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  1. So a few weeks ago i bought the serious Sam collection. But if i want serious Sam 4, i need to buy the launch bundle , witch includes 3 games i already own. So that means i have to pay for them again. This is stupid. Why ?? This is the same if a company makes dlc for a game, but if you want that, you have to buy the game again, because we have put this in a bundle. Its Just a big f you to anyone who bought the ss collection.
  2. Hi everyone, I AM trying to find color Games on PlayStation for my kids. Where there is a picture on the screen and they can color it. Are there any on PlayStation ?
  3. we are playing dying light and one player did not show up, add me so if you want them come join us now. my psn is straatveger
  4. Hi, i`m looking for people to get the online trophies. If you want those too, add me on psn, and i will put your name on the list. 1. Straatveger (GMT+2) 2. PukkyTheKiller 3. ThrashnCrash 4.
  5. I bought the german version of this game, and when i start it up, i get this message about checking downloadable content, but it takes very long. I am playing this on ps5. Anybody knows how long this takes ??
  6. Hi, I wanted to play the tomb raider games that i have downloaded from the ps store on my ps3. I am using a dualshock 4, and all of these games uses the dpad. Now i dont know if the dpad dont work with psone games, or if its a setting, but when i push UP lara starts running, but if i am holding UP and press LEFT or RIGHT, lara does NOT turn in that direction, but keeps running forward. Do i need a DS3 for these games ??
  7. Hi, I have driveclub and driveclub bikes. Now i wanted to play driveclub (not bikes), and when i start the game, it loads the bikes dlc, and i have no idea how to start driveclub to play with the cars. Does anybody now how to do this? When i download the driveclub file it`s 35gb in size, so i think this is the game with the dlc. Maybe i am doing something wrong, just got my PS5.
  8. Hello, As far as i know the ps5 does not support folders. I have a ps4 pro with 2 external hdds. On these hdds are folders where i have my games in. Do i need to put these games back into the root of the hdd, so that the ps5 can see them, or is this not nessesary ?
  9. Does any of the god of war games offer new game plus ?
  10. Was looking in the eu psn store, but cant find it. Is this ahum "game" not out yet ?
  11. Can you play this game with a controller, or is it totally unplayable? Can you play gt5 and gt6 with the hori wheel racing apex ?
  12. I have the deluxe edition, and have entered the code for the buddy pass and cyborg skinpack. But, when i start the game, the cyborg skinpack is not there. I cant download it, because there is only this gold dlc. How do i get this cyborg skinpack in my game then ?
  13. I am playing this and i got 60/60 treasures and the strange relic. I did get the trophy for my 60 treasures and the relic, but not the gold trophy for all of this. When is this supposed to pop ?? I checked chapter select, and got them all. Even reload my game and pick up the last one, no luck.
  14. I am trying to get this, but the first time you see the parrot, i tap the screen about 15 times, and it does not react. I closed the game and try again, nothing. I also let the cutscene play out, nothing. It just does not react by the first time you see this parrat. Others work fine, so i have no idea why it does not work. Anybody else got this problem ??? After a ton of trying the first one works sometimes, but know when only it`s tail is on screen that does not work. I am so sick of this shit !
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