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  1. How did I get it so early? I don't even understand it.
  2. TRying to do the glitch and it doesnt work. Tough game without the glitch.
  3. Stupid game. 99 cents for 11 gold and a plat. All 5 games are just a cash in.
  4. The only Christian elements I found in this game were the crosses on both characters. That's it. There is nothing Christian about this game. No King James Bible verses, nothing. Would be nice to see someone make a good Christian game. Even a remastered Bible Adventures or Exodus would be neat to see.
  5. Looking for help boosting. PSN Marioshroomed. I am lvl 42 now. I can't get past New Devon on hard. And any levels that I three starred is because I got to play with some better players. I 3 starred like 6 levels on hard thanks to better players. I'm EST and usually available throughout the day or early in the morning.
  6. Pashta, that wasn't the case for me. Maybe they have updated console.
  7. 1) all the trophy-10- days must be gained without exit from game, otherwise counter reset, you can save, you can leave ps4 (for me ps5 and look a tv series (beware death of starving) For real man? I'm on day 6 just trying to survive and have quit the game multiple times. Its difficult to do it without getting bored.
  8. Well this is a joke. The game is free but it only includes 1 free game, 1943. So playing that game for 100 hours is gonna be hell.
  9. as the title says anytime I click a topic link it always takes me to the last page instead of the top of the first. This is really annoying and seems like a glitch that needs to be fixed. I hope this is a glitch and not the way the site is supposed to work because it doesn't make sense to send me to the last page when I am wanting to view a trophy guide.
  10. There needs to be more options for games that take 100+ hours.
  11. I bought this game 6 months ago and tried it. Furthest I made it was the boot power up and climbing some brown walls with spikes. The game resets progress when turned off. Like playing a NES or arcade game in the 70's.
  12. Just got into the game last month and it's difficult imo. Glad some servers will stay open.
  13. Haven't touched borderlands yet. I played FO3 when it came out great game but I highly doubt it would take 1,000 hours to find/do everything. Although I have seen a few people who played it that long. Hard to imagine. Thanks for responding. And have you played dogfighter?
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