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  1. Hi! For the achievement Best of the Best you have to complete all missions on authentic difficulty. However, Sniper Elite lets you have the freedom of how you want to do it. So you can run through the missions like Rambo, or stand in the back and take out one enemy after another with your sniper rifle, or, as these videos show you, you can play as a stealth sniper and sneak through the missions unseen, taking out only the enemies that are absolutely necessary. I decided to use non-lethal on the enemies. You can also kill the enemies, of course, it makes no noticeable difference. Also, you can save and reload at absolutely any time. Of course, this makes things extremely easy for you. In my videos, however, I did not use game saves. It's a complete run from the beginning to the end. One more important thing. If you want to replay this walkthrough, you need to know one thing. The enemies are in their fixed areas, but in this area they act completely "randomly". Each time you start the mission, the game decides to put the enemy in position A / B / C etc and let him run / interact routine A / B / C etc. This is great for replaying the game, but of course rather not good for a walkthrough. So you have to improvise a lot and see what your enemies are doing in their areas and how they stand to the other enemies. Fortunately, you can save at any time. When you are happy with a kill, save. If not, reload the old save and try again. Mission 01 – The Atlantic Wall Mission 02 – Occupied Residence Mission 03 – Spy Academy Mission 04 – War Factory Mission 05 – Festung Guernsey Mission 06 – Libération Mission 07 – Secret Weapon Mission 08 + 09 – Rubble and Ruin + Loose Ends Mission 10 - Target Führer DLC Video is incl these trophies for the DLC: Covert Elimination Wolf Mountain - Kill Hitler and exfiltrate without ever being detected. Reich To The Point Wolf Mountain - Kill only Hitler and exfiltrate. Alpha Wolf Mountain - Complete the mission on Authentic difficulty. From Führer Away Wolf Mountain - Kill Hitler at a distance of 300 meters or more. Das Familienjuwel Wolf Mountain - Kill Hitler with a testicle shot. Greetings
  2. There are 10 (hidden) cameos char in the game and 24 collectibles. The cameos are behind doors or in chests etc and you have to "free" them by destroying these objects. The collectibles are basically items that the cameos want. If you find all cameos and complete all tasks you will get two trophies. 10 Cameos are and where to find: Episode 01 - Burne Episode 02 - Irma Episode 04 - Atilla Episode 05 - Genghis Episode 06 - Napoleon and Vernon Episode 09 - Rasputin Episode 11 - Dask Episode 13 - Kala Episode 14 - Zak Tasks: Burne wants Classic Headlines Collectibles (3) Irma wants Secret Diaries Collectibles (5) Vernon wants VHS Tapes Collectibles (5) Atilla, Genghis, Napoleon, Rasputin wants Disgusting Bugs (8) Dask, Kala, Zak wants Crystal Shard Collectibles (3) After you have collected all collectibles for a task, visit the person / cameos on the map to obtain a special reward. I have created a video with all collectibles and cameos: Timeline:
  3. All in One Video In case you prefer just one video, here is the complete video with all 8 missions. 00:00:00 - Mission 01 – The Atlantic Wall 00:14:16 - Mission 02 – Occupied Residence 00:26:18 - Mission 03 – Spy Academy 00:39:59 - Mission 04 – War Factory 00:55:34 - Mission 05 – Festung Guernsey 01:12:07 - Mission 06 – Libération 01:28:59 - Mission 07 – Secret Weapon 01:48:24 - Mission 08 – Rubble and Ruin Target Führer - Wolf Mountain In this dlc mission you can find also 19 collectibles as in the base game missions. Currently these collectibles are not counting for any collectibles achievements but you can use these collectibles to get the base achievements. (So far I know!) Map: Timeline:
  4. Sniper Elite 5 has over 150 collectibles, a lot of optional objectives and 8 kill target challenges in the missions. All maps / missions are really huge and you can go to nearly any point at any time. There is no order but I tried to find a logical path along the story objectives each time. Collectibles Overview (Base Game) 41 Personal letters 39 classified documents 24 Dead-eye Targets 24 Hidden Items 24 workbenches Other Stuff in the videos All optional objectives All Starting locations All Kill Target challenges (mostly) specific mission achievements Personal letters: Very many of these personal letters are tied to enemies. You need to loot these letters from the dead bodies. Therefore, be careful not to cause too much chaos in the missions, otherwise you will probably search for the special enemy for a very long time, because they like to run far. The rest can be found in the missions like any other collectible. Classified documents: Classified documents are classic collectibles. Some of them are bound like the personal letters to officers but not many. Most of them are located in the missions and give you info about optional targets or from the kill target, etc. Dead-eye Targets: Dead-eye Targets are Stone Eagles which can be (very!) hidden anywhere in the game, even outside the map. You collect the Stoneeagles by destroying them with any weapons. There are three Stoneeagles in each mission. Hidden Items: The hidden items are, with a few exceptions, normal items like a picture, a clock, a flag. But it can also be something like a steel plate. There are three such items to be found per mission. Workbenches: At the workbenches you will unlock new attachments for your weapons. There are three workbenches to be found in each mission, one pistol, one SMG and one rifle workbench but you can change all weapons at any workbench. The specific workbenches in the missions unlock only the specific attachments. The workbenches are usually very well hidden in the missions. Optional objectives: You can either make these targets visible on your map via Collectibles or when you are close to them. The objectives are usually quite simple, such as destroying an anti-air gun or taking out factories. For 16 (nearly all) there will be an achievement. Kill Target challenge: In each mission you will find a kill target. If you kill this target in a certain way, you will unlock new weapons. Starting locations: In each mission you can unlock 2-3 new starting locations, where you can start in later runs and make it easier and faster to get through the missions (for authentic e.g. very handy). Mission 01 - The Atlantic Wall Map - Numbers match up always with the timeline in the videos Timeline: Mission 02 - Occupied Residence Map (large) - Numbers match up with the timeline in the video Timeline: Mission 03 - Spy Academy Map: Timeline: Mission 04 - War Factory Map: Timeline: Mission 05 - Festung Guernsey Map: Timeline: Mission 06 - Libération Map: Timeline: Mission 07 – Secret Weapon Map: Timeline: Mission 08 – Rubble and Ruin Map: Timeline:
  5. All upgrades mean all health, stamina and capacity upgrades AND also obtain all skills. Health and Stamina Upgrades These upgrades are small bottles that you can find in the game. Basically, they are normal collectibles that we all know. There are 11 health and 22 stamina upgrades in the game. Capacity upgrades There are upgrades for the Bo-Shuriken, Quiver and for the Ozutsu. The most upgrades are also like normal collectibles except two upgrades for the Quiver which you obtain via two fights (which are unmissable) Skilloverview and how to obtain (LARGE!) The most skills are unlock automatically during your progress through the game. Some skills are hidden as "collectibles", some skills are bounded to "hidden" enemies. Make sure you kill any enemy in the game along your natural story progress to unlock the most skills. All other skills that you don't get along the normal path through the game, you will find them below in the video and in the list marked as missable. Offensive (19 Skills - left to right) Defensive (6 Skills - left to right) Other Skills (8 Skills - left to right) Capacity Upgrades via fights Lore Collectibles aka Artifacts There are also 60 artifacts in the game. I put these collectibles also in the All-in-One video so that you can collect really everything in one run. Missing Collectibles / Upgrades You don't have to find everything in one pass. If you find the item / skill you were missing in a later run, it will work. As example if you collect all artifacts or skill except 1 artifact / skill in one run you need only the missing artifact / skill for the achievement(s) and not all again. [b]However, there is no chapter selection or anything else. You have to start a new complete game every time![/b] All collectibles are back in the game! Chapter 01 Chapter 02 Chapter 03 Chapter 04 Chapter 05 Chapter 06 Chapter 07
  6. All story stage / mission specific trophies in one video 00:00 - Dude, My Car! 00:41 - Throwback 01:33 - Collateral Damage 02:00 - THIS IS WOOD OAK CITY!!! 02:30 - Walk on Foot 03:18 - Family Reunion 05:36 - It's Chilly in Here 06:21 - Demolition Man 06:54 - An Elegant Death Perfect - Complete a stage without taking damage. Add a second player on a second controller on the same profil to the game and turn on friendly hits. Use any stage you want. Stage 3 and 7 are very short and I recommend you to use them. If you are in the stage, on the second controller start to lower your health with the triangle button move. Is the health low then kill this char with the other controller. Repeat this process until 0 lives left. (Do it on hard because only 2 lives there instead of 6 on easy) No finish the stage with controller 1 as normally. You can get a hit or die, no worries about. At the end of the stage / final screen you obtain the trophy for controller 2 because controller 2 was never hit by an enemy in this stage. For the trophy counts only enemy hits and not friendly hit (probably patches in a few months) and thus this char / controller gets the 'perfect" rating at the end of the stage and the trophy. Very easy Easy S-RANK on Hard - Super Easy Trick! - Maniac Trophy The same trick from the 'Perfect' trophy can you use for S-rank on hard and get additionally 8-12k points in every stage which makes to reach an S-Rank very very easy. I do this trick in my runs and I got S-Rank in nearly any stage on the first try and I am really just an average player. 100 Yen - Clear the Arcade mode on Hard difficulty or higher This walkthrough should show you that this trophy is possible even you are a average player. You start with 3 lives and every 30.000 points you get a extra life. In theory you have about 9 lives for this mode. In my run I lost 3-4 lives, some of them through my own stupidity and incompetence. If I had been a little more careful, I would not have died, but in the end I still had 5 lives left. I use Shiva and the alternative Blitz move called "Flying Kick" (unlocks in Survival mode) Unlock Secret Char Roo + Clown Wars Trophy (DLC) In the main menu, hold at the same time the Square Button, Up on the D-Pad, the X Button and hit the start button on "story" If you have done everything correctly you will hear a sound and the char un locked and available for any mode. For a quick and easy 'Clown Wars' trophy start a new game and use the assist feature (Retry) to get 2 more stars so that you have directly 3 stars. Now use all 3 stars with Y+B and the achievement is yours.
  7. A Memoir Blue has a lot of missable trophies but don't worry, there is a chapter select and the game is relatively short with about 1h playtime. You can get every trophies via the chapter select. In my video I show you the complete game incl all trophies. You will not miss anything. The video is completely uncommented so you can enjoy this game. Almost all trophies are self-explanatory and very easy, except for the swimming pool trophy (Sink and Swim). Here you have to hold down the left stick and the A button the whole time until you get to the end of the pool. 00:00 - Walkthrough 02:21 - Empty Your Cup 02:50 - Walkthrough 03:34 - Surfing the Radio Waves 05:12 - Glow Up 05:45 - Walkthrough 07:30 - Hopping the Turnstile 07:52 - Walkthrough 13:25 - Wood War 13:55 - Walkthrough 15:58 - Siren Song 16:36 - Walkthrough 17:07 - Oh Buoy! 18:13 - Walkthrough 21:47 - Bubbling Over 22:13 - Walkthrough 22:53 - Fan Service 23:13 - Walkthrough 25:15 - Knock 'Em Down 25:37 - Walkthrough 30:30 - Flipper Friend 30:52 - Walkthrough 44:32 - Sink And Swim 45:35 - Walkthrough 48:42 - Mirror, Mirror... 49:22 - Walkthrough
  8. All trophies are story-related. When you complete the game, you automatically have all the trophies. I have created a full game walkthrough for the game if you are interested in it or stuck at any puzzle section. Walkthrough facts: All Puzzles All Secret rooms No Speed ups No annoying commentary No Try and Error Easiest solutions without much movement Hardly any video cuts (under 10 in the whole video and most are very well hidden) Timeline: 00:00 - Intro + Warehouse Trophy 05:31 - Subway Trophy 06:19 - Secret Room 1/5 07:03 - Subway Trophy 12:45 - Downtown Trophy 14:15 - University Trophy 19:22 - Secret Room 2/5 20:00 - University Trophy 25:25 - Inner City Trophy 26:51 - Secret Room 3/5 27:31 - Inner City Trophy 38:15 - Secret Room 4/5 38:45 - Inner City Trophy 44:52 - Skyline paint! Trophy 46:12 - Secret Room 5/5 47:08 - Skyline cake Trophy 55:13 - Skyline dark Trophy 59:10 - Rooftops Trophy 01:04:38 - Apartment Trophy
  9. The Ancient Gods - Part One UAC Atlantica Facility The Blood Swamps The Holt The Ancient Gods - Part Two The World Spear Reclaimed Earth Immora
  10. Thanks But please remember, my guide is the 2nd part of the Collectibles. Alone by itself, you won't get a lot of collectibles because they are in the story video. I collected 81 / 172 Collectibles in the story because they were close by or directly on the way. Most other online guides refer to a specific guide of another youtuber, but the youtuber only collected 59 in the story and thus wasted a lot of people's time. Greetings
  11. /OT Yes, because he is usually the only guide channel that gets the games a lot earlier. All others start behind him, 1-2 days before release or even for the release only, because these channels get nothing. And if you're able to play a game like mafia 10 days before everyone else, I don't think something like story collectibles "guide" should come out. But that's just my opinion and I'm not a normal gamer anymore and have a different view on these things.
  12. /OT No worries, you just lose "only" a lot of time in the Free Ride because you have to collect a lot more collectibles there, even though you were already in the story at that place and could have collected the collectible there. Examples: In chapter 3 - 5 instead of 2 In chapter 4 - 4 instead of 2 Sometimes it is just stupid and I don't know why so many people still follow him. Its quality is just bad, especially if you are the only guide channel to get the game 10 days before...... In Chapter 4 or 5 you walk with Paulie in an alley and of course there is a collectible on the ground...not listed... In Chapter 15 you should go to the marker, on your only available path is a collectible..not listed.. In Chapter 20 you are in your house, with 3 collectibles around..he mention only 2.... etc etc etc...
  13. Sory no idea If you found a fix please let us know how. Thanks! Thanks for your feedback
  14. Powerpyx gives a lot of wrong or misleading information, unfortunately so many people believe him without ever thinking outside the box..... I don't want to know how many people left / missed over 1/3 of the Collectibles in the story thanks to him. So much waste of time just because you blindly trust someone, that's sick....:wall: For the topic aka race: For me it was the key to victory a mixture of "no brakes / no gas". You can go through a lot of turns without braking, just take the throttle off for a moment. Before the first turn I was always last to overtake almost everybody in the 2-3 turns afterwards. This tactic almost always works. Afterwards I just drove the race home.
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