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  1. I need help with invite only trophy PSN berts08 UK time Completed
  2. berts08

    Any tips

    I'm finding this game to be really hard. Is there any tips on what to use as your 4 guards? I beat the first boss on normal but I cant get by round 4 on the next difficulty. There doesn't seem to be a way to farm stars. After I beat the first boss it says I get 10 stars but it doesnt give me them.
  3. 5 For me, even with the modifiers there is quite a few sections that will make you want to punch the tv.
  4. A six for me. New game plus is hard. I'm giving this a six because I believe if a game causes you any stress not just because its difficult but the tedious grind you have to do which can cause stress just as if the game is really hard, yes both result in different stress experiences but stress is still stress. This game caused me stress, but I fucking enjoyed the game. All I can say is good luck on final boss, that bitch caused me the most stress. If you are a fan of turn base this game is a MUST.
  5. hi guys I need the Co-op trophy. I'm from UK and will be on around 9pm most nights my psn is berts08 just msg me and we can get this done cheers (Now Done Cheers)
  6. Im giving this a solid 5 because of the grind. The flan mini games some give me probs and near made me smash my tv esp the bouncing flan mini game. I had to put the controller down and leave the room for 15 mins to calm down. This bitch of a plant is one hell of a grind. I am just cleaning up a few more trophies and the fucking cooking shit is doing my head in. Also wtf is with all the cutscenes? they last a good 10 mins and there must be over 50 of them? fuck that shit, I had to skip most of them.
  7. I have beat the game and the dragon but never got hit with the crystal so I go back and try to summon him again and I dont have the dragon gems. Now I did a google search and it says the witch in the pumpkin boss level gives you one and the mayor at the end of the asylum gives you the other. I go to the pumpkin boss level and the pumpkin witch is not at the cauldron, I also get to the end of the asylum and the mayor doesnt give me one either. Whats going on here? I need the dragonj gems to summon the dragon in the crystal caves. Anyone any ideas?
  8. 8 out of fucking 10!!!!! Fuck this bitch of a game, good fucking luck on the speed train trophy. I have tried over 100 times and still cant get it. I hate TIME RELATED TROPHIES! I might just be getting old at 37, my reflexes are not what they used to be and the GOD DAMN CAMERA is really bad. I had to delete the game or I would of punched my tv with anger. I have never been this frustrated in a game in a very long time. I was enjoying it up untill I attempted that trophy. Im not letting a game ruin my fun of trophy hunting. FUCK YOU SPEED TROPHY.
  9. Has this been fixed yet? its on sale but im not buying if its still glitched!
  10. Are the online trophies broke? I have played over 50 online matches and the trophy has not popped
  11. Um how about clear the table in 5 mins? Or get a max break of 147? I put a few hours in and my highest break was 30. I can't see me get a 147 and I will applaud anyone who does. Hardest plat I have come across and I have over 120 plats. I hope that answers your question?
  12. Anyone who plats this game deserves all the credit they can get... this for me is impossible and the hardest plat I have ever seen.
  13. I still need this trophy...Im on now for about an hour..Please help. berts08 Thanks guys got the trophy
  14. Hi can anyone help me with this trophy please User name berts08
  15. Ok i have beat the game on hard and its my first playthrough. I go pray at the colossus and it lets me do time attack in hard. How do i fight in time attack in normal? I checked the guide and its not very clear. Do i have to start on new game plus? Or do i just continue from where i finished the game?
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