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  1. I played both games Tussell, the bugs in The hunter call of the wild made it unplayable. Had to restart the game 3 times n it messed up every time. At least this game was playable.
  2. I enjoyed the game, it presented a challenge but wasn't overly difficult. There was a little bit of grinding but wasn't too bad. The plat was relatively easy i'd rate it 2/10.
  3. I've received a few messages in regards to this trophy because people can see i've completed it on psnprofiles. I don;t know how to insert the spoiler tag, so continue reading at your own risk. . . . . . . . . . . . . . To get this trophy you have to lay down prone on a bedroll. The one that I used was in goat tower colorado.
  4. Lord Belevros wont appear for me in deadwatch, i released him in the iron outpost, he just never shows up in deadwatch. because of this i cant finish the bestiary, or the ultimate weapon for Gully. might have to do a 3rd play through because of this glitch..
  5. guess I am redoing all of them again then, as they all showed the yellow complete msg when I did them the first time.. but still hevent got the trophy..
  6. the social club doesn't list stunt jumps..
  7. So I followed the stun jump guide from http://www.ps3trophies.org/forum/grand-theft-auto-v/210938-grand-theft-auto-v-100-completion-guide-checklist-collectibles-stunts-more.html I got the yellow message each and every time I completed a jump.. it seams tho once I finished I still need 1 jump somewhere it didn't register proper.. When I complete a jump right now it sais "stun jump completed - undefined" instead of saying "just one left". Has anyone else ran into this issue? is my only hope to go threw every single jump again until I find the one that got glitched?
  8. it was just a joke played by my crew leader.. it was nothing more then a title.. pretty mean joke and got my worried enough to post this thread..
  9. /sigh.. it was my crew leader.. what a mean joke.. disregard this thread, and laugh at me...
  10. I guess they don't realise you get more RP/Cash when you do a mission with higher level players.
  11. I have no idea the real reason I have been labeled a cheat, as it has now been 3 days since I contacted support with out reciving a reply. Its kinda depressing to think that other players might be the cause for this, espechialy when I haven't done anything that should label me except win a lot of races (non criminal minds)
  12. I did contact support, I submitted a ticket 2 days ago, it just seams to take them forever to reply. I dunno hopefully there is away for me to have it removed, but I assume once your branded that's it.
  13. It doesn't say it on the social club on my profile, it only shows up in game when you level up and it shows your new title across the screen. Looking at my profile the only other thing that might have caused it, I have more money spent then I have earned. But that is because of the rollback issues the servers were having last week. I kept having to rebuy the same weapons over and over again but they didn't save as my levels were rolled back and wasn't high enough to own those weapons. so my money levels are skued. All of that happened before I ever even tried doing criminal records.
  14. No I never did any exploiting of money or cars, as I was sure that would be something that would come back to haunt those who did it. I have only ever played the game as its designed, as it was giving to me when I bought it. Maybe this issue is unique to my self, has anyone else been labeled this way from doing criminal records?
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