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  1. I can confirm that both Section (Section 8 - Section 8 Prejudice) are Powered by GameSpy. So May 31th will be Shut Down. I dont think those games will be save.
  2. Lot ppl in Official chat said same. Is P2P Servs, in chat people said that Monolith had said that servs won´t be shutdown. "However" when all gamespy´s games shut down weeks ago. FEAR 2 (EU-JAP) were shut down. Impossible to play MP in those days. For now nothing is "Official"
  3. In RDR logo GameSpy doesn´t appear. but if u read little text, u can read "GameSpy". For now I read all in Box Game.
  4. Lost Planet 3 seems doesn´t affect. Lost Planet 3 Box No logo GameSpy also you can´t read "GameSpy" in a little text down.
  5. I can Confirm that Far Cry 2 DOESN´T affect. When all GameSpy Down days ago. I test far cry cos all MP Games I couldn´t play. But when I played Far Cry 2. I could play online withouts problems. Far Cry 1 doesn´t online. -- Far Cry 3 I dont know I have Digital Game.
  6. Do u want to boost with us??? I wrote from Friend´s Account, but is more safe from here.
  7. I add you. We are 3. You, and my 2 PS3. We have same GMT. You are from UK right? Im from Spain.
  8. Can u help My Friend´s Lvl? ID: OlympiakosNYC He returns
  9. Can u play My Friend´s Lvl? ID: OlympiakosNYC. He returns
  10. Hi when is next boost? First time im waiting 1 hour Monday at Central Time [7] nobody in AC but others user :_(
  11. Bro Add me bry0092 (i have plat but my friend not yet) My friend ID rtkjr Total players=5 7 PM central time what time is it? What country Thk U
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