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  1. Hey no problem! It was fun to relive a lot of that stuff, can't believe how much we did in the short time I was Admin.


    Thanks again for putting it all together, I appreciate it. I can tell it was a lot of work. :)

  2. Pretty much any of the top 20-30 posters would be fun to do this QTE again on. Oh, and Pagan Min, he's got some quality posts too.
  3. Oh and if anyone has a few hours to spare, read through the Trophy Survivor and House Championships game threads. They're an entertaining read for sure.
  4. I have to echo Olsen's sentiment in his thread, many thanks Slamma and Velvet and everyone else involved in putting together these 10th anniversary threads, they've been really great to read through and brought back a lot of fun memories. I appreciate it. Hey thanks man! It was fun, and I'm glad people enjoyed the things that went on while I was at the helm. I wish I could have done more but you know, power is an illusion.
  5. If had time to run Trophy Survivor again, I'd love to do it. Alas... those days are probably past. House Championships v2 could inject some new life back into the forums. THL is great and all but the HC made better use of the forums and forced us to think outside the box and come up with new stuff beyond the "get as many trophies as you can" mindset.
  6. Glad everyone liked the QTE! I enjoyed all the submissions, people came up with some good ones, and hopefully you had fun searching through my posts. Ah fun times.
  7. Great submissions so far people Each one is a nice walk down memory lane.
  8. http://t.qkme.me/3qdr6n.jpg Well this is pretty cool, thanks for putting this together, looking forward to seeing the other threads. It's a shame you guys can't do more to promote the 10th birthday. There should be an updated site banner with confetti and stuff so everyone knows. But nope! PST even passed XBA in posts and we still get no love. Just for you, I'm bringing back a classic right-aligned sig. (also because Krid hates them)
  9. No, it should be a response. Like you're quoting me on the forums but your response is a trophy. So perhaps I post "Jerry, you're daft" and you quote me and earn this trophy in response: Well... Whatever
  10. https://www.playstationtrophies.org/game/korix/overview/
  11. What's up man, been a long time... doing pretty good, busy with work and stuff, not much time to game these days. How's your family?

  12. Once I took over, the excuse I got on why subscriptions hadn't been done yet, was that they didn't think there was enough value to offer them. From what I knew it was basically done, they were just sitting on it. In the interest of actually getting them to implement something—you know, ship new features, which a successful site needs to do with regularity—I pushed to do it. People had been asking how to donate for a long time, it was dumb to sit there and not give them a way to do so. But apparently it was too hard to add a simple Donate button at the top of every page, the entire subscription and donate feature had to be pushed.
  13. The point was that Webb and RX had plenty of time and opportunity to take this site to the next level, show what was the best gaming community that they appreciated them, and really make something of it all (which I thought is what they wanted). But they squandered it, which is a shame. I had kept quiet before since ultimately it's their site and I'd rather not air out the dirty laundry... but man, when you come in here with only a "give us likes pleeeeease" thread and completely ignore all the free work the actual community of the site does (by writing trophy guides and running events) to help bring in those "80K views a day", and blow off their concerns with a sad sack "I bleed for this site", and call "utter bullocks" and blatantly lie—that pisses me off. It's a slap in the face to Olsen—and all the content creators—who spent so much time making the community what it was. I'm glad people like Woz, PowerPyx, and Harry left and did their own thing. Seriously, if after years you still have to spend 80 hours a week paraphrasing other sites' news articles and running a Twitch stream with 50 viewers, you're doing it wrong. If you have to spend 8-10 hours a day dealing with DDOS attacks on a niche gaming site that 99.99999% of the internet doesn't even know exists... you're doing it wrong. And you need help. Everyone needs help in life, you can't do everything on your own. If this is supposed to be a legit business, run it like a business and hire some real help in the areas that actually need it (i.e., not the front page news and reviews that countless other gaming sites do much, much better). Focus on your unique selling point, which is trophies and guides. Trust your best and most enthusiastic people in the community and enable them to contribute, or they're just going to go elsewhere. I would have totally helped for free to fix bugs in the site if they had let me. RX takes five minutes to update the "Top Viewed Trophy Guides" after this thread blows up and everyone thinks that progress is being made and things are changing. The site has had to literally scrape the HTML of PSNP game pages to get the trophy lists for this site, using scripts that volunteer staff members have written (not RX). I wrote one we used for years in like four hours. I even put up the source code for the BBCode Guide Template for all to see and copy and steal. RX can't even remove that stupid generic blue XBox avatar from your profile. Wake up guys...
  14. If anything a feed of trophy info alleviates the need to scrape PSNP to get trophy lists to even load to this one. Otherwise they all have to be manually, which is a chore I don't wish on anyone. Also I believe SlyRipper offered to merge his trophy tracking stuff with our forums and Webb turned him down.
  15. As Terminator would say: ^This Webb responds with a few conciliatory posts and y'all get lulled into a sense of complacency again... this has been going on for years guys, nothing will change.
  16. TBH, it's pretty crazy how much the staff does, without pay. Speaking for myself, it was fun, I learned a lot, met some great people... but you know what, I finally realized it was time to get paid for the writing work I do. So all you content creators out there still writing guides for free and only sticking them on here... you're getting played. Your time and dedication and skill is worth way more than the occasional forum thanks and a pathetic "hey guys, like our new FB page!!" from an owner of the site. Webb and RX make all the money off your efforts. They don't appreciate what you're doing at all. #monthwithoutguides
  17. Yeah so all of my guides will have broken images because of Photobucket. I don't know which have images, but here's a quick and dirty list: The Eye of Judgment BZB - High Scores BZB - RM / In Space Gravity Crash Sonic Adventure Sonic Adventure - Level A guide PAIN - Alpine ZP1 - Paranormal Qlione 2 Marvel Pinball Star Raiders Alien Zombie Megadeath Chronicles of Riddick ZEN Pinball 2 The Pinball Arcade TPA 01 - MM / BoPB TPA 02 - CV / FH TPA 03 - GG / MB TPA 04 - CftBL / BK TPA 05 - HD / Taxi TPA 06 - EatPM / NGG TPA 07 - SS / BS Surge Deluxe TPA 08 - TZ TPA 09 - ST:TNG You could probably get them from a Google cache or Wayback Machine. Sorry but I don't have the desire to fix any of them at this point. Honestly I wouldn't spend a lot of time on mine unless you think the guide is still popular enough to warrant fixing.
  18. I get the sense he couldn't be this player with another star like Durant on the team. He can only do it when he knows he's the top dog and has to carry the team and know there's no one else he has to share it with. Kinda like how Curry's production was inconsistent with Durant in the line up, but with him out he's reverted back to last year's MVP form because he has to do more now.
  19. Totally. Next time I go to LV, attending a Raiders game will be on the list. I don't gamble much so always looking for non-gambling things to do while there. I'm sure many of the existing Raiders fans will continue to support them (they certainly aren't going to start supporting the Niners), they just won't be going to the games.
  20. Sorry, but that promo was Lamesville. I'm as hyped for the season as any of you nerds, but all it made me do was roll my eyes. We're in the home stretch, shits gonna go down in Westeros, and that's all they can come up with?
  21. Not familiar with Code Orange but that album is pretty tight. Listened to the new Mastodon a bunch yesterday and I really like it. All of the songs are really catchy. Much better than their last one.
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