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  1. Let The Right One In We Are The Night [Rec] & [Rec] 2 The Host Trollhunter Thale Rare Exports To name a few
  2. I think the first had limitless potential, such a good concept and a strong cast. Sadly it turned into a generic house invasion movie and the premise was entirely wasted. Hopefully this will embrace "The Purge" more and we'll get what we should have had in the first place
  3. "Sure its a great game but i hate the tard who made the game. I hate the fucking credits in the end. Take almost 10 min to see the shit every time. Why cant we just hit start and skip the shit? Just reading that gave me a headache
  4. Define finished Completed the main story- Lollipop Chainsaw: 7/10 Completed 100% or Platinumed- Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days: 3/10 (Only because of how they butchered the ps3 version)
  5. Hey folks looking for all the online trophies, haven't really started yet. Looking to trade wins etc. Username: Platypuschow Timezone: Good ol' sunny england Please add the game name in the request
  6. More movies than I can describe, but off the top of my head Priest comes to mind. Looked entertaining, worked out painfully bad
  7. Nothing about Mania interests me in the slightest bit Taker vs Brock? Seen it before HHH vs Bryan? Yay.....another chance for PAUL to put himself over Batista Vs Orton? Are you kidding me?! I can't even find it in myself to continue! This is why I don't pay for this crap anymore
  8. Don't get the attraction, these reeks of mainstream (What your told is good) list Only movies I'd even acknowledge as vaguely good are Lord Of The Rings The Shawshank Redemption Lord Of The Rings Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring Phonebooth The Green Mile Let The Right One In Despicable Me Forrest Gump Independence Day Monty Python and the Holy Grail Back To The Future Crash Despicable Me 2 And the fact that This Is The End is in there genuinely concerns me And Bio Zombie makes me think not enough people got to vote
  9. I'll no doubt watch this but I'm expecting it to be as entertaining as the previously mentioned Batman & Robin
  10. You lost me at Transformers
  11. No sympathy at all for addiction, never should have started in the first place. What is it with money and being driven to excesses that ultimately end them? My vice is alcohol on a Friday night and that's where it starts and ends...because I'm boring? No, because I'm not a complete fucking idiot. Great actor, some very memorable performances but folks stop glamorizing this.
  12. Video game to movie adaptations usually fail and fail hard. I want it to succeed but the less people who know its based on a video game the better
  13. That I've watched the most? Yikes The Crow, Out Cold & Baseketball come to mind
  14. Last 5 movies I gave 7+ on IMDB 1.The Spectaular Now (8) 2.The Way Way Back (7) 3.Thor 2 (7) 4.Still Mine (9) 5.Violet & Daisy (8)
  15. Don't think....what? That it will happen? That it will be great? That the amazing miracle cloud rapist God exists? That rainbows happen because leprechauns GPS to their gold breaks? Be more specific man/woman/miscellanious
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