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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)!

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)!

  3. Come back to Pst3

  4. Both leagues, team name: Bahati Mom codesssss
  5. Both leagues, team name: Bahati Mom codesssss lol wrong topic
  6. Nah i didnt mean it like that. I m asking, the moment the fa cup fixtures and league cup fixters are done, will they "update" the fixture section on the website so we can know for sure when will there be an bgw and dgw. Basically i m wondering will they change it on the official website. Thanks still
  7. Hey guys, what are the prices of epl tickets? I was watching the ticket price for epl fixtures(liverpool in particular) and i was stunned.. the cheapest ticket i could find was like over 200£ lol. Now when i saw an article about ticket price on the premier league site, it said that tickets dont go over 60£ lol So who to belive(spell) ?
  8. Hey guys, when will they announce the date of bgw and dgw? Will they update it as soon as the league and fa cup fixtures are done later this week or?
  9. Hey, I dont want to sound like a little girl but honestly due to failure of some exams i really feel depressed. Any of you been in this situation? And so, how to start over and start studying better. Thanks guys
  10. Team name Momo Kapor i ekipa Send the codess
  11. Hey, Imagine a scenario, you have 4 exams in one term(if thats the word) and also you have lets say 2 months to study. Would you rather: A) Study all 4 subjects each day BUT study each subject for lets say 1 to 2 hrs OR B1) Study 2 subjects a day(next day study the other two) B2) Study 1 subject a day
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