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  1. Mine dropped on my first kill of the Totem Wolf with 1 modifier. I guess I got really lucky 🙂
  2. Just to throw this out there, since I had to go into NG+ 4 times...don't ask but I think the trophy had to be done in 1 playthrough because my last mini game needed was the photography thing even though they all had cleared on them from previous playthroughs. I redid everything except that one because I know for a fact I did it already on my previous playthrough but when I finally gave it another go, the trophy popped as soon as I quit out.
  3. Nice to know you are on the go. Planning to finish up Borderlands 3. Still enjoy Playing Destiny 2 for fun. Not that excited for the 5 but will likely get it. There really no reason 2 when you have 70 games sitting in a wrapper from PS4.

  4. I will never stop!!! lol Well not until my backlog is completed. I'm sadly not excited for PS5 at all. How about you?

  5. Great seeing that you have kept gaming. It seems many of the 30 + start to slow down or stop.

  6. That's Persona 5 Royal :francis:

  7. Hey what game is the gif in your signature from?

  8. What the plan for PS5? I'm not sure. Yes, it's backward compatible, but I have a PS4 with 70 games in a wrapper.

  9. Thanks man. I'm not playing games currently, I'm a retired "trophy whore"

  10. Same here bro, hopefully you are doing well my friend. What game are you currently playing?

  11. Thanks! I'm glad people are getting laughs out of it instead of bashing me for my opinions :D

  12. You TLOU2 story post was absolutely hilarious! I hated the collectibles so dang much in that game!

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