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  1. I really struggled with some points of this on the Vita, especially the Jacka boss fight. I gave it a 6.
  2. Thanks for this. It was actually necessary for this game - the first one was straightforward, whereas this was fairly challenging at some points.
  3. The guide probably took longer to write than it takes most people to complete the game 😂
  4. No skill involved, just spamming the skip text button. 1/10 for sure. Took me 10 minutes spamming the button.
  5. Great guide, definitely helped me out a lot. As has been mentioned, there are a couple of (I think only 2 or 3 tbh) continuity errors in the later scenarios with team names, etc., but otherwise nothing major nor difficult to figure out what you meant. There was one scenario in particular that really got me for like almost 2 hours. I can’t remember what it was exactly (maybe it involved the Colts?). Even with tanking their stats it would still difficult but I managed to luck my way through it eventually. The recommendations for adjusting team stats were pretty spot on. I took extra precaution on Super Bowl Sunday and nerfed the Saints pretty heavily. It only took me about 5 tries before I finally got it. When I nerfed teams I nerfed the following positions: - QBs - Running Backs (offence) - Corner Backs (defence) to make it easier. Having QBs and Running Backs nerfed made it so their attacking options were very limited, mostly just blitzing which I shut down pretty quick. And then having Corner Backs nerfed made it pretty easy to get air balls to my Wide Receivers - you just have to choose a play where it’s a 1v1/the Wide Receiver is isolated. A helpful tip for Super Bowl Sunday is if they’re going to do a kneel, then switch to FG block: https://www.supercheats.com/xbox360/madden-nfl-11/6212/easy-superbowl-sunday-madden-m/ The AI offence then switches to a normal play, which you can then quickly switch yourself. I’m not sure if this works in other situations where they’re gonna take a knee to end the game, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t.
  6. I think this took me around 16-20 hours. Nerfing the dummy team probs took around 2-3 hours all up. The miscellaneous gameplay ones probs took about 4-6 (I did these first to get the hang of the game) and then the Madden Moments probs took around 8-10. Madden Moments would’ve taken a lot longer had I not selectively nerfed certain players/positions on teams in the more difficult scenarios (as the Madden Moments guide). My PS3 froze a couple of times, especially during the Madden Moments, which probs contributed 30 mins to an hour total to my playtime. Nothing major, but just annoying.
  7. I voted 4 out of 10. A handful of the Madden Moments were quite difficult, especially the ones where you had to regain possession with not a lot of time left (incredibly luck based). Some of them can be cheesed pretty easily, and others require a few attempts but nothing terribly difficult. The game itself and the rules weren’t complicated to learn (as I knew next to nothing about the NFL). You just gotta find a few good air plays, and maybe one or two reliable running ones, to get good yards on your plays. The trophies requiring two players, like the interceptions and scoring and the fumble in the end zone, were a bit annoying. Overall, not that difficult and would’ve been an easy when it was released, but there are now much easier games out there.
  8. Thanks for the guide! Helped me get the even though I knew next to nothing amount NFL. 😂
  9. Thanks for the guide Dan! 😊
  10. I’m still looking to get this done. Servers are a bit iffy, and it didn’t work with the person above, but I’m keen to keep trying. Send me a message if you’re keen.
  11. Thanks to everyone for the well wishes! And sorry it's taken me so long to get back to y'all! The last couple of weeks we've been in lockdown here in NZ (lost our Covid-free haven status 😬😢), and it's been pretty manic with work. The first couple of weeks, though, I was just a bit lazy and always put it off. 😅 Haha I had TOTALLY forgotten about that. 😬 (Hopefully you're still not harbouring any ill feelings for the RNG. 😘) Awww thanks man! I can't even remember how long ago/when that was, as it seems like such a long time ago. 🤣 Thanks! It's defs extremely rewarding, but the time just flies by! At the moment, we're still doing doing the Romanglish... so it's kinda working. It's really just whatever is easiest at the time. 🤣 Merci ! Est-ce que tu attendais que je réponde avec "croissant" ou quelque chose simple comme ça ? You're such a muppet. But love ya. My bad... in any event she's still raking it in on OnlyFans. I guess there's real community support for content from a leather-clad plus sized lady involving monster dildos... 😉 I wrote like half these answers at like 3 am when my daughter was still awake... so you'll have to forgive the occasional error and departure from my usual high standards. 😘 Naww thanks! I try to be one of the best good cnuts around. 🤣
  12. Thank you for the collectibles guide @diskdocx! 👍🏼
  13. Thank you for the collectibles guide @diskdocx! 👍🏼
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