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  1. Hi Smashero, are you still around?

  2. Perfect guide as always Mindy! To be super idiot proof : Morphing (8/20) – Fox on top of the rounded stones on the right Squirrel IMHO . Ok, jokes aside . Use dagger with little horn BACK OUT Zoom on dragon Zoom at top of stairs Pick up royal banner and broken lion head, then back out Walk up to back wall THIS IS SECOND EASIEST HO TO GET "Master of Details" Solve HO scene – Get elevator blueprint Exit back to Tower Base
  3. Perfect guide as always Mindy! Thanks! One TINY remark: "Language barrier" did not unlock for me right after receiving "worm souffle" item - had to go through some more random dialogue options.
  4. LOL! EU and NA version REALLY have different descriptions!
  5. Guide is awesome as always, thx Mindy . PRO TIP for free: Press R3 to see all the hot spots visible and signed Remarks (maybe some item names are different in EU version?): Pick up coin slot – get coin Shall be "Pick up coin chute". This time, when passing through the basement laundry room, click the blanket on the floor to drop off. It is called "Down" in the middle of the screen. Use playground, then circus, then merry-go-round with Edna merry-go-round = Ferris Wheel Use clay mass with guard's key – get imprint Use clay mass with Key in left bottom corner of the screen. Exit to Basement Corridor, up both sets of stairs, and exit via left door to Kitchen Ext to PASSAGEWAY, up both sets of stairs, and exit via left door to Kitchen Use coat hanger with van window Use coat hanger no.2 with van window Go all the way downstairs to Ground Floor (if the driver is there, do the bubble gum thing again), then through the back door and back outside (on the Ground Floor, exit right and you'll be at the back door) Go all the way downstairs to Ground Floor (if the driver is there, do the bubble gum thing again), then through the HALLWAY and back outside (on the Ground Floor, exit right and you'll be at the back door) What's up? Why aren't you with the car? What do you think of the pattern that I've raked? Formatting went wrong . Watchtower Enter door Use locker to open it Shall be: Watchtower Enter door Use stairs Use locker to open it Click the left-most pedal, then quickly click the gear shift lever *Hihi, those Americans * Click clutch, then quickly click the gear shift lever Church Enter door on right Shall be Church Enter the door Enter door on right
  6. Everything can be done on easy, so it is 2/10. The "worst" part is that the trophy "Fan" for playing for 3 hours is glitched and... Oh well... I read about two methods: to leave the game idle either on entrance to the last boss level or secret boss level... Let's see how it will work...
  7. Swords of Ditto - Toy Master - My Story TL : DR - I got it... in a "different" (?) way So since like 2 weeks I was trying to my get my last trophy for "The Swords of Ditto" - "Toy Master". After all the research I have done over the Internet, since patch 1.05 (currently 1.17) Super Suit (Legendary Toy) had to be obtained as a LAST ONE, then offered at the altar and reobtained/getting any other toy shall trigger the trophy. Not for me... So, since I didn't know about this bug as my second character (after completing story once) I choose a MOUSE with SUIT as a main toy = available from the start. And that's what was my mistake I think: I reached Era 10 even once with all 10 LEGENDARY toys in my backpack - no trophy. And here the funny part starts. I erased my saves and started from the scratch (downgrading to 1.00 doesn't work :/). So Legendary toys are (according to the Internet): The Laser The Vinyl Record The Drone The Golf Club The Conker The Yo-yo The Bow The Bowling Ball The Foot The Henshin Super Suit During my 5th run I started with character who has the BOW from the start. In the shop I could buy "Bowling Ball", "Super Suit" and... "Watch"... Which is essential for this story IMHO. During my run I got "Frisbee" and "Golf" from "Toy Dungeons" and "Yo-Yo" and "Laser Ring" from NPC Dungeons. Not sure if it is worth to mention, but I got a 7******* star Metaxa from my Brother and decided to used it. And I figured out that... So according the list above I got 7 Legendary Toys so far in this run. Ok. (And here I am not sure if I bought the Suit or not...). Since "The Watch" and "The Bowling Ball" are available in the shop, I can buy them again after offering them at the altar. So I used both once - Got "Foot" and "Rock Ring" (not listed as a LEGENDARY). I backed up my save, went back to city and bought "The Watch" and "Bowling Bowl" again and offered them. Got "Vampire Ring" and "Shield". Teleported to town again to buy "Bowl" and "Watch" again, went back to altar, offered "Watch" got "Axe" and... TROPHY! As you can see on attached picture!! And platinum just 0 seconds after. So the final thoughts: In my case - Legendary items WERE NOT limited to the 10 listed - offering Legendary Toy from the list above can bring you a few more toys!!! Which are - not sure if the list is complete/names are accurate: ROCK RING VAMPIRE RING SHIELD BOOK of the DEAD Those two I remember from my other runs: SNEAKERS or SHOES BASKETBALL / ULTRABALL (?) So my point is - offer ONLY the items available in the shop, go back to town, buy them again - rinse and repeat. Here is my BAG right after the plat: Anyway... I fell so... RELEASED FROM THIS GAME!!!!
  8. Sorry for necroing it, but... U actually need 50.
  9. Guide is awesome as always Mindy... I didn't pick up Hat (9/16) since I thought I can come back to this area as in the previous parts... This one is linear - no way back... DAMN!! Btw: Pick up runic marble In inventory, combine Anna's hair with shapeshifting potion, then click potion bottle - not needed - this is line is not needed, probably copy/paste mistake from above. Map – Mountain City Also: Use in order with the boat: planks, nails, hammer, tar, brush, oar, scoop Shall be: Use in order with the boat: planks, nails, hammer, tar, brush, scoop, oar
  10. Thank you very much Velvet! Worked like a charm! I encountered a weird glitch with "MASTER OF RECOVERY" trophy. I was following your guide on YT and I am 100% sure that I have "touched" everything, however trophy didn't pop when I picked up the helmet from the locker. So I started to "touch" everything again started from Deck 4 and ended at Deck 1, but of course no trophy... So I decided to check again everything starting from Deck 1 to 4 and... the trophy popped out of nowhere when I was walking in the corridor of Deck 1 where the closed doors are and you didn't even enter that area during your video! Strange .
  11. Playing it now :]. One small mistake: Doll (5/28) – on the table with the lamp Zoom on chairs Click glasses and pick up book, then back out Click on grandfather clock Zoom on clock face Pick up override key (top right corner of arch) Use ORNAMENT with clock face Pick up ladder wheel, then back out Exit back left to Lobby
  12. Thnks for the guide Mindy! Perfect as usual! Worth to mention: L1 = access to map, so no need to go from x to x in the main game as well as clicking on the top right icon in DLCs .
  13. Perfect guide as usual Mindy. One small thing: Walk left to hobo - it is actually to the right. Game stuck on me 2 times, I think due to skipping dialogues too fast in chapter 2 during action with painter...
  14. Thanks for the guide! Small mistake in "Breaking the Ice": it is needed to stop 5 guard impacts or reversal edges with a break attack as per trophy description, but in the explanation for the trophy you have written 20.
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