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  1. Just need the revive trophy if anybody wants to help as I can’t be bothered to make an alt account. psn boyblunder2009 thankyou
  2. Still need carpool trophy, it’s the only trophy I need for platinum…. Just can’t get this one done for some reason. Any help from experts would be immensely appreciated or if you just need to do it. PSN Boyblunder2009 thanks
  3. Lol great, I’ve grinded 6m in the last 3 days. Oh well, hopefully I can buy the remainder of the legendaries, pop the plat and say bye bye.
  4. Still looking for the stupid harvester Car Pool trophy. *Edit: managed to get time well spent in around 15 mins by remapping the kick button to R1* Psn Boyblunder2009 I do play on ps5 but I think it’s cross play anyway
  5. Also looking to boost these trophies if possible and maybe have a go at the stupid barrel ones too. Boyblunder2009
  6. Ok so as of today, you can now get this trophy. Only took a month lol thankfully I got it first try so the platinum is mine for another year
  7. Co-op matchmaking in FUT friendlies is currently disabled at the moment by EA so the platinum is impossible to obtain right now.
  8. Looking to boost all 4 player required trophies on ps5. I have 2 controllers so could technically be done with 1 other with 2 controllers also. But if others want to group in that’s cool too. PSN boyblunder2009
  9. Party patrol, however you can still get squad wipes in the new game mode Sat-Nav or whatever it’s called. I finally managed to achieve this platinum and found party patrol trophy more infuriating than the rest of the trophy list put together. It’s based purely on luck and definitely isn’t obtained through “natural play”
  10. Wow, they’ve actually removed dirty bomb from the game modes. It is now literally impossible to obtain the platinum. another franchise that I’ll never purchase again in my life 🙂
  11. The huge robot dude forgot his name already and the final boss can be annoying if like me you don’t have enough heal sprays.
  12. So you got 10 squad wipe medals playing just dirty bomb naturally? Absolute nonsense.
  13. Also looking to boost human lover trophy on ps5. psn boyblunder2009 region EU thanks
  14. A couple of the bosses are extremely cheap in shadow difficulty, other than that not too bad for the campaign. mercenaries however is a horrible game mode. I finally popped the plat after several days of practicing, it sucked any enjoyment I had left for the game with how cheap the harder levels are. Screw the light saver, I got the plat and I’m out. I Grade this a 7.5/10
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