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  1. Definitely turned off Multiplayer for now. I did try only getting out of Cross-Play at first and it is almost as if we are just playing offline with the lack of Playstation players in this setting. It would seem that only PS players who has enabled the Playstation-only mode get paired with each other. PS players with Cross-Play enabled will not appear in a Playstation only lobby and it is almost deserted - only came accross one player the whole time I was on. The only reason why I am still somewhat insistent to be on multiplayer (despite the apparent bug) is to share Somnal Dust with other players to help speed up Polo's Community reasearch mission. Everything is fine when playing solo and offline but as soon as we switch on multiplayer and enable cross-play, the game immediately freezes... at least on my end. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - EDIT: Just completed Expedition 7 playing offline and it seems that the PS4 is also less noisier when playing NMS this way. Still having that high pitch whistling fan but it is less of something that almost resembles a timed-bomb that is about to go off. I am now truly convinced that No Man's Sky is best played on new gen consoles, though I cannot help but wonder how this game performs on the Nintendo Switch when it already has enough trouble running on a GTX 16 Series GPU, the PC equivalent of the Switch.
  2. It has happened to me thrice already and I initially thought it was just a fluke. But when a PC player sends us an INVITE to join their group and we DECLINE, our character (not the game) will freeze and we cannot press any botton to move or do anything. Only option is the to close the game. Is this just a lesser variant from that bug that lets other players kill our character? It is so freaking annoying having to restart when we are busy doing something in the Anomaly. I think this is a deliberate trolling attack as I kept declining the invite and these griefers insist on inviting me to join when I am clearly not interested - then the character freeze. I am definitely disabling crossplay from now on...
  3. Expedition 7: Levaiathan There is only 3 days left before Expedition 7 ends but it still is possible to finish it in time if we start NOW. This is a Pemadeath expedition with the usual one-death-we-reset mode and also with a very limited-sized inventory. One of the good bits though is that we start with a FREE Freighter so inventory management should not really be a problem. The best reward in my opinion are the full set of glyphs which will be awarded upon completion of the - To Crave The Stars milestone in Iteration Two (Phase 2). It is very easy to get by just locating an NPC grave right after reaching Anchor Point 2 (Rendezvous 2). Since this is a permadeath save, gaining the glyphs would mean the trophies Take A Deep Breath and To Live Forever are now easier to obtain. Just teleport to any of the known taxi-service coordinates like the one HERE. There will be no need to grind for anything since this expedition provides everything we need in the game and that includes a very good S-Class Solar Starship! There has also been a BIG change in way the Suspicious upgrades work - ALL are now better than the S-Class module upgrades, so expect to end up having a very over-powered starship when upgraded to max. All these combined with the Freighter had made the expedition much more manageable, despite being said to be the hardest of all the expeditions so far. So double time folks!
  4. I think we have forgotten a possible solution to keep mind readers at bay. Magneto's helmet! It is so efficient that even the world's most powerful telepaths - Charles Xavier and Jean Grey could not get through Erik Lehnsherr's mind. These babies would probably cost an arm and a leg to manufacture until the Chinese made ones (which would most likely be as effective) floods the market, eventually making them affordable for everyone to purchase... Hats would most definitely come back in fashion... unless of course it is an evil bowler hat then that is another story.
  5. I must have been really feeling the burn when I made this post. As it stands I am 58 completed games in and we are only just half into 2022. So this might NOT be a disappointing year after all. The mood swings when it comes to gaming and trophy hunting. Other times we feel it is all a pointless ritual... then some other times we do a hail-mary and just wing the hell out of it. Reading this now, it is almost as if Free was saying his goodbyes. Enjoy your big break my dude. This is so true... gaming today is not the same as the gaming we knew a decade or so ago. Graphics aside, the behaviour of publishers and game developers have changed. Now it is just all about greed - more focused on making the investors happy than the gamers, forgetting why they are in the business in the first place. ... which explains why more gamers have become disenfranchised with the games they love. What used to be a fun pastime as an outlet to unwind has now become a very expensive hobby. Should we really be prepared to pay extra if we want to get the most of the game(s) we play? Then there are these trophies that makes gaming feel more of a chore than something that is meant to be fun. Not like a second job we have to partake the moment we arrive at our homes... Just thinking about that is already very stressful and draining.
  6. Ah did not get notified of your reply bud... tsk... There are a few games that I love to 100% with its in-game stuff, games I keep coming back to play despite already having finished (and completed) the game by collecting everything possible to fill up storage units, chests and hangars or garages on games like No Man's Sky, Minecraft and GTA Online just to name a few. When it comes to RPG or JRPG these would be weapons and armour... that is if the inventory allows hoarding. This game is definitely on my to-play list and will get to it once I started the shooter stacks. This one will definitely take longer to platinum... I am looking at 3-4 weeks at least. R. I. P. big guy!
  7. 390/402 games completed/played with: 100% Platinum: 266 | World of Assassination Trilogy: Hitman 3 PS4 (+2 from last update) and 100% Platless: 124 | The First Tree PS4 (+10 from last update). 2022: 58 games ( 0 | 40 | 5 | 3 | 10 | VR 0). 12 games added for the month of June which starts the Gπ‘₯P or Games without Plats run. The indies were purposely left behind for the past three years to give way for an incredible 93 platinum streak - the longest I have done so far, at odds with the usual grouping of 40 games before switching. Turning these in early before cut-off will give some leeway to deal with these troublesome set of games with permadeath and score attack trophies. To add more to the challenge is a handicap that limits the number of deaths allowed in a playthrough. All these makes the Dragon's Lair PS3 versions a nightmare to 100%, leaving me at a dilemma on whether to still pursue this ambitious project or ditch them now while trophies have yet to be earnt. What I am really desperate and determined to accomplish this time, after avoiding it for over 12 years is TMNT: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled's notorious permadeath trophy - I Will Survive. Hopefully my kids (responsible for this fiasco in the first place) can help me get this done through Local Coop. I have seen them play and win countless of Battle Royale matches on Fortnite and Apex Legends and brawlers like Brawhalla, so hopefully I can borrow some of that youthful energy. I just got reminded on how quite a lot of these indie games are tough as nails to complete. I hope that most of them would not be too hard to get the 15 games needed to reach the target, with only 6 months remaining before the year ends... and hopefully without having to add more trophy-delinquent games in the list. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - As for this thread, I hope we would all still try to let it live on despite the loss of our dear friend and El CapitΓ‘n completista. Here is to you bud! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Accomplished Games ( Personal Rating) Hitman: Blood Money - β˜…β˜…β˜…βœ«βœ« Hitman 3 - β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… Hitman 2 Additional Expansion - β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…βœ« Hitman 2 - β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… Hitman - β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… The Spectrum Retreat - β˜…β˜…βœ«βœ«βœ« The Turing Test NA - β˜…β˜…β˜…βœ«βœ« Pinstripe - β˜…β˜…β˜…βœ«βœ« SchrΓΆdinger's Cat and the Raiders of the Lost Quark - β˜…β˜…βœ«βœ«βœ« Prey: Typhon Hunter - β˜…β˜…β˜…βœ«βœ« Never Alone NA - β˜…β˜…β˜…βœ«βœ« The First Tree - β˜…β˜…β˜…βœ«βœ« ✫ Personal rating is based on a 5-star system combining both the enjoyment factor, the time and difficulty to complete a game - highly subjetive.
  8. Wow a lot of 2s and 3s in here with a game that has permadeath and a score attack trophy? The way ratings went in the past decade or so were truly incredible. I have just finished Dragon's Lair Trilogy and I thought this game would have similar trophies as that one, but it looks like this version is going to be a lot tougher. I love it when folks say it is easy and not to worry when we all know deep down inside that it is all baloney. I would estimate this to be a 5-6/10. Gotta play it to know it I guess... I am at the borderline on whether I should play this or not. Folks said the same about TMNT: Turtles In Time Re-Shelled - I Will Survive trophy and look what that got me into... Let us see how it goes from here... Congratulations to those that were able to finish the game though. Well done! I sincerely mean that...
  9. To further add in answering the OP's question. Yes the game is now available in Europe and the UK. There are three stacks available from: UK PSN Β£15.99 RRP πŸ’  US PSN $19.99 RRP πŸ’  JP PSN no available information. The BIG difference between the PS3 release and this PS4 Don Bluth Collection are the trophies. The Trilogy is 1,000,000,000 times easier to 100% than the Legacy version which are a bitch to complete.
  10. Definitely 5 hours max... could be quicker if you do not fall asleep because of its repetitiveness... or give it a rest because of all that finicky QTEs. If not for Daphne's perkiness I would not have been motivated to see it through the end! It would also be interesting to see Don Bluth be questioned by the horny police.
  11. This game takes a bit of getting used to. Dragon's Lair 1 seems to be the Souls version of Point-and-Click games... dying a lot and hoping for the best to survive each chapter until we reach the end. Dragon's Lair 2 tried to be different, bore us to death with a marathon of QTE chains and die some more while getting the unnecessary collectibles. Space Ace combines both of them in one package though without any collectibles. Given all that plus the fact that it is thrice the frustration on QTEs with its faux-Souliness I am giving it a 3/10. Come on guys we have to consider the fact that this is not an EZPZ Sometimes You visual novel or a 1-minute Plat Ratalaika Game to be a 1. It is not like some DontnoD Studio or TellTale Game point-and-click game to be a 2. Players are surely going to die a lot in this game and do a warehouse-load of restarts... so a 3 is just about right, no more no less... EDIT: Just saw the trophies of the individual PS3 versions and they are horrible. Permadeath and Score Attacks on DL1 and limited lives as well as playing without Move Assists on DL2 and SA. I would have rated them between 5-6/10. Want an easy ride for all of Don Bluth's games? Just settle for this trilogy.
  12. I have been following a video guide and the timing of the inputs seems to be different from that on the Playstation? Also the scenes are mirrored which makes following a video a bit confusing, although there is nothing a bit of common sense and imagination cannot fix... However this goddamn hammer? Took me forever to get this thing right... The most common mistake (if reliant only on video walkthroughs and not a written guide) is pressing instead of which is unintuitive since the hammer will appear on the right side of the book, though it does come up from below at first. Then the next problem would be when exactly to press the since there are a couple of QTEs coming in while both the book and the hammer are suspended in the scene together. Here is the solution. Cue: "Daphne's mine... you fool! Ha ha ha ha ha ha" As soon as the piano floats up: then for the hammer - instead of - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - In Dragon's Lair there is this Black Screen bug that appears instead of a Game Over screen, so we are left no choice but to close the game and restart it. This problem persisted on the PC back in 2013. Got this happen to me at the start of the game though it no longer occurs after getting past the first scene or chapter. In Dragon's Lair II after going back to get the collectibles having finished the game without getting a single one, the Game Over screen did not have the option to choose QUIT or CONTINUE... nothing could be selected, just the to close the game. So this meant restarting everything from scratch. I know this is a very old late-80s game that had been ported many times over... but damn these nagging bugs can be such a pain.
  13. Will surely do all the best I can. Cheers!
  14. Cheers Slamma! EDIT: 30.06.2022 Found another mixed-up trophy list. Saints Row IV (PS3 EU) seems to have been inter-changed with the Australian version. I have not played nor completed the AU stack but it is the ones listed as completed in my list. https://www.playstationtrophies.org/game/saints-row-iv-aus/trophies/eispan71
  15. Links to the Forum for Tokyo Jungle (PS3) and TMNT: Turtles In Time Re-Shelled (PS3) via SEARCH and OVERVIEW will lead to an Error code: 1S160/2 - Sorry! The page you requested does not exist. It is not really an urgent matter since we can still access the forum by manually searching through PS3 Games list and the forums would still be there. I just thought it would be a good idea to bring this to your attention.
  16. Reason why we should never share our birthdates ONLINE... or even use the same e-mail we have for our PSN IDs for everything like comms or mailing lists for stores, vendors etc. It is best to maintain an exclusive and dedicated e-mail address for PSN and for other online transactions separate from spammable stuff. There are now ways to manage various e-mail accounts with just one app... and of course passwords should be smart ones that are really hard to guess. Why are birthdates so important? It is the only way we can get verified when changing account details such as passwords, PIN numbers etc. Changing the registered DOB on PSN can be done via Sony mobile's website. I am not going to post the link here (to avoid it potentially being abused or exploited by non-forum member chancers) though it is available to see on the web particularly on Reddit... you will find details there. We can only change our registered Date of Birth (DOB) once. This is quite helpful for those who were too young to open an adult PSN account and may have falsified their DOB at the time of registration and now wants to change it to the correct one. Please note that after this change we can no longer change it again, so make it count. Any internet sleuth with bad intentions and who has somehow gotten hold of our details and birthdate can potentially screw us up by simply changing the registered birthdate and password as well as the registered e-mail address to lock us out of our PSN and Sony accounts for good. Sony is quite known for being difficult in helping recover our hacked accounts and usually just gives us the automated generic message: "I'm really sorry but due to security reasons we will not be able to assist you. We cannot make any changes to this account. My apologize at this moment I will have to end the interaction. Thank you for reaching us, have a good day." So yeah protect ourselves and make it a habit to keep personal details offline as much as possible and turn on 2 Factor Authentication (2FA). Do not freely share personal mobile numbers online as well. Always find it suspicious when someone who is not THAT close to us insists on getting our e-mail address or mobile number. Give them a junk or disposable e-mail and best to keep a burner phone number handy. Use them to give to stores, businesses or online websites that require any sort of mandatory registration etc. This also pevents our mobile numbers from being sold to cold callers, telemarketeers and scammers. I am sure we ALL have an extra (or old) phone lying around somewhere. Pay As You Go or Pre-paid sim cards are very easy to come by. Time to purge or keep our personal details private, do you not agree on this?
  17. I came quite late into the PS3 scene and the one I got was the Slim250, so a couple of years after its initial launch. First game I played was Need For Speed: Undercover which I had previously played and completed on the PS2. I was in fact quite clueless about this trophy business when I thought I had already accomplished everything on the PS3 version by just finishing the story, just like how it was on the PS2 until I chanced upon the trophy tab on the XMB - a couple of months after playing games on the PS3. Undercover should have been my first completed game but instead that went to My Aquarium because it was quicker to complete - which was also the first time I realised that not all games have a platinum. So yeah after discovering all that about 10 months later, after earning Undercover's last unconcious story related trophy... while also finding out that online multiplayer was a thing... and also finding out for the first time what grinding means... and that games can actually cost us extra with this stupid thing called DLCs... ... I FINALLY got the 100% and my first ever Platinum . This, ladies and gentlemen is how a clueless 80s gamer ends up being a trophy whore.
  18. What? I did not know about this. Better to keep USB back-ups then since the pen drives are now relatively cheap. As for the 24 hour download limitation from the cloud is indeed a strange and stupid thing especially to Legacy Console gamers. We are not even allowed to back up our saves via USB - at least for some very old games. This was particularly annoying for me when the PS3 Superslim got GSOD on me while playing The Saboteur. I tried to upload and download to transfer the saves to a PS3 Slim that got semi-YLOD (but would still reboot if persisted) just to keep a copy of the progress done until a replacement console would arrive - but it was one heck of a headache just to do something as simple as backing-up or transferring saves. It makes us wonder why Sony thought that this was a good idea. Anti-save scumming perhaps? That still would not make any sense. EDIT: Just saw the information about using an ethernet cable to transfer data between two PS3 consoles. That could have worked had I known about it before resetting the console.
  19. This is a both sad and celebratory at the same time and I am glad that you have finally reached that special trophy milestone. Congratulations! As all of you know by now another member of our gaming community had passed on just recently - came as a shock to everyone who knew him and that would surely be a lot of folks in here. I also look up to this wonderful guy for trophy ideas and what games to play by looking at his PSN cabinet. He has so much games played on his account and there is no way I would be able to catch him. Of course I am talking about kFree7, 2,314 games played was his last count and this alone would probably take me ages to beat as I am only about 16% of what he had accomplished. There is this game that we had talked about being so hard, which he had completed in March 2015 after almost 5 years. The game is WET. He dared me to complete and conquer that game and I gladly accepted the challenge. It is now 2022 and was planning to do that this year to fulfil that wager after 7 years until his sudden passing. I still plan to do this to honour that promise and it would be a great tribute to our friendly neighbourhood gamer-pal. I will let you folks know about that here when I do finally get to play the game. Wish me luck, it is a hard game but with determination I think we can do it, even if it takes me another decade.
  20. Wow this one sounds doable by the way you put it. Gonna try this myself. Thanks!
  21. This is what I am doing right now. Hopefully I would be just as lucky as you folks!
  22. Starting at the TOP is the key and we only have to deal with one mine at a time. It is the foot soldiers that are going to be a problem. PJ's tip to surf down to the right diagonally does make sense. I do not remember exactly how I got the Toe Be Or Not Toe Be but I am sure that I struggled getting this the first time. As for Ubisoft Singapore - shame really they really did a good job making this handsome game... at least graphics wise. But why they would rather go for elite trophies like I Will Survive rather than make it reasonably easier so younger ones (who are for sure the number one fans of this cartoon) would be encouraged to fully complete this game, is beyond me.
  23. Chanced upon this topic and I just had to give my 50p on this OCD matter when it comes to gaming. I would not say ruin but more like dictate and yes the online trophies are also my bane. I am more of a lone wolf type because of the erratic availability of my gaming. I simply cannot be reliable when it comes to getting online on a specific time when it comes to playing with mates or boosting partners. I remember a time when I would check a random player's PSN trophies to look for any indication that they are fellow trophy hunters, send DMs (as creepy as that may sound) in the hope of boosting trophies that we both are missing. This works 75% of the time and I have met some really good folks through this. How can we also forget our very own boosting threads on PST, though the last time I had formed a team was with Tomb Raider DE. Sadly it would seem that boosting threads are not as effective or busy as they were before... or am I just not noticing things right? There are a couple of games that contantly hounds me for not getting 100%, games that my kids (who were still pre-schoolers back then) and the missus (clueless on the whole trophy shenanigan thing) accidentally played on my account. TMNT: Turtles In Time Re-Shelled and Numblast have been stagnant and stuck in limbo for 11 years (Jan 2011) and 8 years (May 2014) respectively. I am not giving up on them just yet since none of them are multiplayer or online trophies. Right now the other games that are bugging me (due to incompletion) are COD games. Black Ops II still needs those dastardy Easter egg trophies as well as Ghost's Extinction. I used to have a reliable (fixed) boosting team back then who were much younger than me, until they all had to go to university and I had no choice but to disband it. I would not dare demand that they focused more or gaming than their studies. Then came Black Ops III which got me pressured by the clan to return back and join them, despite disliking COD Zombies and swore never to touch another COD game again. So it is of no surprise that this game was left hanging as well - not even a platinum earnt unlike the other black sheep COD games that had them. A few more incomplete games that are doing my head in are #DriveClub (rubber-banding AI) , Final Fantasy X (sigil weapons and blitzball) and Need For Speed 2015 (prestige mode). I used to do this, play games on a tester account first before moving them on the main account. But after a while we just get good at judging which games are doable and which ones are not that testing them first no longer seem necessary, when we can just go jump straight in and play it. This of course is still heavily dependent on other players' experiences and ratings in this forum. Games that I had done this for were Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Hitman Absolution, Spec Ops: The Line and Dead Space... believing that they were just too hard for me, only to realise later on that they actually were not and eventually ended up playing the sequels and HD remasters. Since then I would just rely on difficulty rating threads and the guides and overview to save the time... EXCEPT for one - Demon's Souls (PS3) which saw my ass handed down to me on a silver platter. This would ultimately be the reason why I had so far avoided all games from FromSoftware since... for now at least. Also avoided GTA4 because I know for sure that there is no way I would get past that AWP buggy trophy... plus the pigeons of course and how can we forget Fly The Coop. The same goes for RDR's online part and poker and I kid you not, I am clueless at poker. So yeah, avoided one of the best games we have on the PS3 because of something that others may find very trivial. As for GTA5, everything was going so well until the bloody Doomsday Heist came along. I really hate those Criminal Masterminds trophies with a passion. Rockstar did not require them on Heist 1.0 and yet they did a stinker with Heist 2.0. Thank heavens there were no trophies on the Diamond Casino and Cayo Perico heists but who knows what will happen in the days to come when the next Summer update arrives. As I have shared above - you, me as well as thousands of GTAO players out there still do not have them... an Ultra Rare trophy held by only 0.1% registered PSN players. Doomsday Heist trophies are a piss-take, almost as if someone at Rockstar North loves to troll its player base. Because of this there is no way in hell that I am going to support GTAV PS5 and GTA6 or any other Rockstar Games in the future. We simply cannot trust them when it comes to trophies just as what DBZ0wnz have said above. Taking a break from trophy hunting also helps us reset and just play games for fun - like in the case of Minecraft and NMS, which were already completed to 100% which leaves no pressure on earning anymore trophies... similar to what Snowman is doing to unwind. I also share the same sentiments with drfk168 with regards to permadeath trophies, though I myself was able to complete Alien Isolation (twice) and also got around No Man's Sky's To Live Forever trophy without any problems, the infamous Dead Space 2 was no different. Now enter TMNT: Turtles In Time Re-Shelled's I Will Survive trophy which haunted and taunted me for more than a decade... This is why I avoided every TMNT game released after this, because for some stupid reason there is always that one single trophy that is just (unnecessarily) insanely hard. Why the devs insists on doing this to the franchise is beyond me. We are on the same boat here! Been playing NES, SNES, PS1 and PS2 and for as long as I finish the games I am happy and done! Playing PS3 games got me a bit baffled when trophies started popping. I thought it was just a game notification feature and in no way was I aware what they really are until only after a couple of months after getting the console - by discovering the trophy tab on the XMB by accident. Here I thought I was done with NFS: Undercover for reaching the end just like how things were on the PS2 and older games, only to find out that I actually needed to grind more for the online multiplayer trophies to get a platinum trophy - a totally new concept for me at the time. ... and this was what eventually led me to become a trophy completinist, OCD kicked in and I never looked back since! I am not sure if this is a blessing or a curse as this definitely had made gaming a tad expensive for me, especially now that I am doing stacks - something Ivotas is very fortunate and strong enough to resist! As for my type of OCD... I will share that later on a Part 2... see what it is about and call me insane afterwards. Sometimes I wonder when I will call it quits with this trophy hunting business and emulate Terminator's stress-free retirement.
  24. I was eyeing to play this game to stack nicely with my recently completed FOX themed games - Never Alone and The First Tree until I did a bit of more research and found out that it is quite a platform-heavy game. I do remember aceing Castlevania 1-3 and Metroid on the NES back in the day but that was during a time of my youth and the mindset was a lot different back then, less of a bitching old man when stress levels go up a notch. Trophy wise it looks simple to understand the requirements but they do look grindy as hell. One trophy alone requires 9,999 gold held at one time, so this says a lot about grinding and handicapping to avoid spending them on upgrades. There are also upgrade-all and purchase-all trophies, which strongly suggests that this game is definitely not for me. But for anyone interested in this game, it is currently sold for just under a tenner digitally on the Playstation Network US UK. A guide and an official walkthrough can be found on STEAM which seems to have been done by the actual FnF Team themselves, pretty much the same achievements on the console version, only arranged differently. I do not know how to rate this game but just to estimate it on the top of my head without the basis of actually playing it - I would rate it a 5/10 and may take multiple playthroughs just to get through the post game grind and some trophy clean-ups. But who knows how I am actually going to deal with this game. I felt the same way about PINSTRIPE before and look how that turned out in the end!
  25. Thanks for the guide Robin! Helped me get through this game in just a single playthrough. Cheers fella!
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