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  1. I give it a 4. Nightmare on NG+ can be quite a challenge in the later game like the last few Divine Knight battles towards the end. Since playing the first two Cold Steel games back on the PS3 sometime ago I have been highly looking forward to the 3rd game in the Erebonia saga. For me it has been some of the best JRPGs I have ever played with its overarching memorable story that continues from the first two games, memorable musical soundtrack, diverse range of characters and good graphical improvements.
  2. 100+ hours. Around 140 hours and going through the game twice on easy and nightmare mode.
  3. 51-75 hours. Around 60 hours to get the weapon upgrades and completing most of the missions until the final twilight mission.
  4. Voted a 3. Some new mechanics like dashing towards Aragami and extra midair combo abilities in addition to a much more friendly difficulty spike made it easier than the first two games in the series.
  5. Voted a 4 and around 36-50 hours about 45 hours. Getting full chains on Proud is the most difficult part though the one button mode can really help in able to full chain some songs easier. Defeating 100,000 heartless can be a little grindy. I really enjoyed this game that continues the story after the KH3 Remind and the rhythm based gameplay can be addictive especially with many of the iconic songs in the Kingdom Hearts series that gave me a huge sense of nostalgia and they will always be special in my heart.
  6. I give it a 3. P5R has an easier list of objectives to complete and there are less stringent requirements in comparison to its original P5.
  7. 100+ hours. About 130 hours in the save. A great game that is even better than the original P5 in my opinion and enjoyed every moment of its dialog and extra story content.
  8. I give it a 4. Story boss challenge are pretty decent and fair though getting to the postgame bosses are where the difficulty spikes. Maxing to lv99, getting stronger equipment and synthesizing stronger accessories really helps to decrease their high damage mainly Zoma being the hardest boss imo.
  9. 76-100 hours. Around 80 hours. The puff puff trophy is very RNG based and took awhile to get them appear.
  10. I give it a 4. Any characters and weapons can be used to max ascend to phase 6 and level 80, though difficulty can vary depending on the different tier of characters and weapons the player uses. Having a team of characters with different elements can help in chaining stronger elemental damage reactions to attacks and operating switches in dungeons.
  11. 100+hours. Estimated from some hours of playing a day for about 2 months probably around 300 hours getting to max Ascension with free to play.
  12. I give it a 7. The clinic rhythm full combo and S rank Death Batting requirements pushes the difficulty up. Colosseum fights are a challenge though getting better equips and unlocking most of the abilities in the later game can make it much more manageable. Other tasks takes awhile to complete but not too difficult imo.
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