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  1. Gimme Chocolate! is one wild ride... discovered them a couple of years back... but YouTube recommendations always takes me back to them. Japanese crowds are a fun bunch to watch.
  2. Just concluded the Netflix exclusive Lupin Season 2, wow what a show! I had always been a fan of the anime Lupin The Third having seen the original 1967 episodes as a teenager... Fujiko Mine comes to mind! The Netflix series is based more on French writer Maurice Leblanc's original character Arsène Lupin rather than the anime version... Had doubts initially how a live version can be better than the animation and boy was I wrong! The French had done another hat trick with this one... The ending is open ended and his original goal is accomplished... but I really hope the success of the mini-series would mean a Season 3 will be gracing our screens any time soon. I highly recommend this show...
  3. Måneskin playlist on YouTube... playing right now is Let's Get It Started! ... my most favourite of their songs - Zitti E Buoni. Absolutely love the sultry and seductive way Dutch-Italian Victoria De Angelis plays the bass... I stan! Listening to that brought back memories from the 90s. Any of you who collected comic books back then may have gotten their hands on a FREE Music CD from Wizard Magazine that collected songs from various artists which also featured a rock band from Japan and Korea. One particular song that stood out in that album was from a Korean rock band called Sinawe and their song Circus. This was the OG K-Pop/K-Rock way before Psy, BTS, Black Pink were popular. Most of the members of the boyband/girlband probably weren't born yet when this song first came out. Also in the same sample album was Chemical Brothers' Life Is Sweet! EDM-Techno music that will surely feel at home as the sound track on any Blade film.
  4. What's Up? - 4 Non Blondes...
  5. It looks 'kinda' authentic but with the Dual Shock 3s no longer in production, I'd settle for a good counterfeit that has a properly working rumble, keeps the battery charge longer and looks decently made. New Playstation DS3s are hard to find, the 3rd party ones usually needs a dongle which I dislike and the feel of the handle are so unnatural. I am also certain that all the NEW DS3s sold on eBay despite looking kinda authentic are counterfeit. You can tell by the colours that are available...
  6. Very easy Visual Novel so a 1/10 though we still have to be mindful of those collectibles. I messed up Quiz Mania on the very first chapter but good thing the game records your game data throughout the subsequent chapter playthroughs. The trophy didn't pop as expected during the Chapter 5, had to reload the Max Mode on Chapter 4 then finished it so I would be taken to the Chapter Select menu just to replay Chapter 1 again... trophy dinged as soon as I answered Nego-Six's first question correctly. Good thing the collectibles are cumulative otherwise It would have sucked big-time if I had to replay the whole game again just for one trophy. So it would be advisable to make manual saves after finishing each chapter as back-up. Took 50 hours just because I couldn't force myself to play it in one go as I also attempted to follow the whole story, ended up doing it in increments. Eventually got tired of all the reading - it is a novel afterall. By the time I reached mid-way in Chapter 3, I just skipped most of the story and fast forward the game until completion. The game is very beautiful though, no doubt about that but VNs for me now feel unnecessarily long.
  7. The KFC chicken in our area is kinda decent though there is that occasional oily bottom as Stylin had mentioned. Most of the time they're not THAT eekie... The restaurants in our neighbourhood are mostly ran by South Asians, then again most chicken and chip shops in London are and sometimes they're just a stone throws away from each other - honestly I don't know how they can turn a profit when they all share the same customer base especially with KFC nearby. Been friends with the ones working in our local KFC branch, probably recognise me because I visit at least once a week for my gravy fix - I'd drink this shit you know? LOL I don't really have to tell them what I want and they immediately know it's always side breasts every time. Here's a story that I might be credited for - might... hear me out. I have had an argument once with the guy behind the till taking my order, this was way back in 2015 so yeah a very long time ago. Anyway getting the 2L bottled drink that came with the bucket, he asks me what kind of drink do I want... Me: "Regular Pepsi please" ... and this guy snaps back at me with a condescending tone. Pigeon man: "What regular Pepsi? Normal or what?" Me: "I want the regular Pepsi"... and please don't talk to me like that." Pigeon Man: "We have no regular Pepsi, only normal!" Me pointing at the glass-door fridge: "I see one right over there, the blue one." By this time the queue is starting to get a bit longer and people behind me were already clicking their tongues. Pigeon Man: "That's normal Pepsi!" Me: "No that's regular Pepsi... there's no such thing as an abnormal Pepsi, only Regular or Diet or Max right?." Pigeon Man in a sarcastic voice: "Here is your REGULAR Pepsi sir!" Me: "Thank you kindly." but in my mind its "fuck off you donkey" Gordon Ramsey style. Thinking about this now, maybe they remember me not because of what I usually order but because of this incident perhaps? AITA here? Feeling a bit disrespected that kinda also turned me into a Karen that afternoon - went on to Twitter to tell @KFC_UKI that there is no such thing as NORMAL Pepsi because there is no abNORMAL PEPSI, something to that effect... and believe it or not the staff at least in my local KFC branch do call it regular now and not normal, no JOKE! But lately I've been asking for PEPSI MAX because I've got an abnormal blood glucose level. #TRUESTORY! We also have the 'normal' East Asians and Southeast Asians dining in at our local branch, can't be sure if they are really Chinese because no one can tell by just looking at them - but none are THAT peculiar in my experience... just the regular cheerful types enjoying their chicken. Why Pigeon Man? Been using this analogy on Xbots lately that constantly raid the Playstation Twitter feeds to troll... it works! ha ha ha!
  8. 2020: Everything Is Going To Be Okay - The Walking Dead: TellTale Definitive Series. 2021: Shhhh - Hitman 2. 2022: Intern - The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker. Hmmmm all bronze, no suprise there...
  9. Slow... love to take my time and explore every nook and cranny and collect every thing I can hoard in the inventory... I like to 100% locations as well... so yeah sloooooow...
  10. Just buy their chicken strips and make one for your own. Had KFC last night... still have some from that Party Bucket I brought home. We have got some Warburtons Bagels and Hellman's Coleslaw as well so I will probably just make a homemade one with some of that leftoever chicken strips. How about a Hawaiian Burger have any of you tried that? It is a chunky cheesburger with the works and a sliced pineapple stacked between the patties... probably can be seen as the Pizza Pineapple version of the burger.
  11. I am a Star Wars fan so this is my take... brace yourselves folks. This would mean the end of the world. Reading the mind of someone who wants to harm you, your family and loved-ones because of whatever twisted beliefs they may have might trigger a defense mechanism, pre-emptive countermeasures/strikes etc. against them - people would be killing each other. Imagine a predatory-toxic-alpha male able to sense or read the mind of a vulnerable individual whom he knows won't tell a soul should he abuse or take advantage of them... Imagine spies of superpower nations reporting to their puppeteer masters what their adversaries are planning or thingking... Just go to Twitter alone and you will see how the world would end... Far right extremeist wanting others who look different from them DEAD... The Extreme left wanting payback for all the bad things and injustices the elite has done throughout history as well as wanting all the wealthy people, the centrists and the royal family DEAD ala French revolution style guillotine public execution. You would be ignorant if you would not believe that we are going to kill each other had we been given telepathy. Probably the reason why mother nature has not endowed us such a powerful gift. It will lead to the extinction of the human race. However if humans had evolved with this from the start, maybe the result would be the opposite because there would be no paranoia? OR maybe not because humans are such a destructive fucked-faced-selfish species and the only result despite millions of years of evolution and being the smartest of all living creatures in the planet is to still kill each other because the competitive human nature in most of us thinks it is fun. /shrugs.
  12. Yeah... kinda feeling burnt out and uninterested in trophy hunting at the moment... ⚠️ W A R N I N G - T L D R ⚠️
  13. LMAO I can relate to this with the movie I'm watching right now... Terminator: Dark Fate... ★✫✫✫✫ I have always supported movies that have strong female leads and those that give women the chance to shine. I had no problems with The Ghostbusters 2016 despite traditionalist and self-imposed gatekeepers criticizing the need for a reboot and the feminising of the cast - I thought the movie was funny and entertaining in its own right. This latest from the Terminator franchise tried to do exactly just that but somehow seemed to have lost the whole plot. You would also expect something good from Tim Miller who directed Deadpool 1 but there does not seem to be any chemistry between the characters/actors... there appears to be no direction given at all - everyone just doing their own thing. The attempt to even interject bathos whenever they can was just so out of place. Even using the famous catchphrase was cringe - Sarah: I'll be back... Terminator: I won't be back... seriously? Let us not even talk about the 'flowering' of the T-800... a tamed-up-man-sized walking and talking dildo who 'knows how to listen to women and change diapers' - reason why a woman decides to keep him as her partner. Then there is that uneventful death scenes for both T800-Carl beating 'Thumbs Up Terminator' for cringe - and future soldier Grace both of which fails miserably to deliver a more plausible act of heroism and sacrifice. Even an attempt to do an awkward girl-on-girl romance between two main lady characters did not fit right. This is definitely the weakest and pointless of all the Terminator films released. I only watched it (on Disney Plus) because of Arnold Schwazenegger. I would have really hated myself had I paid money to see this at the cinemas.
  14. 🤣 For being a bit obsessed with Riot Games Music thanks to Arcane led me to this. Stateside manufactured K-Pop from virtual girl group K/DA - a Gorillaz style band comprised of League of Legends characters Ahri, Akali, Evelynn and Kai'Sa with the voices behind the original line-up by Cho-Mi-yeon, Jeon So-Yeon, Madison Beer and Jaira Burns respectively. Because of them I'm now listening to BlackPink despite being so sure before that there is no way anybody can make me listen to K-Pop. Funny world we live in eh... and don't blame me if you get hooked with this catchy bubble-gum pop song. Subtle lyrics for the dweeb fanboys it seems - "We go hard till we get it, get it... We so in it, in it... down, down, down, down..." ... and that washing machine reference? Come on!
  15. Since last year I've went back into listening to Evanescence and this song is my current favourite from them, among many others in their catalogue of course. Pay attention to Will Hunt's drumming, for me they are the highlight of the song along with Amy Lee's piano and vocals of course. See Will's performance live at Jay Leno's show with the band.
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