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  1. Stupid ass trophy I done this already on PS4 and simply used the same method as there, the one in the guide's video with hugging the wall to the upper-left. Did not get any hits on the first or second 'Pure' runs, nothing at all, no burning pedals, no sound of electricity other than the distant lightnings, but still no trophy. Decided to give it one more chance before abandoning it, as I'm not enjoying the Vita version at all, while I loved the PS4 version. Well, on the 3rd 'Pure' run, I did get pushed down into one of those electric-grids in the maze, no burning but the screen flashed and sound of electricity crackling, so I thought 'aggh, to hell with it' and rushed to the end...but still got the trophy at the end of that run. My impression of the Vita version just took a further dive by this.
  2. Nothing there either, and I have a few friends from other nordic countries waiting as well, and they just checked too...nothing Crossing fingers to hear back from either Sony or the dev when the easter holidays are over
  3. I bought original SG back at release, so I'm supposed to have Encore for free. But I'm in the Nordic area of EU, we have a seperate 'Noridc PSN store' and the game didn't get released here untill this week But in-store it shows up with a price tag, if I DL the trial and check the purchase option there, still has a price-tag No Voucher in my linked e-mail account either, have checked spam-folder too Been trying to contact Sony's customer service and the devs, but still ain't got no reply from either So I'm curious to hear from any owners of the original from other regions that got the game a while ago, how did the procedure go for you? Was it vouchers, or showing up for free in store?
  4. Gonna try my luck seeing this game is quite old and not very active online I'm very early in the game yet, need all the online trophies and will gladly help any others going for Platinum in it with anything they need. I'll be keeping this game in my collection, so even if a long time has passed, feel free to add/contact me for the online trophies. I'm especially concerned about the requirements for the Treasure Collector trophy, but like I said, need all the onlines
  5. Capture of Puyang: Battle Objective #2 This one was a painful trial and error, but here is the method for how I finally got it: 1) Spot the 3 enemies the mission requires to be converted to your side, and clear a path to them all for your ally to walk between them. He will go west along the southern path for the first one, then back the same path east and head north for the second. Finally he goes west along the northern path of the area to the last ally in NW area. During this time, you can only capture one of the two castles you're supposed to capture, preferably the western one. Capturing the second one will trigger reinforcements to enter, and the warlords you're trying to convert will leave. 2) When all three have joined you, you'll receive a message saying a letter will be forged and sent to Cao Cao, that's the que to go and capture the second castle. 3) Keep clearing the area of any reinforcements, but do not under any circumstance kill Yue Jin, as that will trigger Cao Cao's reinforcement, and fail the objective. Don't worry about him killing some of your allies, he'll be staying around the southern area, far away from anything that can fail you the mission or objective. Eventually an Engineer will appear at the southern part. Escort him and make sure to keep him safe from any enemies. He'll take a path leading him to an exit north of where your last converted ally was earlier. 4) When the Engineer has left through the exit, to deliver the letter to Cao Cao, is when you can go and kill Yue Jin and any remaining officers to trigger Cao Cao's arrival. He'll enter a castle alone, a stratagem will trigger from your side, and objective is complete. You can now safely kill Cao Cao, or get his allies first if you want. I hope this will save others from a very tedious trial and error
  6. Voted 100+, I'll be way past the 100 hour mark myself cos I been messing a lot with stages from Vanilla version and weapon forging. But if just going for trophies, having save-file from Vanilla and planning carefully, I'd guess it can be done in ca 60-70 hours maybe. But going for an average rating, I'd say just over 100
  7. I got it just now, the only thing I did differently from other attempts was to take it really slow when Lingqui was escaping, and shortly after she got cut off by NPC's at the checkpoint, I went and caught up with her. That's when the red dot appeared in the south. I did not kill all Officers, just the required ones and a few that got too close, and very few on the chase-path. My guess is that it's time-related, as in a certain amount of time must pass from the start of her escape until the officer appears
  8. The base where the final Officer resides can be annoying. Try to lure him away from the base commanders, kill them off and grab the base as yours and make sure you see your blue flag in the middle of it before you kill him off. I did kill the base commanders myself a few times and still ended up with 92-3%, but it popped for me when I did this more carefully, being sure to see the flag. Of course, after I got it first time, I got it all the time, even without being careful...typical
  9. 1 damn Battle Objective is driving me mad, anyone know how to do it? It's in the mission 'Find Red Hare' - the 2nd Objective, Finding out who's behind the horse-theft. I've tried various approaches to the stage, but it always just results in having to fight Lu Lingqui and having my officer wonder about 'who's really behind the theft of the animals' at the end
  10. Ouch!!! That does explain why I have so many A-Ranks from rushing through the stages on Ultimate though. I had pondered the same, but thought I had debunked it too. Since that's the case, the only thing that would make sense in a 'help for a faster Platinum time' would be listing the Ultimate difficulty requirements, but maybe that's just as pointless. Regarding the AAA = A, I'll pay extra good attention to it and let you know if it happens. I can't actually recall it, but I have 'Best Stage Rank: A' on stages where the K.O.'s were extremely low and time high, and got B rank with a higher K.O. while going for the 3-star objectives in such stages. But I was doing that on lower difficulty, which now apparently means I could easily have gotten A on it on Ultimate.
  11. Ye I was surprised to see it go from B to A with only 73 extra kills, but was trying to speed it since I failed on time too in the first go. Also, Pirate Warriors & Fist of the North Star had some A-Rank stuff too, and I think some of those went by the 50's. But I do go by the score/time specific rating, not the total one. Apparently, I've gotten A in more stages than I thought when doing Ultimate, but still need stage-objectives in many of them, so I'm trying to play with the numbers a bit in those, and I'm gonna find a couple of good short stages to do a little PS4/Vita comparison. I'm hoping it's a consistent %, not a number they've come up with for the stages individually, that way a list with just the PS3/4 ones and the %-drop would suffice. Think I saw this in one of the other posts, but getting KO/Time/Feats A-A-C results in B for the stage, A-A-B will do for A
  12. Done with cleaning up the Wei stages. Everything I highlighted in Bold is changes from your OP, rest of the stages my info was useless for the posts purpose I'll have to replay them for the 6th weapon too of course, and will be keeping an eye out for the KO & time count there too, moving on to Wu for now
  13. Info-bit: You mention in the section for Ultimate Warrior that it's not trackable in-game. That is fortunately incorrect. Go into Free Mode > Select Stage, but instead of selecting the stage from 'Kingdom name' section, tap L1/R1 to go into the 'Battlefield Name' section. Here you can select a Battlefield to see every Stage taking place on it, and tapping R1 here will show you a small tab with all the difficulties listed, and those you've beaten will have 'Cleared' written in gold besides them. I'm not sure how it is for people that haven't played DW8, but wheras I have Platinum on that, all the DW8 stages have 'Cleared' by the Chaos difficulty, making it easy to distinguish DW8 from DW8XL exclusive stages
  14. For this the Console/Vita difference is very apparent, was just checking some of the stages I got A-Rank on Vita runs, and in most cases it looks like the K.O's have a 50% less required. Fortunately, I'll be at home for the most part the next few days, so will mostly be doing this on the console, but I'll make note of the Vita K.O.'s where I got those I'm wondering if the time has a difference too, I noticed doing the challenges, that despite there being fewer enemies in Vita's Speed Run & Inferno, my time on them was horrible in comparison to the console, and the game also gives you a minute more to beat those on Vita
  15. I know man, I had a lot of those A-times with B-D kills, or A on kills but then B-D on time. It's a tight balance of those too in many stages. But exactly, if we narrow it down as best we can, it should help future players a lot to hit that margin without too many retries.
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