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  1. are you talking about the first Neochu with the three minions in titan's trials? Mark mission "can't we all get along?" has you fight another Neochu, it has 5 Picochus constantly that he'll keep respawning, you wouldn't think two more minions would make a big difference... wasted two hours of trying to kill him today for the growth egg, without using death and trying to instant stagger chain. I had neochu staggered TWICE in one round, and he still lived, obviously once he used pollen and screech that was it... then I said **** it and used the death strategy here's what I did (i'm NOWHERE near full crystarium, mines like 5,5,5,2,2,2) Vanille (leader of course): Belladonna wand (of course) Tetradic Tiara (auto-tetradefense: vigilance at start of battle, increases success of DEATH) Sprint shoes (auto-haste) the other accessories two gave me ATB speed +10% Snow: he wasn't "attacking" so I gave a random weapon platinum bangles in every slot for +2000 HP he makes a REALLY good sentinel-only character, the highest HP of everyone Hope: forgot which weapon, it had the highest magic stat weapon and was at "Star" level Adamant bangle for +800 HP three platinum bangles for +1500 HP my paradigm deck: Vanille, Snow, Hope SAB SEN SYN SAB SEN MED SEN SEN SEN RAV SEN COM RAV SEN RAV used fortisol and aegisol before battle to have everyone buffed. started with SAB+SEN+MED and kept spamming Death with vanille while hope heals Snow who was the only one getting hit by minions when screech appears on screen I IMMEDIATELY switch to SEN+SEN+SEN, then SAB+SEN+MED continued spamming Death till I either Killed Neochu or Died, if you Die try again (took me 10 tries back to back) if Neochu DIES from death, use Delta attack and mystic tower back to back on the remaining minions, these little ****s can still kill vanille or hope so keep Snow alive with combat clinic that's the same strategy I used for Gigantaur and Adamantoise
  2. the target is based your equipment and it's levels the higher level and rank equipment you have, the smaller the target time. I'm no expert on the subject, try using weaker (or lower level) weapons. 12 seconds is indeed INSANE...
  3. The "kill a ton hint hint" one? Basically you make "tall" zombies by combining fire and sonic effects on one zombie, I think throwing in electricity and radiation may help. Best spot to do this is in surburbia, that police car left if the east exit and right of the electric line. Blast away with a FIRE weapon. I got it after about 50 kills, 2000 is ridiculous.
  4. It's an okay game for like a day, but its get annoying after, max level is 15 which you'll get in a day also. There is NO ONLINE CO-OP AT ALL ONLY LOCAL 4P I personally say don't buy it save your money for better games...
  5. Totally sucks on the lack of online play, game gets quite dull alone.
  6. There's no Jill... It's Jim, typo on list, you find JIM in the park
  7. Yeah there's no jill, its Jim I found Jim in the park just now Also note to anyone who hasn't noticed sometimes you need to make more than one trip to a map. Some dev cards show up when you come back later.
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