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  1. Yeah, I'm dumb, there's a Memory Album... I was looking at Chapter Select to confirm I had unlocked memories.
  2. I can't for the life of me get Album Complete to pop. In Chapter Select, am I supposed to have 2 entries for 1:06, 2:01, and 5:00? 2:01 seems to always be "Flash imagines his allies in danger" despite if I kill my allies or myself from 1:56. For 2:06 I can't even get a chapter select entry to show up despite playing through the scenes a number of times -- I choose one character as bait, go to the town, go get the wine, get on the boat, go to sleep, fight the thing, get back to VN, and talk to soldiers, but there's never anything new in chapter select. For 5:00, I can only get "The final battle begins" in my chapter select -- am I supposed to have two endings there? I don't imagine someone has a list of all chapter select entries required or can take screenshots?
  3. I have everything else. How do I get this one? > Unlock and play "KT and the Sunny Funny Band."
  4. Awesome, thanks! As best you can tell, are any missable/story related?
  5. I'm much less further in than you are, but I noticed on one of the menus in the twins room (Who's Who?) that there are 7 pages of 10 slots each. I started scrolling through and saw some of my mirages.... does that mean that there are less than 70 mirages since main characters are included here as well? It's lower than I expected but a number I'm happy with because I'm not looking for a Ni No Kuni style grind.
  6. No, if you pay attention, the characters transition to their intended form right before the cut scene starts. I had 1 jiant and 1 lilikin for that train scene, and my lilikin turned into a jiant just before it faded out and the cut scene began.
  7. Anyone have any tips for getting back to the original area? I read that the Hidden Waterfall has ghosts to get Ea's Tears, but I can't seem to get back there. Which dock do I need to use? I tried using the one in the dessert and taking the bridge, but i think that areas is isolated because that's where you get dropped off by the airship. Edit: nm, got it sorted. found directions on GameFaqs:
  8. Guide item list is missing: Ether (Shop/Desert Sundries)
  9. Missing Aegis Shield as well, dropped by the elephants.
  10. There's a Diamond Shield and Diamond Armor not in your list. Purchased from the same shop as the Diamond Helmet.
  11. Looks like you sorted it in the guide... it was in a shop before you get on the airship... once you board the airship and end up in Jadd, there's no way to go back until later on when you get your chocobo upgraded.
  12. Thanks! I didn't need to go back to the airship specifically, but I was able to go back to Jadd for the Were Axe and the shop I missed for the Mythril Helm. Was sort of a pain to figure out where exactly I needed to go, but I got there eventually.
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