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  1. There's an explicit in-game prompt. You can still reload the save and continue mop-up on the same save after beating the game, though - there's no need for a 'backup' save.
  2. You've likely worked this out by now, but for others who might be reading - using the gold bolt 'cheats' does not prevent trophies from being earned.
  3. This is the game's one missable trophy - you may need to start a new game.
  4. There's nothing that any developer will be able to do about trophy unlocks on an individual level.
  5. I'm yet to find a clear explanation of exactly how 'unlock points' are earned - similar to you, I'd like to see one! However, in terms of the difficulty, what it's getting at is that, if you were to ignore the effect of upgrades, the "+" difficulty will be harder than standard - greater enemy health and awareness, etc.
  6. I missed one, in "The Plan". Have you seen the comments at the link? Six other people there confirm the same. Edit: okay, I've just replayed each relevant chapter, winning each card game for a third time and the trophy popped in "Providence". So, it's not necessary to start a new game, but the trophy is definitely glitchy.
  7. Thanks for the guide. A quick point re All-in - it's missable as chapter select will not work for the trophy; it has to be done in a single run. This is from my own experience and you'll see confirmation in several comments here: https://www.trueachievements.com/a263501/allin-achievement Edit: okay, I've just replayed each relevant chapter and won each card game for a third time and the trophy popped. So, it's not necessary to start a new game, but the trophy is definitely glitchy.
  8. A quick snippet of info re Dressed to the Nines, which I don't think that I've seen mentioned earlier - the game credits you for Tifa's dress (and potentially grants the trophy, if hers is the last that you need) when you first see her in chapter 9, rather than the sequence at the end of the chapter.
  9. A 'missable' trophy generally means one that you can fail the conditions for within the context of a single playthrough. Starting a new playthrough is pretty much always there as an option - in any game - for any that are missed.
  10. Personal opinion of course, but I'd say that you're significantly understating the difficulty for both elements, based both on my own experience and the general consensus of the online communities that I've involved in. The game has a fair few challenging sequences, and if you don't use a guide a lot of the secrets can be very tricky to find. The final stage presents a *very* steep increase in difficulty level, given the complete absence of any form of checkpointing throughout a stage that as you say, takes around half an hour for a single complete attempt.
  11. Of course it saves. However, you need to complete the first sequence fully before saving becomes available.
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