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  1. Great work fixing the site Vyrastas

  2. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :).

  3. Happy Christmas :).

  4. Hey, you're an Admin here right? I need you to activate my profile, it says I need 10 posts before I can add a sig. Thanks.


    Also, how do you add games to my trophy list on the main site? Is there a way to automate it like PSNP? I don't want to click through 650 games manually :(

  5. Your Gravity Crash Guide needs updating to say the servers have closed, thus rendering the online trophies unobtainable :(.


    EDIT: I've done it myself :).

  6. Hey no problem! It was fun to relive a lot of that stuff, can't believe how much we did in the short time I was Admin.


    Thanks again for putting it all together, I appreciate it. I can tell it was a lot of work. :)

  7. Pretty much any of the top 20-30 posters would be fun to do this QTE again on. Oh, and Pagan Min, he's got some quality posts too.
  8. Thanks for playing along this week ^-^ Hope you enjoyed the spotlight again! Even if just for a few days!

  9. Oh and if anyone has a few hours to spare, read through the Trophy Survivor and House Championships game threads. They're an entertaining read for sure.
  10. I have to echo Olsen's sentiment in his thread, many thanks Slamma and Velvet and everyone else involved in putting together these 10th anniversary threads, they've been really great to read through and brought back a lot of fun memories. I appreciate it. Hey thanks man! It was fun, and I'm glad people enjoyed the things that went on while I was at the helm. I wish I could have done more but you know, power is an illusion.
  11. If had time to run Trophy Survivor again, I'd love to do it. Alas... those days are probably past. House Championships v2 could inject some new life back into the forums. THL is great and all but the HC made better use of the forums and forced us to think outside the box and come up with new stuff beyond the "get as many trophies as you can" mindset.
  12. Glad everyone liked the QTE! I enjoyed all the submissions, people came up with some good ones, and hopefully you had fun searching through my posts. Ah fun times.
  13. Great submissions so far people Each one is a nice walk down memory lane.
  14. http://t.qkme.me/3qdr6n.jpg Well this is pretty cool, thanks for putting this together, looking forward to seeing the other threads. It's a shame you guys can't do more to promote the 10th birthday. There should be an updated site banner with confetti and stuff so everyone knows. But nope! PST even passed XBA in posts and we still get no love. Just for you, I'm bringing back a classic right-aligned sig. (also because Krid hates them)
  15. No, it should be a response. Like you're quoting me on the forums but your response is a trophy. So perhaps I post "Jerry, you're daft" and you quote me and earn this trophy in response: Well... Whatever
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