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  1. Yah I kept racing for the top... It's simple shifting to the left then 2md and 3rd phase u basically don't move at all.
  2. 30 min to finish.... Maybe 1 hour tops
  3. I'm voting 2/10...on my 3rd time I finished the game I actually finished it. Awesome last boss... It seems very hard at bosses but it becomes so easy once u learn the patterns. Quick and ez...
  4. Thanks for the guide... Just picked this up
  5. Thank you... I plan on getting this done soon
  6. Skipping on the vita is not nearly as fast as ps4... On vita using a guide and max skip... 25min
  7. 2/10....once you get the hang of it... Ez pz... Seemed hard at first but once u get different weapons... I kpet playing after the Plat just for fun... Got up to level 7. Fun game and gets challenging
  8. 2/10..easy w a guide... 3 min was the only "hard" trophy
  9. Not just click n win but pretty close to it... 2/10.
  10. I'd say... 1hr or tad more... 0-5 regardless of skill
  11. 3/10....i farmed 2-4 for coins... Def use the shotgun over the machine gun On the vita I had stuttering issues too which made it a tad of a pain
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