angry when I can't figure something out
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    New York, USA
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    Trophies, Writing,Construction, Vintage Automobiles, Weather , Ancient Items
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    Library Assistant

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    The Sims 4
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    Uncharted The Lost Legacy
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    200 platinums by 2020

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  1. Seems to be with the NA Vita Version as well. I followed the guide but it hasn’t appeared yet and I’m on Chapter 13
  2. If I add the ghost back to the household and the two Sims were previously married, is that marriage still there or is it still gone? The relationship panel still says that my two Sims are soulmates
  3. Little issue here. Currently I'm playing a household with eight Sims attempting to get both the Ghost Family and Black Widow trophies as well as trying to max out some skills. However, my Sims simply don't want to do any work! Their energy needs are always so low that a lot of time is wasted on sleeping when they could be doing other tasks. I've tried jolting them with coffee but it doesn't seem to be working. Any tips to keep my Sims mostly out of the Very Uncomfortable or Very Tense mood states so I can at least work towards their relationships?
  4. I gave it a 2 because of the exploits and save tricks. Without that? It would be a 8 or 9.
  5. 3/10. There's a good amount of grinding involved but it's relatively easy to beat.
  6. Solid 1/10. Far to easy but then again, it can't be played again
  7. While it took me almost 4 years to get the platinum, it was because I didn't have a camera for that one trophy. I got all the other trophies in just a few days so really it was about 25-30 hours for me.
  8. Took me around 40 hours to complete. Most of the time was spent collecting all of those feathers
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  11. 1/10. I would like to rate it lower but just wow. I compeleted this game today in a matter of 4.5 hours. I had no problems and it was a straight forward easy game. Just a point and click story is what it is. If you are looking for an easy game to platnium. THIS IS YOUR GAME! Competling the story gets you the platinum
  12. Orginally I wanted my username to HeavensGate, but since that got taken I had to think. I wanted to use Heaven because that's what I sort of feel the my personality is, "Heavenly " . With the Lightfire, I thought of a burning fireplace which resembles my emotions and torment I went through in life. Yea my ID has a morbid but unique background to it
  13. I despise this list. But on the other hand, its a unique idea and MAYBE they could put the bronze trophies in considering those would be fairly easy to get. Just my opinion.
  14. Sometimes I think about it, but overall I don't pay attention ot it. I focus more on how much trophies I collect
  15. Uncharted 2: Among Theives inFamous 2 Soul Calibur V
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