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  1. Update +3 : Blue Reflection Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy (PS4) Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy (PS5) Very conflicted about GotG counting since it felt not at all like an RPG in any sense of the word to me, but hey, free points. Also as the guy who tends to vouch for Rata games and the like counting for genre leaderboards, I can actually easily advocate for excluding the Our Church and Halloween games specifically on the basis that Breakthrough Gaming is literally just splitting the game up into god knows how many "games" for the sake of plat spam like they do with the rest of their catalog, and not even in the FFVII Remake way where each part is an actual game unto itself. At least with Rata games, the piss-easy plat that you can get in 30-60 minutes is attached to a complete game. Only way it could ethically count is if you required every single "game" in the "series" for a single point, and with how they've now moved into releasing "Challenge Mode" versions of the levels of their already-released games, who even knows when that'll be possible.
  2. Submitted my two missing games just now, so that should be my wagers done. Also went ahead and submitted my remaining URs for the hell of it even though we're already done the community goal.
  3. Finally done my completions, which means I'm good on wagers for this. Just need the site to update so I can submit them along with the numerous URs I've gotten without really trying to. Probably at least 30 or so between ConnecTank and, for some ungodly reason, Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King (evidently, most people are not utilizing the in-game cheats to cheese that one based on half the list being UR on PSN). EDIT: Just did a quick count. Seems to be 33 based on 23 from ConnecTank (though PSN itself says 24 for now, so we'll see if PST updates to reflect that), 2 from Reality Fighters, and 8 from Disney Classics.
  4. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)!

  5. Two games down thanks to doing the two versions of Among Us that came out recently. Now to just do three other games...
  6. Can a man not reward himself for doing his UR wager by finishing the RPG he was working on before he goes off to do easy shit for the game wager?
  7. Got done my UR wager just now without even realizing it (decided to go back to Sonic Adventure on a whim to get the trophies on PS3 that I already completed on 360 years ago and I didn't realize that both trophies are PSN URs, putting me to my wager). Now to just find some games to complete...
  8. As a note, if you haven't started this yet, don't bother. The MUT tutorial is broken since the solo challenges got taken down since January 2020 or so, preventing you from completing the tutorial and thus from getting any of the MUT trophies. https://answers.ea.com/t5/Other-Madden-Games/Madden-17-ultimate-team-tutorial-not-working/td-p/6708734
  9. In any case, I'm likely gonna go for minimum this time because A) I don't want to have another set of wagers I'll never complete that nevertheless gets me memed on from time to time and B) I don't feel like filtering through PSN rarity that much just to expand my list since it's more of a pain to sort through compared to PSNP rarities.
  10. Boy, looks like I got it just in ti... Boy, time flies... Doesn't feel like that happened a year and a half ago. We were on the old site, even.
  11. Here lies discdocx, collector of visual novels. Died attempting to stop his wife from forcing him to resell all of the games on eBay.
  12. Did you enjoy this season? How did you feel about the individual no-stacking rule? Kinda mixed on it. On one hand, it does kinda kill some of the "anything goes" nature of THL and with how few trophies a lot of the worst offenders have, I'm not sure it really did that much to curb scores (probably the most notable thing is cutting off those Break games). On the other hand, it does mean that I have some leftovers to use for another THL from cross-buy games, so that's neat. Outside of making the community goal more challenging, would you have liked to see anything different with the awards? If I'm being honest, I didn't really process the awards much this THL. My team did go out of our way to follow the rules for the second award (even if one of our members went and scored barely anything, disqualifying us, grumble grumble), but aside from that, it felt kinda passive more than anything. Probably to do with the fact that two of our members didn't play much and between me and our other high-scoring member, we both pretty much had different strategies for whoring out this THL, so there wasn't much space for overlap to worry about. Also doesn't help that I didn't have much I was looking forward to this October in terms of game releases and out of what I was interested in, one of them was a niche game that I don't believe anyone else on the team cared about and the other two were right at the end of the month anyway. Does 1 month still feel like a good length for an event like THL? I think 1 month is still a good length for THL. It's long enough that there's some space to get done quite a lot while still being short enough to not become an absolute slog. Would you like to participate in another THL? Would you prefer standard THL rules or no-stacking rules? Definitely yes. After my spam experiment this THL, I'm definitely looking forward to maybe going competitive next time, especially since there's a treasure trove of EZPZ I haven't touched yet as well as some stuff from this THL that I either couldn't get to in time or simply just had leftover from the no-stack rule preventing me from abusing cross-buy stuff. As far as the ruleset, I prefer normal THL rules. What do you think RATAS stood for? RATAlaika Stacks Is there anything else you would like to see changed? Not much I can really think of. Any final questions or comments? Fresh Account THL when so I can have access to all the VNs I did over the years again?
  13. Damn, was hoping I could at least bag 8th, but TMIAC went and passed me.
  14. For me, it's less that and more that I know exactly what I want to play (Guardians of the Galaxy), but it's kinda hard to fit in an appropriately long play session with work and such since of course, this ended on a Sunday. Hoping I can get to it soon; if nothing else, my weekend should be free and I have a three-day week after that (Veteran's Day + taking the day after off).
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